MDC Wolfson Course Reviews

Miami Dade College

BSC 1005General Education Biology54551
ECO 2013Principles Of Economics (Macro)42121
MAC 1147Pre-Calculus Algebra And Trigonometry43231
COP 2270C for Engineers00000
CIS 4617Knowledge Management00000
BCA 0460Plumbing Co-Op 100000
ART 1300CDrawing00000
CTE 1721CFashion Design 100000
BCN 1272Building Construction Plans Interpretation 100000
CTE 2999CClothing Construction Methods Level 300000
BSC 2011LPrinciples Of Biology Lab 200000
CHM 1990CIntroductory Chemistry with Recitation00000
BCA 0364Electricity Co-Op 500000
CLP 2140Abnormal Psychology00000
ARC 2172Computer Aided Drafting 200000
CPO 2100Comparative European Government00000
BCA 0474Fire Sprinkler 500000
CTE 2342CClothing Construction Methods Level 300000
AMH 2035Recent American History Since 194500000
CTS 1800Introduction To Web Page Development00000
ART 2500CPainting 100000
ANT 2000Introduction To Anthropology00000
BSC 2086Human Anatomy & Physiology 200000
ART 2750CCeramics 100000
BUSI 102Startup Challenge00000
BUSI 112IMPACT Miami - C00000
CHM 1033Chemistry For Health Sciences00000
BCA 0357Electricity 800000
CIS 1949Co-Op Work Experience 1: Cis00000
ARC 1949Co-Op Work Experience 1: ARC00000
CJE 2671Basic Fingerprinting00000
BCA 0452Plumbing 300000
CNT 4702Network Design And Planning00000
ACR 0940Hvac 100000
COP 2660Android Application Development 100000
BCA 0466Plumbing Co-Op 700000
CRW 2001Creative Writing 100000
ARC 2304Architectural Design 400000
CTE 1942Fashion Industry Internship00000
BCA 0486Fire Sprinkler Co-Op 500000
CTE 2749CPatternmaking Level 300000
ACG 2450Microcomputers In Accounting00000
CTS 1145Cloud Essentials00000
BOT 3015Survey Of Plant Diversity00000
CTS 2450Business Intelligence: Analysis Services And Data Mining00000
AMH 2091Afro-American History00000
BSC 2085LHuman Anatomy And Physiology 1 Laboratory00000
ART 2602CAdvanced Computer Art00000
BUL 2241Business Law 100000
ACR 0914Hvac Co-Op Summer 400000
BUSI 108Start Up Challenge - C00000
ASPD 322Digital Advertising with Google00000
ANT 2511Introduction To Physical Anthropology00000
CAP 2048Game Development Project 100000
BAN 1004Banking Fundamentals, Evolution, and Compliance00000
CAP 4767Data Mining00000
CCJ 1191Human Behavior In Criminal Justice00000
CHM 1025Introductory Chemistry00000
BCA 0354Electricity 500000
CHM 1045LGeneral Chemistry And Qualitative Analysis Lab00000
ARC 1301Architectural Design 100000
CHM 2211Organic Chemistry 200000
BCA 0359Electricity Co-Op 200000
CIS 3360Principles of Information Security00000
ACR 0935Hvac Co-Op 600000
CJC 1000Introduction To Corrections00000
BCA 0368Electricity Co-Op 800000
CLP 1006Psychology Of Personal Effectiveness00000
ARC 2056Computer Aided Architectural Presentation00000
CNT 3526CWireless and Mobile Networking00000
BCA 0455Plumbing 600000
COP 1332Introduction To Visual Basic Programming00000
ACG 2021LFinancial Accounting Lab00000
COP 2654Iphone Application Development 100000
BCA 0463Plumbing Co-Op 400000
COP 2842Developing Websites Using Php/Mysql00000
ARC 2201Theory Of Architecture00000
CPRO 213Swift: An Introduction to iOS App Development - B00000
BCA 0471Fire Sprinkler 200000
CRW 2002Creative Writing 200000
ACR 0943Hvac 400000
CTE 1801Introduction to Fashion Merchandising00000
BCA 0481Fire Sprinkler Co-Op 200000
CTE 2301Product Development00000
ARC 2461Architectural Materials And Construction 100000
CTE 2722CFashion Design 200000
BCA 0490Fire Sprinkler Co-Op 800000
CTE 2802Fashion Merchandising Stratigies00000
ABX 0240Reading 400000
CTS 1131A+ Computer Essentials & Support00000
BCT 1770Building Construction Estimating Fundamentals00000
CTS 1650Ccna 1: Cisco Fundamentals00000
ART 2302CAdvanced Drawing00000
BAN 1800Law And Banking00000
CGS 1060CIntroduction to Computer Technology and Applications00000
CGS 2108Advanced Desktop Applications00000
BSC 1084Functional Human Anatomy00000
ABX 0130Mathematics 300000
ABX 0340Language 400000
ACR 0932Hvac Co-Op 300000