MDC West Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, West

WBTP 108Preparacion de Impuestos00000
WLEP 217English for Work 300000
MAN 4523Production Information Systems00000
WBHR 101Human Resources Excellence in Management00000
PHY 2049LPhysics With Calculus 2 Lab00000
ISS 1120The Social Environment00000
WCTR 226Taller para Matrícula Electrónica00000
EAP 0100LSpeech/Listening 1 Laboratory00000
MNA 1345Effective Supervision00000
EAP 0320Reading Level 300000
TRA 3132Purchasing And Inventory Management00000
RLFL 104Mandarin Chinese 1 (Children)00000
ENC 0027Introduction To College Writing Through Reading00000
WBIE 159Export Documentation00000
CLP 2140Abnormal Psychology00000
WCIS 144Operación de un Centro Infantil (Credencial de Director)00000
MAD 2104Discrete Mathematics00000
WLEP 143Intensive English 100000
BSC 2085Human Anatomy And Physiology 100000
WTBT 122Amazon para Vendedores00000
EAP 0200LSpeech/Listening 2 Laboratory00000
PHI 2010Introduction To Philosophy00000
CCJ 1020Introduction To Criminal Justice00000
RLAR 121Let’s Get Artsy (Ages 6-11)00000
EAP 0400Speech/Listening 400000
SPN 1120Elementary Spanish 100000
RLKC 346Teacher Planning Day Camp Series00000
EAP 1585Advanced 1 - Integrated Writing & Grammar00000
WBFM 126Teneduria de Libros 2 (Bookkeeping 2)00000
CJC 1000Introduction To Corrections00000
WBIE 126Como Crear una Empresa de Importacion y Exportacion00000
GEB 2112Introduction To Entrepreneurship00000
WBPD 102Notary Public Workshop00000
BSC 1005General Education Biology00000
WCCP 104Creative Curriculum Preschool: Literacy00000
MAC 1114Trigonometry00000
WCTR 10110 Horas de Prácticas Apropiadas para Ninos con Necesidades...00000
CRW 2001Creative Writing 100000
WLEP 113English Conversation 2A00000
MAN 4113Managing Diversity00000
WLEP 186Accent Reduction - Beginners00000
AER 0605Tesla Electronic System Technician00000
WLFL 179Mandarin Chinese 100000
MAT 0029Developmental Mathematics for Statistics00000
WTCA 124REVIT - Level 200000
BSC 2086Human Anatomy & Physiology 200000
MVJ 1314Electric Bass Principal Instrument First Year00000
EAP 0260Grammar Level 200000
PHY 1025Basic Physics00000
AMH 2020History of the US Since 187700000
PSY 2050Introduction To Forensic Psychology00000
EAP 0360Grammar Level 300000
RLCP 138GED en Español00000
CGS 1540CDatabase Concepts Design00000
RLID 102Decoracion de Interiores - Nivel 200000
EAP 0440Writing Level 400000
SLS 1510Preparing For Student Success00000
RLPH 108Intermediate Digital Photography00000
EAP 1500Speech/Listening Level 500000
THE 2000Theatre Appreciation00000
CHM 1045LGeneral Chemistry And Qualitative Analysis Lab00000
WBEB 180Social Media for Businesses00000
ECO 2023Principles Of Economics (Micro)00000
WBFM 151Income Tax Preparation Series00000
ASPD 607Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution00000
WBIE 114Financing your Import/Export Business00000
FIL 2553CEditing Level 2: Intermediate Editing And Visual Effects00000
WBIE 155Fundamentals of Transportation and Trade Certificate00000
CJJ 2002Juvenile Delinquency00000
WBIE 162Basics and Strategies of Incoterms Seminar00000
HUN 1201Essentials Of Human Nutrition00000
WBTP 102Income Tax Preparation Series00000
ACG 2450Microcomputers In Accounting00000
WBTP 115Preparacion de Impuestos - Individual Parte II00000
LIT 2480Issues In Literature & Culture00000
WCIS 110Entendiendo el TDAH y el Autismo (4.5 CEUs)00000
COP 2800Java Programming00000
WCIS 284Introduccion a High Scope Modulo 1: Principios Basicos y Est...00000
MAC 1147Pre-Calculus Algebra And Trigonometry00000
WCTR 137DCF Make-up: Observacion y Deteccion de la Conducta (BOSR)00000
BSC 2011Principles Of Biology 200000
WHPR 104Heartsaver-CPR/First Aid00000
MAN 3240Organizational Behavior00000
WLEP 119English Conversation - Intermediate00000
CTS 1328Supporting Microsoft Clients00000
WLEP 146Intensive English 400000
MAN 4335Employee Benefit Planning00000
WLEP 210English for Work II00000
ABX 0340Language 400000
WLEP 228Cuentame00000
MAR 2704Marketing Web Analytics00000
WTAA 192QuickBooks Nivel 100000
EAP 0160Grammar Level 100000
MGF 1106Mathematics For Liberal Arts 100000
ABX 0230Reading 300000
ACG 2021LFinancial Accounting Lab00000
ARH 2051Art History 200000
CHM 1025Introductory Chemistry00000
EAP 0486Intermediate 2 - Integrated Reading, Speech & Listening00000
SBM 1000Small Business Management00000