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MDC North Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, North

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BSC 1084Functional Human Anatomy43351
ENC 1101English Composition 145451
OCB 1010Introduction To Marine Biology00000
HFT 1210Human Resources00000
RLLS 127Year Up: Student Services Seminar00000
MUT 1241Sightsinging & Ear Training 1 Year00000
FSE 2106Funeral Service Microbiology00000
RLAC 114Private Swim Classes00000
ENT 1501Fundamentals of Changemaking and Social Innovation00000
INT 1941Interpreting Internship00000
FFCE 105Warehouse00000
MAN 2300Human Resources Management00000
MUM 1949Co-Op Work Experience 1: Mum00000
FIL 2553CEditing Level 2: Intermediate Editing And Visual Effects00000
MVK 1112Class Piano 200000
EEX 2000Introduction to Exceptional Student Education00000
PHY 2053Physics (Without Calculus) 100000
GRA 1113CVisual Identity & Branding Design00000
RLCP 138GED en Español00000
EDF 2085Introduction To Diversity00000
RLMP 164Suzuki Violin00000
ETI 1993Directed Individual Studies00000
MAC 1106Integrated College and Precalculus Algebra00000
EDU 085GED Reasoning Through Language Arts00000
MAN 4335Employee Benefit Planning00000
FFCE 309Money Smart/Young People00000
MAP 2302Introduction To Differential Equations00000
MKA 1511Principles Of Advertising And Copywriting00000
FFP 2810Fire Fighting Tactics And Strategy00000
MUN 1420Chamber Music, Woodwind Ensemble00000
EET 1015CDirect Current Circuits00000
MVB 1314Baritone Horn Principal Instrument - First Year00000
FIL 4586CProduction Workshop 200000
MVS 1316Guitar Principal Instrument First Year00000
EAP 1586Advanced 1 - Integrated Reading, Speech & Listening00000
PGY 2238Illustrative Photography 100000
FSE 2930LFuneral Service Professional Review00000
PUR 2003Public Relations00000
EMS 0110Emergency Medical Technician00000
RLAC 158Swimming for Adults Intermediate00000
GRA 2162CMotion Design 200000
RLFS 132Judo - Kodokan / Jiu-Jitsu (Ages 16 - adult)00000
EAP 0260Grammar Level 200000
RLMP 131Guitar Adult Group00000
IDH 1001Honors Leadership Seminar 100000
RLMP 172Private Music 7 – ½ Hour Violin00000
EDU 059Esol 200000
LIT 2000Introduction To Literature00000
ETM 1315CApplied Pneumatics And Hydraulics00000
MAC 2233Business Calculus00000
EAP 0360Grammar Level 300000
MAN 3322Human Resources Information Systems00000
FFCE 253Intro to Photoshop00000
MAN 4720Strategic Management Decision Making00000
EEC 1713Helping All Young Children Become Independent Learners00000
MAR 1930Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud00000
FFCE 451America, nuestra tierra (Nivel Primario - 8 anos de edad)00000
MAR 3803Marketing for Managers00000
MCB 3023LPrinciples Of Microbiology Lab00000
FFP 2590Fire Inspector Preparation00000
MUC 2001Experimental Composition00000
EEC 2601Observation And Assessment In Early Childhood00000
MUM 2703Music Business 3-Computer00000
FIL 1431CFilm Production 2: Cinematography And Sound00000
MUO 1501Opera Workshop00000
EAP 1500Speech/Listening Level 500000
MUT 2641Introduction To Jazz Improvisation 100000
FIL 2951Film Festival Experience00000
MVJ 1310Jazz Piano Principal Instrument First Year00000
EET 2351CDigital And Data Communications00000
MVK 2321Piano Principal Instrument Second Year00000
FSE 1000History of Funeral Service00000
MVW 1312Oboe Principal Instrument First Year00000
EAP 0160Grammar Level 100000
PCB 4097Human Physiology00000
FSE 2200Funeral Service Accounting00000
PHY 1025Basic Physics00000
EGN 1949Co-Op Wrk Exp 100000
PSY 2012Introduction To Psychology00000
GEB 2949General Business Internship 200000
REE 2040Real Estate Principles And Practices (P&P 1)00000
EAP 1660Grammar Level 600000
RLAC 138Parent and Child Aquatics 1 (Ages 6-24 months)00000
GRA 1754Responsive Web Design00000
RLCP 101ACT Intensive Math/Science00000
ENC 0027Introduction To College Writing Through Reading00000
RLFI 122Domestic Sourcing and Production00000
GRA 2755Emerging Technologies For Multimedia Web Design00000
RLID 107Interior Decorating Level 100000
DIG 3940Upper Division Internship00000
RLMP 10855+ Piano Adult Group00000
HSC 2400Basic Emergency Care00000
RLMP 149Private Music 14 – ½ Hour Piano00000
ETI 1040LIntroduction To Bioscience Manufacturing Lab00000
MAT 0029Developmental Mathematics for Statistics00000
INR 2002International Relations00000
DAA 1204Ballet 100000
DSC 4214Catastrophic Event Response Management00000
EAP 0440Writing Level 400000
EEC 2224Emergent Literacy Through The Use Of Children's Literature00000