MEC Course Reviews

Medgar Evers College (CUNY)

CS 310Special Topics in Computer Science00000
ECON 370Managerial Economics00000
BUS 302Business Communications00000
CIS 423Distributed and Client/Server Computing00000
CHM 311Quantitative Analysis00000
BIOL 252Anatomy & Physiology Lab II00000
DNCE 202Liturgical/Sacred Dance00000
BIO 101Introduction to the Science of Biology00000
CHM 105Chemistry for Health Professionals I00000
BIO 252Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CIS 320Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce00000
CHML 311Quantit Analysis Lab00000
BIO 481Human Physiology00000
CS 244Object Oriented Programming and Design00000
ART 403Advanced Computer Graphics00000
CS 380Intelligence Systems00000
BIOL 461Molecular Biology Lab00000
ECON 305Labor Economics00000
AGRO 105Skills for Urban Living00000
EDUC 203Introduction To Developmental Disabilities00000
BIO 201General Biology I00000
CHM 207Introduction to the World of Cannabis00000
AGRO 203The Legacy of Medgar Wiley Evers00000
CHML 201Gen Chemistry I Lab00000
BIO 323Pathophysiology00000
CIS 300Data Structures for Business Applications00000
CIS 211Internet and Emerging Technologies00000
BIO 413Honors Research00000
CIS 340Visual Basic00000
ART 100Introduction to World Art00000
CS 100Internet and Web Technologies00000
BIOL 104Human Body Structure And Function Lab00000
CS 281Database Systems00000
AGRO 101Financial Planning and Budgeting00000
CS 345Scientific Programming I - Data Analysis00000
BIOL 331Immunology Lab00000
CS 402Cs/Telecommunication00000
ASTL 215Space Science I Lab00000
DNCE 412Composition/Choreography00000
BIOL 491Cell Biology Lab00000
ECON 330Global Trade and Political Economics00000
ACCT 407Federal Taxation I00000
ECON 474Econometrics and Forecasting00000
CHIL 101Chinese (Mandarin) Beginner I Laboratory00000
EDUC 231Child Development00000
AGRO 201Issues in Minority Education00000
CHM 201General Chemistry I00000
BIO 211Biotechnology and Society00000
CHM 303Organic Chemistry I00000
ACCT 467Cost Accounting II00000
CHM 341Biochemistry00000
BIO 302Genetics00000
CHML 303Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
AGRO 301Achievement Motivation00000
CIS 101Computer Literacy00000
BIO 351Endocrinology00000
CIS 262Business Data Networks & Telecommunications00000
CIS 232Introduction to Programming00000
BIO 410Independent Research I00000
CIS 311Systems Development and Implementation00000
ANTH 202Introduction To Biological Anthropology00000
CIS 332Advanced Programming00000
BIO 463Molecular Neurobiology00000
CIS 401CIS Internship00000
ACCT 479Advanced Accounting II00000
CIS 444Applied Systems Development00000
BIO 492Principles of Virology00000
CS 151Introduction to Computing00000
ART 160Art Education for Teachers00000
CS 260Digital Systems00000
BIOL 202General Biology II Lab00000
CS 308Computer And Network Security00000
ACCT 402Ethics For Professional Accountant00000
CS 315Operating Systems00000
BIOL 302Genetics Lab00000
CS 355Mobile Application Development00000
AST 215Space Science I00000
CS 395Theoretical Comp Sci00000
BIOL 403Microbiology Lab00000
DNCE 150Dance History00000
AGRO 103Advanced Career Planning00000
DNCE 272Theory and Philosophy of Creative Dance for the Classroom Te...00000
BIOL 472Molec Biotech Lab00000
ECON 212Introduction to Macroeconomics00000
AWS 101Introduction to Africana World Studies00000
ECON 309Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis00000
BUS 201Introduction to Entrepreneurship00000
ECON 350Money and Banking00000
ACCT 311Intermediate Accounting I00000
ECON 430War On Drugs: History, Economics & Public Policy00000
BUS 402Business Ethics00000
EDUC 102Introduction to the World of the Learner00000
BIO 104Human Body Structure And Function00000
CHIN 101Chinese (Mandarin) Beginner I00000
ACCT 217WKPrincipals of Acct 217 Workshop00000
ACCT 367Cost Accounting I00000
ACCT 473Auditing00000
ANTH 200Introduction to Anthropology – A Four Field Approach00000
BIO 370Principles of Environmental Science00000
CIS 255Survey of Computer Programming Languages00000