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McMaster Course Reviews

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CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MEDRADSC 1F03Professions in Medical Radiation Sciences44331
MEDRADSC 1E03Inquiry in Medical Radiation Sciences35221
MEDRADSC 1B03Introduction to Pathology00000
MEDRADSC 2AA3Imaging Procedures in Health Care00000
MEDRADSC 2I03Pathology and Procedures I00000
MEDRADSC 2M03Obstetrical and Gynecologic Ultrasonography I00000
MEDRADSC 2Q03Sonographic Skills II00000
MEDRADSC 2U03Radiation Therapy Skills I00000
MEDRADSC 3K03Computed Tomography00000
MEDRADSC 3M03Abdominal Ultrasonography III00000
MEDRADSC 3O03Sonographic Skills III00000
MEDRADSC 3R03Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography00000
MEDRADSC 3W03Radiation Therapy Skills II00000
MEDRADSC 4C15Ultrasonography Clinical Practicum II00000
MEDRADSC 4ZZ0Pre-Clinical Professional Skills Reassessment II00000
MEDRADSC 2D03Relational Anatomy I00000
MEDRADSC 2K03Applied Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation I00000
MEDRADSC 2P03Obstetrical and Gynecological Ultrasonography II00000
MEDRADSC 2RA3Relational Anatomy II00000
MEDRADSC 2V15Radiation Therapy Clinical Practicum I00000
MEDRADSC 2Y03Radiographic Imaging and Instrumentation I00000
MEDRADSC 3AA3Interdisciplinary Rounds in Medical Radiation Sciences00000
MEDRADSC 3DA3Subspecialties in Medical Radiation Sciences - Advanced Studies in Computed Tomography00000
MEDRADSC 3DI3Subspecialties in Medical Radiation Sciences: Image Guidance in Radiation Therapy00000
MEDRADSC 3G03Radiographic Imaging and Instrumentation II00000
MEDRADSC 3J03Pathology and Procedures II00000
MEDRADSC 3L03Radiographic Skills III00000
MEDRADSC 3P03Obstetrical and Gynecologic Ultrasonography III00000
MEDRADSC 3V03Treatment Planning II00000
MEDRADSC 3Y03Ethics for Medical Radiation Sciences00000
MEDRADSC 3ZZ0Clinical Skill Development for Professionals00000
MEDRADSC 4D15Ultrasonography Clinical Practicum III00000
MEDRADSC 2H03Radiographic Skills II00000
MEDRADSC 2J15Radiography Clinical Practicum I00000
MEDRADSC 2N03Sonographic Skills I00000
MEDRADSC 2R15Ultrasonography Clinical Practicum I00000
MEDRADSC 2T03Clinical Oncology II00000
MEDRADSC 2W03Physics and Instrumentation for Radiation Therapy00000
MEDRADSC 2ZZ0Pre-Clinical Professional Skills Reassessment I00000
MEDRADSC 3B03Quality Management in Medical Radiation Sciences00000
MEDRADSC 3DD3Subspecialties in Medical Radiation Sciences: Mammography00000
MEDRADSC 3X03Research Methods in Medical Radiation Sciences00000
MEDRADSC 4B15Radiography Clinical Practicum III00000
MEDRADSC 4F15Radiation Therapy Clinical Practicum III00000
MEDRADSC 2A03Patient Care00000
MEDRADSC 2G03Radiographic Skills I00000
MEDRADSC 2L03Abdominal Ultrasonography I00000
MEDRADSC 2O03Abdominal Ultrasonography II00000
MEDRADSC 2S03Clinical Oncology I00000
MEDRADSC 2X03Radiobiology and Protection00000
MEDRADSC 3BB3Radiation Therapy Skills III00000
MEDRADSC 3DE3Subspecialties in Medical Radiation Sciences: Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging00000
MEDRADSC 3DJ3Subspecialties in Medical Radiation Sciences: Pediatric Sonography00000
MEDRADSC 3H03Quality Control in Radiography00000
MEDRADSC 3N03Vascular Ultrasonography00000
MEDRADSC 3Q03Applied Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation II00000
MEDRADSC 3S03Treatment Planning I00000
MEDRADSC 3Z06Research Project00000
MEDRADSC 4A15Radiography Clinical Practicum II00000
MEDRADSC 4E15Radiation Therapy Clinical Practicum II00000