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McMaster Course Reviews

McMaster University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECON 1BB3Introductory Macroeconomics43.554.52
ECON 2D03Economic Issues3.542.52.52
ECON 2Z03Intermediate Microeconomics I55331
ECON 2Q03Economics of Bad Behaviour34221
ECON 2ZZ3Intermediate Microeconomics II33231
ECON 1B03Introductory Microeconomics33321
ECON 2HH3Intermediate Macroeconomics II33431
ECON 2A03Economics of Labour-Market Issues00000
ECON 2GG3Intermediate Microeconomics II00000
ECON 2I03Financial Economics00000
ECON 2P03Economics of Professional Sports00000
ECON 3BE3Behavioural Economics00000
ECON 3E03Applied Econometrics00000
ECON 3HH3International Trade00000
ECON 3Q03The Economics of Aging00000
ECON 3W03Natural Resources00000
ECON 4A03Honours Economic Analysis00000
ECON 4F03Methods of Inquiry in Economics00000
ECON 4M06 A/B SDirected Research I00000
ECON 4TT3Advanced Economic Theory II00000
ECON 2B03Analysis of Economic Data00000
ECON 2H03Intermediate Macroeconomics I00000
ECON 2J03Environmental Economics00000
ECON 3C03Public Sector Economics: Taxation00000
ECON 3EE3Econometrics I00000
ECON 3M03Introduction to Game Theory00000
ECON 3T03Economic Development00000
ECON 3Z03Health Economics00000
ECON 4B03Selected Topics00000
ECON 4G03Econometrics II00000
ECON 4T03Advanced Economic Theory I00000
ECON 1BX3Introductory Microeconomics for Business Students00000
ECON 2N03Public Policy Toward Business00000
ECON 2T03Economics of Trade Unionism and Labour00000
ECON 3B03Public Sector Economics: Expenditures00000
ECON 3D03Labour Economics00000
ECON 3G03Introduction to Advanced Economic Theory00000
ECON 3K03Monetary Economics00000
ECON 3S03Industrial Organization00000
ECON 3Y03Selected Topics00000
ECON 4AA3Economic Specialist Seminar00000
ECON 4FF3Research Methods in Economics00000
ECON 4N03Directed Research II00000
ECON 1BA3Introductory Macroeconomics for Economics students00000
ECON 2CC3Health Economics and its Application to Health Policy00000
ECON 2K03Economic History of Canada00000
ECON 3H03International Monetary Economics00000