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Middlebury Course Reviews

Middlebury College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ANTH 0275Cities of Hope and Despair53441
ART 0700Senior Independent Study I00000
CLAS 0150Greek and Roman Epic Poetry00000
CSCI 0416Parallel Computing00000
CHEM 0355Thermodynamics and Kinetics00000
ART 0169Topics in Contemporary Art00000
CMLT 0500Independent Study00000
ANTH 0345Anthropology of Food00000
ANTH 2322Introduction to the Maghreb00000
BIOL 0302Vertebrate Natural History00000
BIOL 0370Animal Physiology00000
BLST 2315Race, Exile, and Immigration00000
ARBC 2320JIntro to Jordanian Arabic00000
CHNS 0302Advanced Chinese00000
ANTH 0241Anthro Warfare & Polarization00000
CMLT 0150Please register via CLAS 0150A00000
ART 0315Intaglio Printmaking00000
CSCI 0101Introduction to Computing00000
AMST 0310Livin' for the City00000
DANC 0260Advanced Beginning Dance I00000
ANTH 0396Linguistic Anthropology Method00000
BIOL 0310Microbiology00000
AMST 0345Black Lives Matter00000
ARBC 0221Modern Arabic Literature00000
BIOL 0500Independent Study00000
BLST 0174Please register via ART 0174A00000
BLST 0363Black Queer Studies00000
ARBC 0431Environmental Middle East00000
CHEM 0230Bioinorganic Chemistry00000
ANTH 0159Intro Biological Anthropology00000
CHNS 0103Beginning Chinese00000
ART 0157Foundation Drawing00000
CHNS 0475Seminar Chinese Fiction00000
AMST 0284Cultural History of Computer00000
CLAS 0332Roman Law00000
ART 0185Draw:Observe/Visualize/Imagine00000
CMLT 0309Please register via ENAM 0309A00000
ANTH 0302Ethnographic Research00000
CRWR 0334Please Register via WRPR 033400000
ART 0370Oil Paint & Ceramic Portraits00000
CSCI 0312Software Development00000
AMST 0243American Bodies00000
CSCI 0455Drone Robotics00000
BIOL 0202Comparative Vertebrate Biology00000
DANC 0360Intermediate/Advanced Dance I00000
AMST 0325American Misogyny00000
BIOL 0305Developmental Biology00000
ANTH 0492Archaeology Method & Theory00000
BIOL 0333Receptor Biology00000
AMST 0262Class, Culture, Representation00000
BIOL 0444Desert Ecology00000
ARBC 0103Beginning Arabic III00000
BLST 0107Please Register via AMST 0107A00000
AMST 0408Art & Life of Winslow Homer00000
ARBC 0241Blackness & the Arab Imaginary00000
BLST 0215Please register via EDST 0215A00000
BLST 0227Please register via FMMC 0227A00000
BLST 0310Please register via AMST 0310A00000
ARBC 0412Contemporary Arab Cinema00000
BLST 0500Independent Project00000
ANTH 0107Introduction to Archaeology00000
CHEM 0107Advanced General Chemistry00000
ARBC 0700Senior Thesis I00000
CHEM 0311Instrumental Analysis00000
AMST 0279The Guitar in American Culture00000
CHEM 0442Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
ARBC 2440JAdv Mod Stndrd ARBC High I (3)00000
CHNS 0219Chinese Literary Tradition00000
ANTH 0228The Ancient Maya00000
CHNS 0400Adv Chns Read/Wrtng/Convrstn00000
ART 0168Form From The Body00000
CLAS 0132History of Rome00000
AMST 0225Gothic and Horror00000
CLAS 0275Greek Philosophy00000
ART 0179Ruins and Rituals00000
CLAS 0700Sr Essay Classics/Cy00000
ANTH 0287Medical Anthropology00000
CMLT 0221Please register via ARBC 0221A00000
ART 0300Advanced Drawing00000
CMLT 0373Please register via ENAM 0373A00000
AMST 0301Madness in America00000
CRWR 0215The Feminine Heroic00000
ART 0324Monoprint Printing00000
CRWR 0370Advanced Fiction Workshop00000
ANTH 0330Please register via JAPN 0330A00000
CSCI 0201Data Structures00000
ART 0388Pictures in Space00000
CSCI 0321Bioinformatics Algorithms00000
AMST 0206Please register via ENAM 0206A00000
CSCI 0450Fourier Signal Processing00000
BIOL 0140Ecology and Evolution00000
CSCI 0500Advanced Study00000
ANTH 0355Race Ethnicity Across Cultures00000
BLST 0259Please register via AMST 0259A00000
BIOL 0211Biostatistics00000
AMST 0175Immigrant America00000
AMST 0215Football and Higher Education00000
AMST 0268Chicago: Texts & Contexts00000
AMST 0701Senior Work I00000
ARBC 0335Gndr&Migr;: Modrn Arb Lit & Cin00000