Millikin Course Reviews

Millikin University

ED 306Mtds Assssng Sci Elem Educ00000
EN 315Journalism: Newswriting II00000
CH 406Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
DA 420Musical Theatre Choreography00000
CO 200Public Speaking00000
BU 450Global Business Strategy00000
ED 490Instrctnal Developmnt Capstone00000
AT 3601901 Productions Exec Board00000
CJ 317Judicl Proc & Constitutnl Iss00000
AT 496Arts Tech Capstone Project00000
DA 107Ballet I-a00000
CO 332Gendered Communication00000
BI 340Conservation Biology00000
ED 206Language Arts Methods00000
AT 160Sound Art00000
ED 439Assess/Diag Chldw/SpecialNeeds00000
CH 252Inter CH Lab II(Org/Inorg Syn)00000
EN 233Neo-Slave Narratives00000
AR 315Printmaking00000
ES 051Golf Men's00000
AT 434Postproduction Video Cinema I00000
CJ 415Criminal Justice Research00000
AR 331Ceramics00000
CO 255Communicating about Health00000
BI 158Diversity of Life Lab00000
CS 337Algorithms and Data Structures00000
CO 355Provider-Patient Communication00000
BI 306Comparative Animal Physiology00000
DA 301Jazz III00000
AR 441Intro to Sculpture00000
EC 120Principles of Economics00000
BI 481Senior Seminar00000
ED 237Hlth/Nutr/Wlfr of Yng Childrn00000
AR 241Intro to Sculpture00000
ED 336Tch Math/Science Erly Chldhd00000
CH 152Intro to Chemistry Lab II00000
ED 476Suprv'd Teaching: Elem School00000
AT 321Millikin Creates00000
EN 201Intro to Creative Writing00000
CH 306Descriptive Inorganic Chemistr00000
EN 301Criticl Storytelling: Pandemic00000
AR 103Drawing I (Art Majors)00000
ES 042Basketball Women's00000
CJ 211Juvenile Delinquency00000
ES 056Track & Field Women's00000
AR 324Typography00000
CJ 360Gangs: A Global Perspective00000
AT 470Arts Tech Internship00000
CJ 471Teen Justice Practicum00000
AR 1052D Design (Art Majors)00000
CO 230Business Conversations00000
BI 125Local Flora00000
CO 308Comm Ethics & Freedom of Expr00000
AR 360Topics in Art-Photography00000
CO 343Org Communication & Conflict00000
BI 207Human Anatomy/Physiology II00000
CS 135Intro to Computer Science00000
CO 381WJMU Radio Laboratory III00000
BI 302Histology00000
DA 100Dance Lab00000
AR 417Painting00000
DA 202Tap II00000
BI 325Vertebrate Biology00000
DA 360Performing Dance Ensemble00000
AR 231Ceramics00000
DA 490Workshop in Choreography00000
BI 392Research00000
ED 170Education Internship I00000
AT 110Introduction to Digital Media00000
ED 210Human Development K-1200000
BU 250Written Business Communication00000
ED 270Clinical Internship II00000
AD 323Arts Management00000
ED 321Gen Mid Grd & Sec Meth/Assmnt00000
CH 121General Chemistry00000
ED 401Integrating Culture in Classrm00000
AT 235The Director's Vision00000
ED 451Mid Grde Intnsp Mid Lvl Phil00000
CH 205Ess. Organic and Biochem Lab00000
ED 479Suprv'd Clincl Exp. in K-1200000
AR 304Contemporary Art History00000
EN 160Memoir Roundtable00000
CH 301Organic Chemistry I00000
EN 220American Lit: Text & Film00000
AT 334Production Video and Cinema I00000
EN 270Computer-Aided Publishing00000
CH 353Pysical Chemistry Lab II00000
EN 306Freelance Writing00000
AC 334VITA Tax Practicum00000
EN 321Major English Authors I00000
CH 482Seminar00000
ES 047Soccer Women's00000
AT 366Mobile App Dgn & Data Visualzn00000
CJ 305The Law of Evidence00000
AC 252Intermediate Accounting II00000
AC 421Audit Principles I00000
AR 201Computer Art & Design00000
AR 390Blue Connection00000
BI 255Sci. Inqry. & Wrtng in Bio. Sc00000
CO 470Persuasion Campaigns Perfomanc00000