MDC Hialeah Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, Hialeah

WCIS 144Operación de un Centro Infantil (Credencial de Director)00000
WTAA 194QuickBooks Level 100000
PHI 2604Critical Thinking/Ethics00000
WBPD 163El Arte de la Fotografia y la Composicion00000
RLPH 147Fotografia Digital - Nivel 300000
MAN 4120Leadership Challenges And Supervision00000
WLEP 121English Conversation - Intermediate00000
EAP 0400LSpeech/Listening 4 Laboratory00000
QMB 2100Basic Business Statistics00000
EME 4610Introduction to Instructional Design00000
WBFM 151Income Tax Preparation Series00000
SLS 1510Preparing For Student Success00000
MAC 1105LCollege Algebra Co-Requisite Lab00000
WBTP 106Intensive Income Tax Preparation Program - Individual00000
EAP 0140Writing Level 100000
WCTR 137DCF Make-up: Observacion y Deteccion de la Conducta (BOSR)00000
MAT 0029Developmental Mathematics for Statistics00000
WLEP 157Advanced Listening and Conversation 100000
CHM 1046LGeneral Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis Lab00000
WTDM 149Lightroom para Fotografos00000
EAP 1500LSpeech/Listening Level 5 Laboratory00000
RLFD 109Arreglos Florales00000
CJL 2062Constitutional Law And Legal Procedure Or Evidence00000
RVST 107VESOL Extended00000
ENT 2201Introduction To Lean Start-Up00000
WBEB 171Organizacion de Bodas y Eventos00000
TAX 2000Income Tax00000
HUS 1440Family Issues In Chemical Dependency00000
WBID 107Decoracion y Diseno de Interiores: Basico00000
CTS 1134Networking Technologies00000
WBPH 112Fotografia para Eventos00000
MAD 2104Discrete Mathematics00000
WCIS 110Conociendo el ADD, el ADHD y el Autismo (4.5 CEUs)00000
CHI 1121Elementary Mandarin Chinese 200000
WCIS 311Making the Most of Classroom Interactions (MMCI) Infant-Todd...00000
MAR 1011Principles Of Marketing00000
WHPR 103CPR-BLS for Health Care Providers00000
EAP 0300Speech/Listening 300000
WLEP 143Intensive English 100000
MGF 1107Mathematics For Liberal Arts 200000
WTAA 182QuickBooks Level 100000
BSC 2011Principles Of Biology 200000
WTCA 131AutoCAD - Level 400000
PHY 2053LPhysics (Without Calculus) 1 Lab00000
WTMO 133Microsoft Word Basic00000
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry 100000
RLCP 138GED en Español00000
EAP 1540LWriting Level 5 Laboratory00000
RLPF 116Take your Child To Work Day00000
BSC 2086Human Anatomy & Physiology 200000
RLTO 103Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT00000
ENC 0025Developmental Writing Ii00000
SLS 1106First Year Experience Seminar00000
COP 1047CIntroduction to Python Programming00000
SPC 2608Introduction To Public Speaking00000
FIN 2051International Financial Management00000
WBEB 147Como Crear su Negocio00000
WBAB 111Certified Bookkeeper Exam Preparation: Beginning Bookkeeping00000
HUM 1020Humanities00000
WBFM 130Certified Bookkeeper Test Preparation: Depreciation00000
CRW 2002Creative Writing 200000
WBID 104Decoracion Interiores: Intensivo 200000
ISS 1120The Social Environment00000
WBPD 101Notary Public (en Espanol)00000
CGS 1060CIntroduction to Computer Technology and Applications00000
WBPD 179Supervisión de Personal00000
MAC 2233Business Calculus00000
WBRE 124Repeat - Real Estate Sales Associate Pre-Licensing Course00000
EAP 0100Speech/Listening 100000
WCCP 104Creative Curriculum Preschool: Literacy00000
MAN 3065Business Ethics00000
WCIS 131Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC 1) (6.0 CE...00000
BSC 1005General Education Biology00000
WCIS 173Making the Most of Classroom Interactions (MMCI) (2.0 CEUs)00000
MAN 4900Capstone Project In Supervision And Management00000
WCTR 1105 Horas de Prácticas Apropiadas para Infantes y Párvulos00000
EAP 0220Reading Level 200000
WCTR 2025 Horas de Desarrollo del Lenguaje y la Ensenanza de la Lect...00000
MAR 2101Social Media Marketing00000
WLEP 117English Conversation 100000
CHM 1033LChemistry For Health Sciences Lab00000
WLEP 126English Conversation 4 - 56 hrs00000
MAT 1990LIntermediate Algebra Recitation Hall00000
WLEP 147Intensive English 500000
EAP 0360Grammar Level 300000
WLEP 170Intensive English 300000
MUL 2380Jazz And Popular Music In America00000
WTAA 189QuickBooks 2018 Level 200000
ACG 2071Managerial Accounting00000
WTCA 128AutoCAD - Level 100000
PHY 2048Physics With Calculus 100000
WTDM 145Fotografia Digital - Nivel 100000
EAP 0460Grammar Level 400000
PSY 2012Introduction To Psychology00000
ABX 0320Language 200000
ARH 1000Art Appreciation00000
CEN 2211C/C++ Programming for Embedded Devices00000
COP 2800Java Programming00000
GEB 2112Introduction To Entrepreneurship00000
WBAB 112Certified Bookkeeper Test Preparation: Depreciation00000