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Mizzou Course Reviews

University of Missouri

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AAE 7223Professional Solution Selling00000
AAE 7990Economic Analysis of Policy and Regulation00000
AAE 8610Economic and Sociological Approaches to Collective Action00000
AAE 7240Microeconomics Theory and Applications00000
AAE 8050Economics of Institutions and Organizations00000
AAE 8520Economics of Transaction and Contracting00000
AAE 7295Agricultural Risk Management00000
AAE 8090Masters Thesis Research in Agricultural and Applied Economic...00000
AAE 9090Doctoral Dissertation Research in Agricultural and Applied E...00000
AAE 7983Strategic Entrepreneurship in Agri-Food00000
AAE 8510Research Methods and Design00000
AAE 7301Topics in Agricultural and Applied Economics00000
AAE 8265Agricultural and Food Policy00000
AAE 9040Advanced Microeconomics Theory and Applications I00000
AAE 7971Agribusiness Management Strategy00000
AAE 8450Masters Non Thesis Research00000
AAE 9265Food, Agricultural and Rural Policy00000
AAE 7251Agricultural Prices00000
AAE 8060Quantitative Tools for Decision Making and Performance Evalu...00000
AAE 9042Advanced Microeconomics Theory and Applications II00000
AAE 7972Agri-Food Business and Cooperative Management00000
AAE 9085Doctoral Problems in Agricultural and Applied Economics00000
AAE 8410Natural Resource and Environmental Economics00000
AAE 9510Organizational Economics I00000
AAE 7286Behavioral and Experimental Economics00000
AAE 8085Masters Problems in Agricultural and Applied Economics00000
AAE 9220Price and Market Analysis00000
AAE 7962Planning the Farm Business00000
AAE 8430International Agricultural Development Policy00000
AAE 9230Welfare and Consumption Economics00000
AAE 9520Organizational Economics II00000