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MNU Course Reviews

MidAmerica Nazarene University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 1603Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
BLIT 3203Poetic and Wisdom Literature00000
APMU 1201Class Guitar00000
ARMY 3023Theory & DynamicsTact Oper II00000
APPR 1211Violin Non-Major00000
THEA 4902Senior Seminar00000
BIOL 3204Genetics00000
POLS 3103Dictators and Demagogues00000
APPR 1071Saxophone Non-Major00000
SOCI 1003Introduction to Sociology00000
APPR 3142Percussion-Major Upper00000
APPR 2092French Horn-Major Lower00000
THEA 1503Exploring Theatre00000
ART 2113Tie-Dye, Batik, and Shibori00000
PHIL 2003Ethics00000
BIOL 1811Human Physiology Lab00000
ACCT 3531Intermediate Accounting II Lab00000
BLAN 3103New Testament Greek II00000
NURS 3188Health Restoration II00000
CHED 2003Intro to Christian Education00000
PSYC 4603Fundamentals of Counseling00000
APPR 1141Percussion Non-Major00000
NURS 4211SrSem:Transition to Nsg Prac00000
APPR 2042Oboe-Major Lower00000
SOCI 3903Sociology of Religion00000
APPR 3082Trumpet-Major Upper00000
APPR 2152Guitar-Major Lower00000
SPMT 3203Admin and Mgmt of Sports & Rec00000
APPR 4201Senior Recital00000
PHED 2212Individual and Dual Sports00000
ARMY 4501US Army's Experience in War00000
THEA 3203Acting II00000
ART 3403Ceramics00000
MUTH 3401Aural Skills IV00000
BIOL 1704Human Anatomy00000
THEO 4963SpcTop:Theo After vonBalthasar00000
BIOL 2004Micro for the Health Sciences00000
PHYS 3003Modern Physics00000
BIOL 4403Cell and Molecular Biology00000
ACCT 4531Advanced Accounting 1 Lab00000
BLIT 1022Discovering the Bible II00000
MUEN 2401Concert Band00000
BLIT 3603Book of Acts00000
APPR 1011Voice Non-Major00000
CHED 3103Christian Leadership00000
NURS 3783Pediatric Nursing00000
APPR 1111Trombone Non-Major00000
PSYC 4903I/O Psychology00000
APPR 1171Composition Non-Major00000
MUEN 3201Jazz Ensemble00000
APPR 2012Voice-Major Lower00000
SOCI 3003Criminology00000
APPR 2062Bassoon-Major Lower00000
NURS 4912Acute-Complex Care00000
APPR 2122Euphonium-Major Lower00000
SOCI 4503Casework & Intervention00000
APPR 3052Clarinet-Major Upper00000
APPR 2222Viola Major Lower00000
SPMT 1003Introduction to Sports Mgmt00000
APPR 3112Trombone-Major Upper00000
PHED 1122Recreational Activities00000
APPR 3222Viola Major Upper00000
SPMT 4912Field Experience of Sport Mgmt00000
ARMY 2011Basic Innovative Team Ldrship00000
MUTH 2301Aural Skills I00000
ARMY 4021The Military Profession00000
THEA 2403Stage Makeup00000
ART 1203Painting00000
PHED 3222Techniques of Teaching Sports00000
ART 2603Screenprinting00000
THEA 3603Musical Theatre Workshop00000
BIOL 1124General Organismal Biology00000
MUED 3602Beginning Conducting00000
BIOL 1604Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
THEO 3803Systematic Theology I00000
BIOL 1803Human Physiology00000
PHYS 1104Physics II Health Sciences00000
BIOL 2003Micro for the Health Sciences00000
ACCT 3403Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIOL 3004Diversity of Life00000
NURS 2013Pathophysiology00000
BIOL 3704Biochemistry00000
ACCT 4102Accounting Software00000
BLAN 2103Intro to Biblical Languages00000
PHYS 4001Special Topics in Physics00000
BLIT 1004Discovering the Bible00000
ACCT 4882Accounting Internship00000
BLIT 3003Pentateuch00000
MATH 1313Trigonometry00000
BLIT 3403Synoptic Gospels00000
APMU 1701Keyboard Skills III00000
BLIT 3903Biblical Interpretation00000
PSYC 4003Psychology and Christianity00000
APPR 1041Oboe Non-Major00000
HLEX 3513Psychology of Sports00000
MATH 2223Math for the Elem Teacher II00000
MUSC 2501Keyboard Skills IV00000
PHED 1042Coaching Theory of Volleyball00000
SOCI 4985Practicum/Internship II00000
APPR 3022Piano-Major Upper00000