MGA Course Reviews

Middle Georgia State University

BIOL 1114KAnatomy & Physiology I00000
BIOL 4321Plant and Animal Interactions00000
ARTS 3014Ceramics I00000
AVIA 4002Advanced Navigation00000
ASTR 1010LP ONLINE Astr Solar Sys LAB00000
AMTP 2270Aircraft Eng Elec Ign & Start00000
BIOL 3310LBiochemistry Lab00000
AMGT 3210ONLINE Airline Management00000
ASTP 1000Applied Technical Math00000
AMGT 4304ONLINE Int Supply Chain MGMT00000
AVIA 3084Instr Pilot Fli Heli II Cabri00000
ATCM 2220Instrument Flight & Non-radar00000
AMTP 2210Reciprocating Engine Powerplt00000
BIOL 1001KIntroductory Biology I00000
AMGT 3114ONLINE Purchasing & Materials00000
BIOL 2108KPrinciples of Biology II00000
ARTS 10303D Design00000
BIOL 3520LVertebrate Zoology LAB00000
ACCT 4205Accounting Information Systems00000
BIOL 4530KMolecular Biology00000
AMGT 4210ONLINE Aviation Financial Mgmt00000
ASTP 1090Composites and Bonded Structur00000
AERO 2102Aviation Meteorology00000
ATCM 1200Intro to Air Traffic Control00000
AMTP 1020Aircraft Applied Sciences00000
AVIA 3031Upset Recovery Flight00000
AVIA 3020Commercial Pilot Flight I00000
AMTP 2060Aircraft Hydra,Pneum&Land Syst00000
AVIA 3106Private Pilot Flight00000
AERO 4110ONLINE Aerospace Prop Systems00000
AVIA 4500LRegional Jet Simulator00000
AMTP 2250Aircraft Engine Inspection00000
BIOL 1005Perspectives about Environment00000
ACCT 3130ONLINE Forensic Acct & Audit00000
BIOL 1134KMicrobiology for Health Sc00000
ARTS 1010Drawing I00000
BIOL 3113Environmental Science00000
AMGT 3203ONLINE Airport Management00000
BIOL 3360LPlant Biology LAB00000
ARTS 2015Photography00000
BIOL 3710LAnimal Physiology LAB00000
ACCT 3101Intermediate Financial Acct I00000
BIOL 4324KHYBRID Ornithology00000
ARTS 3321Painting I00000
BIOL 4667KHistology00000
ACCT 5100ONLINE Managerial Accounting00000
ASTP 1020HYBRID Aircraft Blueprint Read00000
AMGT 4301ONLINE Principles of Transp00000
ASTP 1112Metallurgy and Corrosion Contl00000
ACCT 3102Intermediate Financial Acct II00000
ASTR 1020KStellar & Gallactic Astronomy00000
AMTP 1000Aviation Mathematics00000
ATCM 2201Air Traffic Ctrl Twr Ops Grnd00000
AERO 2104Aviation Safety00000
AVIA 3018Instrument Pilot Flight00000
AMTP 1210Aviation Physics00000
AVIA 3026Flight Instructor II Flight00000
AVIA 3022Commercial Pilot Flight II00000
AMTP 2050Airframe Inspection00000
AVIA 3081Priv Pilot Flight Helicopter00000
AERO 2108Human Factors/Crew Mgmt00000
AVIA 3087Flight Inst I Flight Heli Cabr00000
AMTP 2080Aircraft Environ Contro System00000
AVIA 3150ONLINE FMS Programming00000
ACCT 3120Principles of Taxation I00000
AVIA 4012Heli Night Vis Goggles Fli R4400000
AMTP 2230Gas Turbine Powerplants00000
AVIA 6200ONLINE Aviation Legal Studies00000
AMGT 3102ONLINE Fund Bus Ethic Aviation00000
BIOL 1002LIntroductory Biology II LAB00000
AMTP 2260Aircraft Eng Fuel & Fuel Meter00000
BIOL 1012KeCore Intro to Biology 200000
ACCT 2000ONLINE Survey of Accounting00000
BIOL 1124LAnatomy and Physiology II LAB00000
ANTH 1102ONLINE Intro to Anthropology00000
BIOL 2107LPrinciples of Biology I LAB00000
AMGT 3200ONLINE Global and HR Managemen00000
BIOL 3104LCell Biology Lab00000
ARTS 1013HYBRID Persp on Art00000
BIOL 3211Evolution00000
ACCT 4120Principles of Taxation II00000
BIOL 3350LEcology LAB00000
ARTS 2010ONLINE Art History I00000
BIOL 3510LInvertebrate Zoology Lab00000
AMGT 3205ONLINE Airport Plan Construct00000
BIOL 3540LMicrobiology LAB00000
ARTS 2036Typography I00000
BIOL 4110LGenetics Laboratory00000
ABA 4200ONLINE Meas. & Design in ABA00000
BIOL 4321LSpecial Topics LAB: Adv A&P I00000
ARTS 3020Figure Drawing00000
BIOL 4450LMycology LAB00000
AMGT 4206ONLINE Airport Op Secur Maint00000
ARTS 4900P-ONLINESR Portfolio&Exibition00000
AADS 2000VCON African & Diaspora Study00000
ABA 4220ONLINE Behavior Assessment00000
ACCT 3110Cost Accounting00000
AERO 2106V-CON Private Pilot GS00000
AMTP 2020Airframe Sheet Metal & NM Stru00000
AVIA 3024Flight Instructor I Flight00000