MNU Course Reviews

MidAmerica Nazarene University

COMP 1003Engaging with Comp. Science00000
ECON 2703Principles of Microeconomics00000
BIOL 4403Cell and Molecular Biology00000
COMM 1103Strategic Communication00000
BLIT 3503Johannine Literature00000
ART 1303Exploring Art00000
CRIM 3703Procedural Law00000
APPR 2152Guitar-Major Lower00000
BLAN 4103New Testament Greek III00000
APPR 3062Bassoon-Major Upper00000
CHEM 4103Quantum Chemistry00000
CHED 4303Programming Yth/Family Min00000
ARMY 2021Foundation of Tactical Ldrship00000
COMM 3603Intercultural Communication00000
APPR 2032Flute-Major Lower00000
COMP 3504Database Fundamentals00000
BIOL 1604Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
CRIM 4885Practicum/Internship I00000
APPR 1051Clarinet Non-Major00000
EDUC 0542Recreational Activity00000
APPR 2232Cello Major Lower00000
BLIT 3003Pentateuch00000
APPR 1111Trombone Non-Major00000
CHED 2103Christian Leadership00000
APPR 3122Euphonium-Major Upper00000
CHEM 3213Organic Chemistry II00000
CHEM 1104General Chemistry I00000
APPR 4101Special Recital00000
CHST 3003Nazarene Heritage00000
APPR 1221Viola Non-Major00000
COMM 2303Interpersonal and Social Comm.00000
ARMY 4021The Military Profession00000
COMM 4881Communication Internship00000
APPR 1001Private Voice-Non-Major00000
COMP 3113Data Science in R00000
ART 3403Ceramics00000
CRIM 1003Survey of Criminal Justice00000
APPR 2092French Horn-Major Lower00000
CRIM 4603Seminar in Current Issues00000
BIOL 2105Microbiology00000
CRIM 4985Practicum/Internship II00000
ACCT 4503Advanced Accounting I00000
EDUC 0501Freshman Seminar00000
BIOL 4901Biology Seminar00000
EDUC 0572Aerobics00000
APPR 1071Saxophone Non-Major00000
BLIT 1022Discovering the Bible II00000
APPR 3032Flute-Major Upper00000
BLIT 3303Prophetic Literature00000
ACCT 4881Accounting Internship00000
BLIT 3903Biblical Interpretation00000
APPR 3092French Horn-Major Upper00000
CHED 3303Intro Youth/Family Ministry00000
APPR 1141Percussion Non-Major00000
CHED 4961SpecTop in Youth Min:Camp/Rec00000
APPR 3142Percussion-Major Upper00000
CHEM 3204Organic Chemistry II00000
CHEM 3003Organic Chemistry I00000
APPR 3222Viola Major Upper00000
CHEM 3704Biochemistry00000
APPR 1181Conducting Non-Major00000
CHEM 4562Spcl Topics:Forensic Chemistry00000
ARMY 1011Intro Leadership/Personal Dev00000
CHST 4103Church History from 150000000
APMU 1601Keyboard Skills II00000
COMM 1503Mass Media & Society00000
ARMY 3023Theory & DynamicsTact Oper II00000
COMM 3153Photography and Videography00000
APPR 1231Cello Non-Major00000
COMM 4001Advanced Multimedia Workshop00000
ARMY 4511Military Analysis00000
COMM 4884Communication Internship00000
ACCT 3803Cost Accounting00000
COMP 2204Prog. I Control Struct. & OOP00000
ART 2603Screenprinting00000
COMP 3223Software Engineering in Prac00000
APPR 2062Bassoon-Major Lower00000
COMP 4963ST: Machine Learning00000
BIOL 1124General Organismal Biology00000
CRIM 3003Criminology00000
APPR 1031Flute Non-Major00000
CRIM 4413Human Trafficking00000
BIOL 1811Human Physiology Lab00000
CRIM 4883Practicum/Internship I00000
APPR 2122Euphonium-Major Lower00000
CRIM 4983Practicum/Internship II00000
BIOL 3204Genetics00000
ECON 1503Personal Finance00000
ACCT 3403Intermediate Accounting I00000
ECON 3802Investment Port. Strat. & Mgmt00000
BIOL 4803Biology Research00000
EDUC 0532Daily Living & Community Skill00000
APPR 2222Viola Major Lower00000
BLAN 2203New Testament Greek I00000
ACCT 2803Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCT 3503Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT 4884Accounting Internship00000
APPR 1151Guitar Non-Major00000
APPR 3162Bass-Major Upper00000
CHEM 3012Organic Chemistry I Lab00000