MDC Interamerican Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, InterAmerican

IDS 2124Skills For Transfer Success00000
MAT 1033LIntermediate Algebra Recitation Hall00000
EDE 1046GKT Preparation for Essay Test00000
FIN 3400Finance For Non-Financial Managers00000
EEC 2527Legal & Financial Issue In Child Care00000
EAP 0440Writing Level 400000
MAN 2300Human Resources Management00000
CJE 2600Criminal Investigation00000
EEC 1001Introduction To Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Education00000
CTS 1120Cybersecurity Fundamentals00000
EPI 0002Instructional Strategies00000
EEC 4940Internship In Early Childhood Education I00000
EAP 0220Reading Level 200000
GEB 3213Advanced Communication in Business00000
CHM 1033LChemistry For Health Sciences Lab00000
LIT 2990Selected Studies00000
EAP 1586Advanced 1 - Integrated Reading, Speech & Listening00000
MAR 1011Principles Of Marketing00000
BSC 2085LHuman Anatomy And Physiology 1 Laboratory00000
PHY 1025Basic Physics00000
COP 1047CIntroduction to Python Programming00000
EEC 2224Emergent Literacy Through The Use Of Children's Literature00000
BUL 2241Business Law 100000
EEC 3412Family and Community Partnerships in Early Childhood Educati...00000
CTS 2153Supporting Windows Users & Applications00000
ENC 1102English Composition 200000
EEX 3603Positive Behavior Supports In Inclusive Settings00000
EAP 0100LSpeech/Listening 1 Laboratory00000
EPI 0945Field Experience I00000
CGS 1540CDatabase Concepts Design00000
FOT 2826Legal Translation00000
EAP 0340Writing Level 300000
HUS 1428Addiction Treatment Delivery Systems00000
BSC 1084Functional Human Anatomy00000
LAE 4211Methods and Resources for Literacy Development in Young Chil...00000
EAP 1502Accent Reduction 200000
MAC 2311Calculus and Analytical Geometry 100000
CHM 2210LOrganic Chemistry 1 Laboratory00000
MAN 4361Organizational Staffing00000
EAP 1686Advanced 2 - Integrated Reading, Speech & Listening00000
MAT 0018Developmental Mathematics 100000
AML 2010American Literature 100000
MUL 1010Music Appreciation00000
EDG 3321General Teaching Skills00000
PHY 2053Physics (Without Calculus) 100000
BSC 2086LHuman Anatomy & Physiology 2 Laboratory00000
EEC 1753Observing and Assessing All Young Children00000
COP 2800Java Programming00000
EEC 2407Facilitating Social Development00000
ANT 2000Introduction To Anthropology00000
EEC 3212Integrated Social Sciences, Humanities, And Arts00000
CTS 1145Cloud Essentials00000
EEC 4219Science, Technology, And Mathematics (Stem) Methods For Ece...00000
CCJ 1010Introduction To Criminology00000
EEX 3071Teaching Exceptional and Diverse Populations in Inclusive Se...00000
CTS 2433Microsoft Sql Implementation00000
EEX 4930Seminar in Exceptional Student Education00000
EEX 4232Assessment And Diagnosis Of Autism Spectrum Disorders00000
DSC 2242Transportation And Border Security00000
ENL 2022English Literature 200000
CCJ 4641Organized Crime00000
EPI 0020Professional Foundations00000
EAP 0160Grammar Level 100000
FIN 2000Principles Of Finance00000
AST 1002Descriptive Astronomy00000
FOT 2822Court Interpreting Skills00000
EAP 0300Speech/Listening 300000
FRE 1120Elementary French 100000
CHM 1025Introductory Chemistry00000
HUN 1201Essentials Of Human Nutrition00000
EAP 0386Intermediate 1 - Integrated Reading, Speech & Listening00000
IDH 1002Honors Leadership Seminar 200000
AMH 2010History of the US to 187700000
ISS 1161The Individual In Society00000
EAP 0486Intermediate 2 - Integrated Reading, Speech & Listening00000
LIS 2004Strategies for Online Research00000
CHM 1046LGeneral Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis Lab00000
MAC 1140Pre-Calculus Algebra00000
EAP 1540Writing Level 500000
MAE 4360Methods of Teaching Mathematics00000
BSC 2011LPrinciples Of Biology Lab 200000
MAN 3240Organizational Behavior00000
EAP 1660Grammar Level 600000
MAN 4894Applied Case Studies In Management00000
CIS 2900Directed Study It00000
MAS 2103Elementary Linear Algebra00000
EDE 1044GKT Preparation for Reading Test00000
MAT 0029Developmental Mathematics for Statistics00000
ACG 2001LPrinciples Of Accounting 1 Lab00000
MGF 1107Mathematics For Liberal Arts 200000
EDF 3115Child Development For Inclusive Settings00000
OST 2335Business Writing00000
CJE 2672Fingerprint Development00000
EDG 4376Integrated Language Arts And Social Sciences00000
ABX 0340Language 400000
ACG 2071LManagerial Accounting Lab00000
ARH 2740Cinema Appreciation00000
CCJ 2053Criminal Justice Ethics And Professionalism00000
CTS 2960Cloud Computing Capstone00000
EEX 4833Practicum in Exceptional Student Education00000