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MHC Course Reviews

Mount Holyoke College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ASIAN 339The Medieval Mirror: Freedom, Gender and Resistance in Conte...00000
BIOL 145ABIntroductory Biology: 'Animal Bodies, Animal Functions'00000
ARTH 302PAGreat Cities: 'Reimagining Paris'00000
ASIAN 214Philosophical Foundations of Chinese Thought: the Ancient Pe...00000
ARTST 226DFTopics in Studio Art: 'Costume Design for Stage and Film'00000
ARTH 290AMIssues in Art History: 'Miniature Representations of Archite...00000
BIOCH 314LNucl. Acids/Molecular Bio Lab00000
ANTHR 246Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion00000
ARTST 137CDCostume Design I00000
ANTHR 316SESpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Anthropology of Secularism'00000
ASIAN 120First Year Japanese I00000
ARTST 280CPTopics in Studio Art: 'Creative Process'00000
ARTH 236The Global Renaissance00000
ASIAN 263Second Year Korean II00000
ANTHR 216RNSpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Race, Nature and Power'00000
ASTR 330MATopics in Astrophysics: 'Mars'00000
ARTH 290BKIssues in Art History: 'Art of the Book'00000
BIOL 145WNIntroductory Biology: 'Life on the Wing'00000
AFCNA 341ATTopics in Africana Studies: 'African Theater'00000
BIOL 230LMolecular Genetics and Cell Biology Lab00000
ANTHR 316MESpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Political Anthropology of t...00000
ARTST 221Digital Photography I00000
AFCNA 341SRTopics in Africana Studies: 'Topologies of Self-Reliance and...00000
ARTST 263ZPTopics in Studio Art: 'Zines, Prints & Ephemera'00000
ANTHR 316ETSpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Advanced Seminar in Ethnomu...00000
ARTST 395PIndependent Study with Practicum00000
ARTST 280EPTopics in Studio Art: 'Experimental Painting'00000
ARCH 225EDIntermediate Studies in Architecture: 'Environmental Princip...00000
ASIAN 161First Year Korean II00000
ANTHR 216EFSpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Ethnographic Film'00000
ASIAN 229Analyzing Japanese: Intro to Linguistics00000
ARTH 246Photography As Art00000
ASIAN 313SHAdvanced Chinese Reading: 'Reading Chinese Classics: 17th Ce...00000
AFCNA 341RBTopics in Africana Studies: 'Postcolonial Literatures of Ang...00000
ASTR 104Planet Earth00000
ARTH 290CRIssues in Art History: 'The City of Rome From Romulus to Con...00000
ASTR 352Astrophysics III00000
ANTHR 216MGSpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Migration Through Film'00000
BIOCH 395PIndependent Study with Practicum00000
ARTH 301MHTopics in Art History: 'Making History'00000
BIOL 145WNLLab: Life on the Wing00000
AFCNA 241SATopics in Africana Studies: 'Slavery in the Americas'00000
BIOL 203Teaching Children Science: College Students in the Elementar...00000
ARTH 395Independent Study00000
BIOL 234LBiostatistics Lab00000
AFCNA 341TMTopics in Africana Studies: 'Toni Morrison'00000
ARTST 220DPDrawing II: 'Deep Looking'00000
ANTHR 316SVSpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Anthropology of Structural...00000
ARTST 226DHTopics in Studio Art: 'Print/Digital Hybrid'00000
AFCNA 241AFTopics in Africana Studies: 'Afro-Latin America: From Slaver...00000
ARTST 236Painting I00000
ANTHR 316DMSpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Decolonizing Museums'00000
ARTST 280CMTopics in Studio Art: 'Casting, the Multiple, and Installati...00000
AFCNA 361The Aquatic Life of Black Devotion00000
ARTST 280PSTopics in Studio Art: 'Post-Studio Sculpture'00000
ANTHR 316EGSpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Eggs and Embryos: Innovatio...00000
ARTST 392ACFive College Advanced Studio Seminar: 'Archives and Collecti...00000
ARTST 280ABTopics in Studio Art: 'Artist's Books'00000
ARCH 205ADIntroduction to Architecture: 'Design'00000
ASIAN 111First Year Chinese II00000
ANTHR 212Shopping and Swapping: Cultures Consumption and Exchange00000
ASIAN 130First Year Arabic I00000
ARTH 216Empire: The Visual World of Ancient Rome00000
ASIAN 212Second Year Chinese I00000
AFCNA 282African American History from Emancipation to the Present00000
ASIAN 222Second Year Japanese I00000
ARTH 243ARArchitecture 1890-1990: 'Building the Modern Environment'00000
ASIAN 247Chinese Women Writers in the 20th and 21st Centuries00000
ANTHR 216AUSpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Peoples and Cultures of Ind...00000
ASIAN 310Third Year Chinese I00000
ARTH 262Arts of Japan00000
ASIAN 316Introduction to Translation Between� Chinese and English00000
AFCNA 241HSTopics in Africana Studies: 'African American History, Preco...00000
ASIAN 395Independent Study00000
ARTH 290BCIssues in Art History: 'Bollywood: A Cinema of Interruptions...00000
ASTR 226Cosmology00000
ANTHR 216CASpecial Topics in Anthropology: 'Collecting the Past: Art an...00000
ASTR 330CWTopics in Planetary Science: 'Icy Worlds'00000
ARTH 290MBIssues in Art History: 'Medieval Bodies'00000
BIOCH 311LProtein Biochemistry and Cell Metabolism00000
AFCNA 341AFTopics in Africana Studies: 'African American Spiritualities...00000
BIOCH 318Laboratory Techniques in Protein Biochemistry00000
ARTH 295PIndependent Study with Practicum00000
BIOL 145HGLLab: Biology in the Genomic Era00000
ANTHR 230Language in Culture and Society00000
BIOL 145GWIntroductory Biology: 'A Green World'00000
ARTH 301TCTopics in Art History: 'Technologies of Architectural Design...00000
BIOL 145GWLLab: A Green World00000
AFCNA 206African Cities: Development Dreams and Nightmares in the Twe...00000
BIOL 160Integrated Introduction to Biology and Chemistry00000
ARTH 310LMSeminar in Ancient Art: 'Love and Metamorphosis: Storytellin...00000
BIOL 223LEcology Lab00000
ANTHR 295Independent Study00000
ARTST 120BVDrawing I: 'Observation, Practice, and Experience'00000
AFCNA 141Introduction to Modern African History00000
AFCNA 222Engaging Ghana: Experience and Reflection00000
AFCNA 243Rural Prosperity in the African Past00000
ANTHR 105Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ANTHR 352Digital Cultures00000
ARTST 330Junior Studio00000