MDC North Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, North

BSC 1084Functional Human Anatomy43351
ENC 1101English Composition 145451
CTS 2441Introduction To Oracle Database Administration00000
CIS 2350Cybersecurity Analysis (CySA+)00000
EAP 0440Writing Level 400000
COP 2800Java Programming00000
CET 4663CElectronic Security00000
DSC 1006Introduction To Homeland Security00000
BCT 1743Building Construction Law00000
CJC 4163Advanced Probation & Parole00000
BSC 2011LPrinciples Of Biology Lab 200000
CJE 4675Modern Fingerprint Technology00000
CJT 0801Private Security Guard Training 2: Class "G" License00000
CCJ 3666Victimology00000
CTS 1131A+ Computer Essentials & Support00000
ASL 2200CAmerican Sign Language 400000
DAA 2107Advanced Modern 200000
CHM 1045LGeneral Chemistry And Qualitative Analysis Lab00000
EAP 0160Grammar Level 100000
ARC 2701History Of Architecture 100000
EAP 1600LSpeech/Listening Level 6 Laboratory00000
BOT 3015Survey Of Plant Diversity00000
CJE 3110Law Enforcement Systems00000
ART 1205CColor and Composition 100000
CJK 0014Interviewing and Report Writing00000
BSC 2427LBiotechnology Methods & Applications 2 Laboratory00000
CJK 0065Calls for Service00000
CJK 0422Dart-Firing Stun Gun00000
CCJ 2358Criminal Justice Reporting00000
COP 1334Introduction To C++ Programming00000
ART 2802CVisual Arts Workshop00000
COP 4834Data Driven Web Applications (Web Administration)00000
CET 2113CAdvanced Digital Circuits00000
CTS 2153Supporting Windows Users & Applications00000
ARC 2303Architectural Design 300000
DAA 1104Modern 100000
CHI 1120Elementary Mandarin Chinese 100000
DEP 2100Child Growth And Development00000
ASPD 605Certified Internet Web (CIW) JavaScript Specialist00000
EAP 0100LSpeech/Listening 1 Laboratory00000
CHM 2210LOrganic Chemistry 1 Laboratory00000
EAP 0320Reading Level 300000
AMH 2091Afro-American History00000
EAP 1500Speech/Listening Level 500000
CIS 4364Intrusion Detection and Incident Response00000
EAP 1660Grammar Level 600000
ARH 2402Art History 300000
CJE 1772Crime Scene Photography 200000
CJE 4310Police Administration00000
ANT 2410Introduction To Cultural Anthropology00000
CJK 0012Legal00000
BSC 2086LHuman Anatomy & Physiology 2 Laboratory00000
CJK 0051Cms Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics00000
ART 2302CAdvanced Drawing00000
BSC 4422Biotechnology Methods And Applications - Iii00000
CJK 0082Traffic Stops00000
CJK 0087Traffic Stops00000
CJK 0330Supervising Special Populations00000
CCJ 1191Human Behavior In Criminal Justice00000
CJL 2990Cannabis Policy and Regulation00000
ART 2750CCeramics 100000
CNT 4603System Administration And Maintenance00000
CCJ 3032Crime And The Media00000
COP 2654Iphone Application Development 100000
ARC 2056Computer Aided Architectural Presentation00000
COP 4656Mobile Applications Development00000
CEN 4090CSoftware Engineering Capstone00000
CRW 2001Creative Writing 100000
ASL 1140CAmerican Sign Language 100000
CTS 1328Supporting Microsoft Clients00000
CET 3126CComputer Architecture00000
CTS 2314Network Defense and Countermeasures00000
ACG 4632Auditing00000
CTS 2652Ccna 3: Advanced Routing And Switching00000
CGS 1700Introduction to Operating Systems00000
DAA 1501Intermediate Jazz Dance00000
ASL 2400Linguistics Of American Sign Language00000
DAN 2100Dance Appreciation00000
CHM 1025Introductory Chemistry00000
DIG 3940Upper Division Internship00000
ARC 2580Architectural Structures 100000
DSC 4012Terrorism00000
CHM 1990CIntroductory Chemistry with Recitation00000
EAP 0140Writing Level 100000
BAN 1240Installment Credit00000
EAP 0240LWriting Level 2 Laboratory00000
CIS 1321Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design00000
EAP 0386Intermediate 1 - Integrated Reading, Speech & Listening00000
ACG 2071Managerial Accounting00000
EAP 0486Intermediate 2 - Integrated Reading, Speech & Listening00000
CIS 3360Principles of Information Security00000
EAP 1560Grammar Level 500000
BCT 1770Building Construction Estimating Fundamentals00000
CJK 0132Basic Security Officer Training00000
CIS 4617Knowledge Management00000
ACG 2001Principles Of Accounting 100000
ACG 2450Microcomputers In Accounting00000
ARC 1126CArchitectural Drawing 100000
ART 2600CComputer Art00000
CAP 1788Introduction to Data Analytics00000