MIT Course Reviews

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6 UATOral Communication11231
1 271JThe Theory of Operations Management00000
10 302Transport Processes00000
10 524Pharmaceutical Engineering00000
10 000Engineering Molecular Marvels: Careers and ChemE at MIT00000
1 200JTransportation: Foundations and Methods00000
10 392JFundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion00000
1 071JGlobal Change Science00000
1 079Rock-on-a-Chip: Microfluidic Technology for Visualization of...00000
1 361Advanced Soil Mechanics00000
1 562Structural Design Project I00000
1 841JAtmospheric Composition in the Changing Earth System00000
1 103JInfrastructure Design for Climate Change00000
10 28Chemical-Biological Engineering Laboratory00000
1 057Heritage Science and Technology00000
10 380JViruses, Pandemics, and Immunity00000
1 233JAir Transportation Operations Research00000
10 490Integrated Chemical Engineering00000
1 016JDesign for Complex Environmental Issues: Building Solutions...00000
10 538JPrinciples of Molecular Bioengineering00000
1 074Multivariate Data Analysis00000
1 462JEntrepreneurship in the Built Environment00000
1 022Introduction to Network Models00000
1 082Ethics for Engineers00000
1 573JStructural Mechanics00000
1 582Design of Steel Structures00000
1 813JTechnology, Globalization, and Sustainable Development00000
1 89Earth's Microbiomes00000
1 873Ecological Dynamics and Modeling00000
1 050Solid Mechanics00000
10 10Introduction to Chemical Engineering00000
1 138JWave Propagation00000
10 65Chemical Reactor Engineering00000
1 008Engineering Solutions to Societal Challenges00000
10 333Introduction to Modeling and Simulation00000
1 208Resilient Networks00000
10 390JFundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion00000
1 69Introduction to Coastal Engineering00000
10 426Electrochemical Energy Systems00000
1 261JCase Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management00000
10 494AIntegrated Chemical Engineering Topics III00000
1 S993Special Undergraduate Subject in Civil and Environmental Eng...00000
10 535JProtein Engineering00000
1 286JUrban Energy Systems and Policy00000
10 546JStatistical Thermodynamics00000
1 020Engineering Sustainability: Analysis and Design00000
1 381Rock Mechanics00000
1 075Water Resource Systems00000
1 535Mechanics of Materials00000
1 S02Special Subject: Materials Sustainability for the Built Envi...00000
1 564JEnvironmental Technologies in Buildings00000
1 080Environmental Chemistry00000
1 575JComputational Structural Design and Optimization00000
1 032Advanced Soil Mechanics00000
1 84JAtmospheric Chemistry00000
1 631JFluids and Diseases00000
1 686JNonlinear Dynamics and Turbulence00000
1 801JEnvironmental Law, Policy, and Economics: Pollution Preventi...00000
1 088Genomics and Evolution of Infectious Disease00000
1 831Environmental Organic Chemistry00000
1 38Engineering Geology00000
1 845Introduction to the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle and Ecosystem E...00000
1 101Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I00000
1 976Graduate Professional Development Seminar00000
1 006Tools for Sustainable Design00000
10 S96Special Problems in Chemical Engineering00000
1 107Environmental Chemistry Laboratory00000
10 27Energy Engineering Projects Laboratory00000
1 054Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures00000
10 34Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering00000
1 146Engineering Systems Analysis for Design00000
10 291JIntroduction to Sustainable Energy00000
1 00Engineering Computation and Data Science00000
10 321Design Principles in Mammalian Systems and Synthetic Biology00000
1 203JApplied Probability and Stochastic Models00000
10 354JProcess Data Analytics00000
1 068Nonlinear Dynamics and Turbulence00000
10 382JViruses, Pandemics, and Immunity00000
1 231JPlanning and Design of Airport Systems00000
10 391JSustainable Energy00000
1 013Senior Civil and Environmental Engineering Design00000
10 407JMoney for Startups00000
1 251JComparative Land Use and Transportation Planning00000
10 450Process Dynamics, Operations, and Control00000
1 070BJIntroduction to Hydrology Modeling00000
10 492BIntegrated Chemical Engineering Topics I00000
1 266Supply Chain and Demand Analytics00000
10 496JDesign of Sustainable Polymer Systems00000
1 S979Special Graduate Subject in Civil and Environmental Engineer...00000
10 531JMacromolecular Hydrodynamics00000
1 274JSupply Chain: Capacity Analytics00000
10 536JThermal Hydraulics in Power Technology00000
1 72Groundwater Hydrology00000
1 713JLand-Atmosphere Interactions00000
1 322Soil Behavior00000
1 S980Special Graduate Subject in Civil and Environmental Engineer...00000
1 S981Special Graduate Subject in Civil and Environmental Engineer...00000
1 004Startup Sustainable Tech00000
1 036Structural Mechanics and Design00000
1 86JMethods and Problems in Microbiology00000