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McMaster Course Reviews

McMaster University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SOCWORK 1BB3Re-Imagining Help: Introduction to Social Work II53.5552
SOCWORK 1AA3So You Think You Can Help? Introduction to Social Work I43551
SOCWORK 3T03Poverty and Homelessness54551
SOCWORK 2BB3Anti-Oppressive Social Work00000
SOCWORK 3B03Transnational Lives in a Globalizing World00000
SOCWORK 3O03Social Work and Sexualities00000
SOCWORK 4DD6 A/B SField Practicum II00000
SOCWORK 4J03Social Change: Social Movements and Advocacy00000
SOCWORK 4SA3Critical Child Welfare: From Theory to Practice Part I00000
SOCWORK 4W03Child Welfare00000
SOCWORK 2A06 A/BTheory, Process and Communication Skills for Social Work00000
SOCWORK 2CC3Introduction to Community Practice00000
SOCWORK 3D06 A/B SGeneral Social Work I00000
SOCWORK 3E03Individual Practice Across the Lifespan00000
SOCWORK 3I03Social Work and Indigenous Peoples00000
SOCWORK 3S03Social Work, Disability and Dis/Ableism00000
SOCWORK 4C03Critical Perspectives on Race, Racialization, Racism and Colonialism in Canadian Society00000
SOCWORK 4G03Selected Topics00000
SOCWORK 4R03Feminist Approaches to Social Work and Social Justice00000
SOCWORK 4SB3Critical Child Welfare: From Theory to Practice Part II00000
SOCWORK 4Y03Critical Issues in Mental Health & Addiction: Mad & Critical Disability Studies Perspectives for SW00000
SOCWORK 3C03Social Aspects of Health and Illness00000
SOCWORK 3DD6 A/B SField Practicum I00000
SOCWORK 3F03Social Work with Groups00000
SOCWORK 3L03Violence: Social Justice Perspectives and Responses00000
SOCWORK 4D06 A/B SGeneral Social Work II00000
SOCWORK 4QQ3Indigenizing Social Work Practice Approaches00000
SOCWORK 4U03Immigration, Settlement and Social Work00000
SOCWORK 4X03Social Work with Families00000
SOCWORK 4ZZ3Social Welfare: Practice Implications and Advocacy00000