MiSU Course Reviews

Minot State University

BIT 559Systems Analysis00000
CD 536AAC: Multiple Disabilities00000
BADM 495Seminars in Leadership Develop00000
BIT 358IT Infrastructure00000
BIOL 221Anatomy And Physiology II00000
BADM 120Fundamentals of Business00000
CD 408Social and Pragmatic Communication Disorders00000
ART 382Alternative Photography00000
BADM 598Project00000
ART 418Advanced Independent Printmaking00000
BIT 244IT Security & Information Assurance00000
BIOL 349Plant Physiology00000
ATR 223A T Clinical Experience II00000
BIT 443Outsourcing Management00000
ART 313Women in the Visual Arts00000
BOTE 127Information Processing00000
BADM 422Consumer Behavior00000
CD 513Assessment Practicum00000
ART 130Drawing I00000
CHEM 240Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry00000
ART 412Advanced Independent Ceramics00000
BIOL 150Introduction To Cellular Biology00000
ART 207Digital Tools: Imaging & Print00000
BIOL 330Biogeography00000
ART 492Capstone Experience00000
BIOL 499Special Topics00000
BIOL 445Cancer Biology00000
ASC 93LIntermediate Algebra Lab00000
BIT 311Organizational Collaboration00000
ART 280Traditional Photography00000
BIT 399Special Topics00000
ATR 410Advanced Athletic Injuries & Modalities00000
BIT 460MIS Seminar00000
ART 91Fall Visual Arts Seminar V00000
BIT 566Knowledge Management00000
BADM 321Marketing00000
CD 321Language Development00000
ART 333Painting II00000
CD 427Aural Rehabilitation00000
BADM 462International Business Strategy00000
CD 526Applied Phonology00000
ACCT 360Accounting Information Systems00000
CD 599Thesis00000
BADM 551Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Making00000
CHEM 342Organic Chemistry II00000
ART 191Fall Visual Arts Seminar I00000
BIOL 111Concepts of Biology00000
ART 415Advanced Independent Jewelry and Small Sculpture00000
BIOL 202Introductory Microbiology00000
ACCT 412Taxation of Property Transactions and Business Entities00000
BIOL 301Evolution00000
ART 423Digital Design:Motion00000
BIOL 343Natural Resource Policy00000
ART 212Non-Western Art History00000
BIOL 360Morphology of Vascular Plants00000
ART 496Study Tour00000
BIOL 480Molecular Biology00000
BIOL 450Parasitology00000
ASC 88Composition Lab00000
BIT 185Technology Management00000
ART 250Ceramics I00000
BIT 302Business Communication00000
ATR 206Medical Conditions00000
BIT 318Business Communication00000
ACCT 497Accounting Internship00000
BIT 385Technology Management00000
ATR 307Head, Neck, & Spine Evaluation00000
BIT 423Leadership in CTSOs00000
ART 310Modernism00000
BIT 453Systems Analysis00000
ATR 424A T Clinical Experience VI00000
BIT 497Internship00000
ACCT 331Business Law I00000
BIT 562Management Information Systems00000
BADM 304Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management00000
BIT 589Continuing Enrollment00000
ART 322Graphic Design III00000
BUS 497Internship00000
BADM 416Operations Management00000
CD 331Language Disorders in Children00000
ART 122Two-Dimensional Design00000
CD 412Neurology for Communication Disorders00000
BADM 436Organizational Behavior Principles and Practices00000
CD 503Grad Seminar In Research00000
ART 352Ceramics III00000
CD 520Fluency Disorders00000
BADM 488Marketing Strategy00000
CD 532Voice Disorders00000
ACCT 302Intermediate Accounting II00000
CD 545Public School Methods in SLP00000
BADM 535Management Principles and Practices00000
CHEM 121General Chemistry I00000
ART 397BFA Internship00000
BADM 589Continuing Enrollment00000
ACCT 201Elements of Accounting II00000
ACCT 321Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 431Advanced Auditing & Assurance00000
ART 220Painting I00000
ART 512Ceramics00000
BIOL 458Anatomy of Seed Plants00000