MICA Course Reviews

Maryland Institute College of Art

DESLD 5530Cultural Relevance & Awareness00000
FA 5591MAT Studio Thesis II00000
CRST 5515Language + Identity00000
CWRT 5015Writing Workshop: Artist as Researcher00000
CSPD 207Creative Boot-Camp00000
CE 202Ceramics in the Age of COVID00000
ED 5206Foundations of Education00000
AH 472Women in the History of Art00000
CRT 5619Thesis Writing00000
AH 5447Data, Arts and Society00000
CWRT 210Playing with Words: Writing for Visual Artists00000
CSPD 316Illustrator II00000
AN 317Virtual Reality for Artists00000
DESLD 5505Intersections of Business and Design I00000
AH 412Aspects of Contemporary Art00000
DR 298XStudio Drawing: Painterly00000
CE 5500C - Lab: A Ceramics Think Tank00000
ED 5521MAT Professional Seminar00000
AH 332History of Photography00000
FB 220Soft Sculpture & Inflatables00000
AH 5414Turning Nature Into Art00000
CSDR 206Drawing In Color00000
AH 352World Prehistoric Art & Culture00000
CSPD 275Intro to Adobe Creative Suite00000
AH 5582Art Worlds00000
CSPT 203Figure Painting00000
CSPH 221The Digital Darkroom00000
AN 263Sound Design for Animators00000
CWRT 322Screenwriting Workshop00000
AH 388An Introduction to Curatorial Studies00000
CWRT 5514Talking About Design00000
AN 385Professional Practice for Animators I00000
DESLD 5510Collaboration00000
AH 319Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt00000
DESLD 5550Competitive Advantage I00000
CE 344The Thing: Biomorphic Formulation00000
DR 320Junior Independent Drawing00000
AH 449Modernity, Difference and Power00000
ED 5309SInt II Sem: Lit Intgr Vis Art00000
CP 6200Graduate Seminar III00000
FA 498Senior Thesis I00000
AD 411Professional Development00000
FA 6501AMFA Winter Session00000
CRT 5524Crisis Century I00000
FB 238Woven Imagery00000
AH 341History of Graphic Design00000
CSCE 326Wheel Throwing00000
AH 5430Making and Using Books in the Middle Ages00000
CSDR 234The Figure From Drawing To Painting00000
AH 201Modernisms00000
CSPD 258Strategic Design For Entrepreneurship00000
AH 5464Contemporary Asia through Postcolonialism, Tourism, Museum,...00000
CSPD 305Project Management for Creatives00000
AH 363Modern Craft: Western Ceramics00000
CSPD 360Intermediate Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign00000
AH 6570Critical Studies III00000
CSPT 102Painting Techniques00000
CSPR 201Stone Lithography00000
AN 225Stop-Motion Animation00000
CSPT 250Painting II: Acrylics And Mixed Media00000
AH 376Modern Architecture and Urbanism00000
CWRT 304Writing for Performance00000
AN 2752D Digital Techniques00000
CWRT 365Intermediate Fiction Workshop00000
AH 306Introduction to Art Criticism00000
CWRT 5403Advanced Creative Writing00000
AN 3643D Character Animation00000
DESLD 5000Foundations of Design Leadership00000
AH 398Art History Independent Study00000
DESLD 5506Intersections of Business and Design II00000
AN 485Professional Practice for Animators II00000
DESLD 5520Creativity and Innovation00000
AD 400Architectural Lab: Thesis00000
DESLD 5540Forecasting and Realization00000
CE 315Wheel Throwing: Altered Forms00000
DR 220Introduction to Drawing00000
AH 439Visualizing The Ottoman Empire 1839-192300000
DR 298HStudio Drawing: Light & Shadow00000
CE 380Parameters: Research and Practice00000
DR 346Drawing: Surface and Space00000
AH 324History of World Textiles00000
ED 5307Introduction to Special Education00000
CP 5700Thesis II: Proposal00000
ED 5315ATeacher Assessment: edTPA - Part I00000
AH 458TRTravel: Gods, Graves & Scholars00000
ENTR 200MICApreneurSHOP (Marketing/Collaboration/Real World Project)00000
CP 6700Thesis IV: Presentation00000
FA 5501AMFA Winter Session00000
AD 225Emerging Practices00000
FA 5601MFA Studio V00000
CRST 5600Graduate Colloquium 100000
FB 205Sewing Tech Workshop00000
AH 499Art History Senior Thesis II00000
CRT 5598Graduate Independent Study in Critical Theory00000
AD 201Methods00000
AD 311Building Technology00000
AH 250World Architecture: Prehistory to 185500000
AH 369Cubism00000
AH 6770Critical Studies IX00000
CSPR 230Monoprint/Monotype Printmaking00000