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MEC Course Reviews

Medgar Evers College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 251Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
BUS 402Business Ethics00000
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish I00000
AGRO 203The Legacy of Medgar Wiley Evers00000
SW 220Intro Social Work00000
PSYC 420Diagnosis Assessment and Evaluation00000
BIOL 202General Biology II Lab00000
PHYL 211University Phy I Lab00000
SPCH 207Acting I00000
POL 205Comparative Government00000
ACCT 470Enrolled Agent00000
SW 323Soc Wk Diveres Popl00000
PSYC 320Psychology of Intervention00000
AST 216Space Science II00000
PHY 315Introduction to Astrophysics00000
BIO 411Independent Research II00000
REL 410The Role of the Church in the Black Community00000
BIOL 472Molec Biotech Lab00000
PA 490Public Administration Internship00000
CHM 207Introduction to the World of Cannabis00000
PHYW 211Univ Phy I Workshop00000
SSC 205Introduction To Rsch Methods In Geography & Political Scienc...00000
PERM 1.5Permit To Cuny00000
SW 308Soc Rsch Mthd Soc Wk: ANALYSIS00000
PORL 101Portuguese Language Lab00000
ACCT 401Internship And Accounting Software00000
SW 350Social Work Practices and Popula00000
PSYC 301Abnormal Psychology00000
AGRO 103Advanced Career Planning00000
PHY 211University Physics I00000
ART 108History of Visual Communication00000
PSYC 328Fundamentals of Psychology in the African Diaspora00000
BIO 102Pre Prof Seminar00000
PA 415Policy Making and the Public Interest00000
BIO 331Immunology00000
PSYC 431Clinical Practicum II00000
BIO 481Human Physiology00000
PHYL 205Intro To Physics00000
BIOL 331Immunology Lab00000
SOC 211Social Movements & Globalization00000
BUS 201Introduction to Entrepreneurship00000
PA 325Fiscal Administration00000
CHIN 102Chinese (Mandarin) Beginner II00000
SPAN 321Spanish Court Interpreter Internship00000
CHM 304Organic Chemistry II00000
PERF 307Media Acting00000
SPTH 325African-American Theater00000
PHYW 213Univ Phy III Workshp00000
SSC 403Senior Seminar00000
PA 330Public Policy, Advocacy, Systems Management and Administrati...00000
SW 304Social Work Practice: Theories Of Human Behavior In The Soci...00000
POL 320The United Nations in International Politics00000
SW 311Aod Couns/Divrse Pop00000
PERM 4Permit Abroad00000
SW 337Populations At Risk00000
PSYC 101Introductory Psychology00000
ACCT 227Principles of Accounting II00000
SW 409Intergen Iss/Soc Wk00000
PSYC 229Human Development Across the Lifespan00000
ACCT 407Federal Taxation I00000
PHY 114Basic Physics00000
ACCT 480Contemporary Accounting00000
PSYC 310Human Development : Adolescence00000
AGRO 106Parenting and Family Relationships00000
PA 407Comparative Public Administration00000
ANTH 201The Nature of Culture00000
PSYC 323Research Practicum00000
ART 403Advanced Computer Graphics00000
PHY 213University Physics III00000
AWS 101Introduction to Africana World Studies00000
PSYC 405Techniques of Psychotherapy and Counseling00000
BIO 201General Biology I00000
PA 304e-Government00000
BIO 302Genetics00000
PSYC 427Psychology of Social Change00000
BIO 370Principles of Environmental Science00000
PHY 355Gravitation And Cosmology00000
BIO 463Molecular Neurobiology00000
REL 104Leadership in the Urban Context00000
BIO 499Senior Seminar00000
PA 450Decision Making In Government Capstone00000
BIOL 302Genetics Lab00000
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology00000
BIOL 415Advanced Techniques of Molecular and Cell Biology00000
PHYL 206Intro To Phy II Lab00000
BIOL 491Cell Biology Lab00000
SPAE 1Special Programs Academic Enhancement Seminar00000
BUS 302Business Communications00000
PA 275Community Policing00000
CHIL 101Chinese (Mandarin) Beginner I Laboratory00000
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II00000
CHM 112Basic Chemistry00000
PHYL 213University Physics III Lab00000
SPCH 102Fundamental of Speech00000
PA 211NYS and Local Government00000
PA 290Public Administration Internship I00000
PA 390Research Methodology for Public Administrators00000
PHIL 330Philosophy of Religion00000
PSYC 215Theories of Personality00000
SW 421Field Work II/Capstone00000