MDC Kendall Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, Kendall

MAT 1033Intermediate Algebra00000
MUT 2117Theory 400000
GEB 4363Import Export Management00000
MAN 4162Customer Relations For Managers00000
HUS 1302Basic Counseling Skills00000
EVR 1001Introduction To Environmental Sciences00000
MUM 2623CMidi Electronic Music 100000
EEC 1000Introduction To Early Childhood Education00000
GRA 2545CPackage Design00000
EEC 3211Science, Technology, And Mathematics (Stem) Methods For Ece...00000
MAD 2104Discrete Mathematics00000
IND 2421Introduction To Furniture Design00000
ENC 1101English Composition 100000
MAN 4941Management Internship00000
EDF 4430Measurement and Assessment in Education00000
MSL 1001First Year Basic Army Rotc00000
FIL 2131Screenwriting 2: Character Development & Advanced Story Stru...00000
MUN 2410String Ensemble00000
ART 1330CFigure Drawing00000
MVB 2323Trombone Principal Instrument Second Year00000
EEC 2201Developing Curriculum For Infants And Toddlers00000
HLP 1080Wellness00000
ART 2401CPrintmaking 200000
IND 1100History Of Interiors 100000
EET 2351CDigital And Data Communications00000
MAC 1140Pre-Calculus Algebra00000
ISS 1120The Social Environment00000
EGN 1008CIntroduction To Engineering00000
MAN 3322Human Resources Information Systems00000
EAP 1686Advanced 2 - Integrated Reading, Speech & Listening00000
MAN 4523Production Information Systems00000
ETD 1340Computer Aided Drawing & Design00000
MAR 3803Marketing for Managers00000
ARC 2701History Of Architecture 100000
MET 1010Introduction To Weather00000
FFCE 561BUILDING: Shipping Container/Roof Trusses00000
MUM 2600LSound Recording 1 Lab00000
EDHS 308High School Diploma with Commercial Driving Services Trainin...00000
MUN 1420Chamber Music, Woodwind Ensemble00000
FRE 1121Elementary French 200000
MUT 1003Fundamentals Of Music Theory Lab00000
ANT 2410Introduction To Cultural Anthropology00000
MVB 1015Pre-Applied Tuba00000
GRA 1280CDigital Imaging Fundamentals00000
MVJ 1010Pre-Applied Jazz Piano00000
ART 2302CAdvanced Drawing00000
HFT 1220Supervisory Development00000
EEC 2271Working With Young Children With Special Needs And Their Fam...00000
HSC 2400Basic Emergency Care00000
ARC 1301Architectural Design 100000
IDH 2003Honors Leadership Seminar 300000
EEC 4268Designing And Implementing An Integrated Curriculum (Practic...00000
IND 2210Interior Design 300000
EAP 0400LSpeech/Listening 4 Laboratory00000
IPM 2112Principles Of Entomology00000
EET 4166CSenior Design 200000
LIT 2120A Survey Of World Literature 200000
LAH 2025History Of Cuba00000
EEX 3226Assessment Of All Young Children00000
MAC 2233Business Calculus00000
EAP 1585Advanced 1 - Integrated Writing & Grammar00000
MAN 3025Organization Management00000
EME 2040Creativity, Innovation, and Technology for the 21st Century...00000
MAN 3583Project Management00000
ARC 2304Architectural Design 400000
MAN 4352Effective Employee Training00000
ENL 2012English Literature 100000
MAN 4894Applied Case Studies In Management00000
ECO 2023Principles Of Economics (Micro)00000
MAR 1720Marketing In A Digital World00000
ETP 2040CElectric Power Distribution00000
MAT 0028Developmental Mathematics 200000
AFR 2131Introduction To The United States Air Force - Part 200000
MCB 2010LMicrobiology Laboratory00000
FFCE 491Workers Compensation Update00000
MMC 2000Introduction To Mass Communications00000
EDG 3410Classroom Management and Communication for P-12 Teachers00000
MSL 3202Leadership And Ethics00000
FFCE 566ASCE: Wood Design/Ethics Laws and Rules00000
MUM 2601LSound Recording 2 Lab00000
ARH 2051Art History 200000
MUM 2703Music Business 3-Computer00000
FIN 1930Special Topic Seminar00000
MUN 1710Jazz Workshop00000
EDHS 312High School Diploma with Retail Customer Service Skills Trai...00000
MUO 1501Opera Workshop00000
GEB 2112Introduction To Entrepreneurship00000
MUT 1241Sightsinging & Ear Training 1 Year00000
ACG 2450Microcomputers In Accounting00000
MVB 1012Pre-Applied French Horn00000
GER 1121Elementary German 200000
MVB 1315Tuba Principal Instrument - First Year00000
EEC 1200Early Childhood Curriculum 100000
GRA 2151CAdvanced Digital Illustration and Imaging00000
ACG 2021LFinancial Accounting Lab00000
ACG 4632Auditing00000
ARC 2171Computer Aided Drafting 100000
EAP 1500LSpeech/Listening Level 5 Laboratory00000
EEX 2000Introduction to Exceptional Student Education00000
LDE 2310Irrigation Design & Maintenance00000