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MDC Kendall Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, Kendall

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MAE 4360Methods of Teaching Mathematics00000
MUO 1501Opera Workshop00000
ECO 2023Principles Of Economics (Micro)00000
IDH 1001Honors Leadership Seminar 100000
EET 4732CSignals & Systems00000
CTS 2306Windows Networking Services00000
MET 1010Introduction To Weather00000
CAP 4990Special Topics in Data Analytics00000
EEC 1311Early Childhood Curriculum 200000
CHI 1121Elementary Mandarin Chinese 200000
GRA 1750Web Design Fundamentals00000
ETI 1701Industrial Safety00000
COP 2654Iphone Application Development 100000
ITA 1121Elementary Italian 200000
BSC 2426Biotechnology Methods And Applications 100000
MAN 4900Capstone Project In Supervision And Management00000
DAA 1680Repertory 100000
MUM 2600Sound Recording 100000
ART 2703CAdvanced Sculpture00000
MVB 2321Trumpet Principal Instrument Second Year00000
CET 2113CAdvanced Digital Circuits00000
EEC 3301General Teaching Methods For Early Childhood Education00000
AST 1002LDescriptive Astronomy Laboratory00000
EME 2040Creativity, Innovation, and Technology for the 21st Century...00000
CHM 1046LGeneral Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis Lab00000
GEB 3213Advanced Communication in Business00000
FFCE 561BUILDING: Shipping Container/Roof Trusses00000
CJL 1100Criminal Law00000
HFT 1300Executive Housekeeping00000
BSC 2010LPrinciples Of Biology 1 Laboratory00000
IND 2421Introduction To Furniture Design00000
CTS 1120Cybersecurity Fundamentals00000
LIT 2090Contemporary Literature00000
ART 2401CPrintmaking 200000
MAN 4350Professional Development00000
CTS 2960Cloud Computing Capstone00000
MAT 0022Developmental Mathematics Combined00000
CAP 3330Programming R for Statistics00000
MSL 3202Leadership And Ethics00000
EAP 1500LSpeech/Listening Level 5 Laboratory00000
MUM 2704Music Business 4-Computer Applications00000
ARC 2201Theory Of Architecture00000
MUT 2246Sightsinging And Ear Training 2 Yr.00000
EDHS 309High School Diploma with General Career Preparation - Online00000
MVJ 1013Pre-Applied Jazz Guitar00000
ART 2802CVisual Arts Workshop00000
EEC 2271Working With Young Children With Special Needs And Their Fam...00000
CGS 1540CDatabase Concepts Design00000
EET 2101CElectronics 200000
ARC 2580Architectural Structures 100000
EEX 4833Practicum in Exceptional Student Education00000
CHM 1033Chemistry For Health Sciences00000
ENC 2300Advanced Composition And Communication00000
BCN 1275Building Construction Plans Interpretation 200000
ETP 3320Introduction to Renewable Energy Technology00000
CIS 2322Systems Analysis And Design Implementation00000
FRE 1121Elementary French 200000
FIL 1420CFilm Production 1: Introduction To The Filmmaking Process00000
CJE 2600Criminal Investigation00000
GER 1121Elementary German 200000
BSC 1005LGeneral Education Biology Laboratory00000
GRA 2203CPortfolio and Business Practices For Designers00000
COP 1332Introduction To Visual Basic Programming00000
HOS 1011Horticulture 200000
ART 1330CFigure Drawing00000
IND 1100History Of Interiors 100000
COP 2800Java Programming00000
IPM 2112Principles Of Entomology00000
BSC 2085Human Anatomy And Physiology 100000
LDE 2000Planting Design 100000
CTS 1651Ccna 2: Routing And Switching00000
MAC 2233Business Calculus00000
ARC 1126CArchitectural Drawing 100000
MAN 3506Operations Management00000
CTS 2451Business Intelligence: Integration Services & Reporting00000
MAN 4523Production Information Systems00000
BUL 2241Business Law 100000
MAR 1720Marketing In A Digital World00000
DAA 1201Intermediate Ballet Dance00000
MAT 1990LIntermediate Algebra Recitation Hall00000
ART 2600CComputer Art00000
MNA 2120Human Relations In Business00000
DAA 2207Advanced Ballet00000
MUL 2380Jazz And Popular Music In America00000
CAP 4767Data Mining00000
MUM 2623CMidi Electronic Music 100000
EAP 1640Writing Level 600000
MUN 1420Chamber Music, Woodwind Ensemble00000
ACG 4632Auditing00000
MUT 1112Theory 200000
EDG 3321General Teaching Skills00000
MVB 1014Pre-Applied Tuba00000
CCJ 3032Crime And The Media00000
EDHS 315High School with Health Care Concentration - Online00000
ACG 2071Managerial Accounting00000
AFR 2131Introduction To The United States Air Force - Part 200000
ARH 2051Art History 200000
BCT 2760Building Code Regulations00000
CIS 3368Data Security & Governance00000
FIN 1930Special Topic Seminar00000