MDC Medical Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, Medical

PTN 0049Pharmacy Technician Retail Store Field Experience00000
SON 2618CAcoustical Physics And Instrumentation 200000
NMT 2804CNuclear Medicine Clinic Practice & Conference 100000
PAS 3042CClinical Medicine III for Physician Assistants00000
NUR 3069Advanced Health Assessment00000
MLT 2810LHospital Practicum: Chemistry00000
SOJD 235Middle Management00000
HIM 2820Seminar And Professional Practice Experience 300000
NUR 1141Nursing Math & Pharmacology00000
MEA 0231Anatomy And Physiology And Medical Terminology00000
PAS 1821Behavioral & Community Education Medicine 2 For Pas00000
NUR 4945CAdvanced Concepts Practicum00000
MLT 1752Quality Control Laboratory Mathematics00000
PHT 1102Anatomy For The Physical Therapist Assistants00000
HIM 1110LHealth Information Management Data Collection Lab00000
RTE 1503LRadiographic Positioning Laboratory 100000
NMT 1002LIntroduction To Nuclear Medicine Laboratory00000
SON 1121CObstetrics/Gynecology Sonography 100000
DES 1200Dental Radiology00000
STS 1327LPrinciples and Practices of Surgical Technology Laboratory00000
HSC 3243Teaching Skills For Health Care00000
NUR 2310LPediatric Nursing Clinical Lab00000
EMS 10591St Responder Emergency Care00000
NUR 3846Foundations Of Professional Nursing00000
MLS 4193Clinical Molecular Diagnostics00000
OPT 2876LOphthalmic Dispensing Practicum 200000
OPT 1331LClinical Data Collection 2 Laboratory00000
MLT 1300Clinical Hematology00000
PAS 2850LSurgery00000
HIM 0280CPhysician Coding00000
PAS 4493Family Medicine Clerkship00000
MLT 2403LClinical Microbiology Lab 200000
PHT 2820Clinical Practice and Conference III00000
DEH 2603Periodontology 200000
RET 2284LPrinciples Of Mechanical Ventilation Laboratory00000
MSS 0250Introduction To Massage Therapy00000
RTE 2010New Imaging Modalities In Radiology00000
HIM 2400CDiversified Non-Hospital Health Records00000
SON 1100LPrinciples Of Protocols Of Imaging00000
NMT 2102Nuclear Medicine Administration00000
SON 2139LCardiovascular Principles00000
ATE 2652LIntroduction To Clinical Practice 200000
SON 2931LFilm Critique 100000
NUR 1002LTransition to Medical Surgical Nursing Clinical Lab00000
STS 2944Surgical Clinical I00000
DES 2100LDental Materials Laboratory00000
NUR 1214CMedical Surgical Nursing Skills Lab00000
MCB 2010Microbiology00000
NUR 2520LPsychiatric Nursing Clinical Lab00000
ATE 2671CLab Animal Medicine00000
NUR 3674Faith Based Community Nursing00000
MEA 0334CMedical Coding/Insurance Billing With Collections00000
NUR 4667Globalization Of Nursing Practice00000
EMS 2601LParamedic Laboratory 100000
OPT 1150Ophthalmic Lenses00000
MLS 4335Clinical Hemostasis00000
OPT 2802LVision Care Clinic 300000
OPT 2060Ophthalmic Management Policy & Procedures00000
MLT 1040LIntroduction To Medical Laboratory Technology00000
PAS 1811CClinical Medicine 1 for Physician Assistants00000
HIM 0001Introduction To Health Information Management00000
PAS 1830Pharmacotherapeutics00000
MLT 1500Clinical Immunology/Serology00000
PAS 2876LEmergency Medicine00000
DEH 1710Oral Health Literacy00000
PAS 4391Pediatrics Clerkship00000
MLT 2198Histochemistry00000
PAS 4936Contemporary Issues For The Pa00000
HIM 0817Professional Practice Experience00000
PHT 1211LDisabilities And Therapeutic Procedures 1 Lab00000
MLT 2620Clinical Chemistry 200000
PTN 0006Pharmacy Calculations00000
ATE 2636LLarge Animal Clinic & Nursing Skills Laboratory00000
RET 2274LRespiratory Care Theory Laboratory 100000
MLT 2930Medical Laboratory Technology Seminar00000
RTE 1418Radiographic Technology 100000
HIM 2222Icd Coding Systems00000
RTE 1613Radiologic Physics00000
MSS 0300LHydrotherapy Modalities Laboratory00000
RTE 2563Radiographic Positioning 300000
DEH 2806Dental Hygiene 400000
SON 1001LIntroduction To Sonography 200000
NMT 1705CNuclear Medicine Pre-Clinical00000
SON 1112CAbdominal Sonography 200000
HIM 2810Professional Practice Experience 200000
SON 1145LPediatric Sonography00000
NMT 2534Nuclear Medicine Instruction00000
SON 2400CEchocardiography 100000
ATE 1211Animal Physiology00000
SON 2854Clinic 600000
NMT 2824CNuclear Medicine Clinic 300000
STS 1302Introduction to Surgical Technology00000
HSC 3057Introduction To Research Methods In Health Care00000
NUR 1025Fundamentals Of Nursing00000
ASPD 608Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)00000
ATE 2050LAnimal Nursing & Medicine Laboratory 200000
DEH 1002Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene00000
EMS 2659Ems-Field Internship And Conference00000
MLT 0048Phlebotomy Practicum00000
OPT 2421CEyewear Fabrication 200000