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Mines Course Reviews

Colorado School of Mines

EDNS 157Solidworks Basics (For Certification)44351
EDNS 155Design I: Graphics00000
EDNS 191Integrative Design Studio Ia00000
EDNS 192Integrative Design Studio Ib00000
EDNS 200Communication00000
EDNS 251Design II00000
EDNS 261Design II: Gis00000
EDNS 263Design II: Materials00000
EDNS 264Design II: Geology Gis00000
EDNS 291Integrative Design Studio IIa00000
EDNS 315Engineering for Social and Environmental Responsibility00000
EDNS 391Integrative Design Studio IIIa00000
EDNS 398AA Study Of The Brooklyn Bridge00000
EDNS 430Corporate Social Responsibility00000
EDNS 478Engineering and Social Justice00000
EDNS 491Senior Design I00000
EDNS 492Senior Design II00000
EDNS 580Humanitarian Engineering and Science Capstone Practicum00000
EDNS 598ASp Tps: Innov8X00000
EDNS 151Design I00000
EDNS 156Autocad Basics00000
EDNS 292Integrative Design Studio IIb00000
EDNS 301Human-Centered Problem Definition00000
EDNS 377Engineering And Sustainable Community Development00000
EDNS 392Integrative Design Studio IIIb00000
EDNS 401Projects For People00000
EDNS 477Engineering And Sustainable Community Development00000
EDNS 479Community-Based Research00000
EDNS 498ASp Tps: Innov8X00000
EDNS 498BTheatre Techn, Prod & Perf00000
EDNS 577Advanced Engineering And Sustainable Community Development00000
EDNS 590Risks in Humanitarian Engineering and Science00000
EDNS 707Graduate Theses00000