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McMaster Course Reviews

McMaster University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOCHEM 3G03Proteins and Nucleic Acids45341
BIOCHEM 2EE3Metabolism and Physiological Chemistry00000
BIOCHEM 3H03Clinical Biochemistry00000
BIOCHEM 4C03Inquiry in Biochemistry00000
BIOCHEM 4Q03Biochemical Pharmacology00000
BIOCHEM 4E03Gene Regulation in Stem Cells and Development00000
BIOCHEM 2L06 A/BInquiry in Biochemical Techniques00000
BIOCHEM 3MI3Microbial Interactions00000
BIOCHEM 4J03Immunological Principles in Practice00000
BIOCHEM 4Z03Senior Project00000
BIOCHEM 3A03Biochemical Research Practice00000
BIOCHEM 3LA3Advanced Biochemistry Techniques00000
BIOCHEM 4H03Biotechnology and Drug Discovery00000
BIOCHEM 3EE3Research Advances in Cell Biology and Biochemistry00000
BIOCHEM 4T15 A/BSenior Thesis00000
BIOCHEM 2BB3Protein Structure and Enzyme Function00000
BIOCHEM 4F09 A/BSenior Thesis00000
BIOCHEM 4S03Introduction to Molecular Biophysics00000
BIOCHEM 2B03Nucleic Acid Structure and Function00000
BIOCHEM 3D03Metabolism and Regulation00000
BIOCHEM 3Z03Structural Determination and Analysis of Macromolecules00000
BIOCHEM 4N03Molecular Membrane Biology00000
BIOCHEM 3BP3Practical Bioinformatics in the Genomics Era00000
BIOCHEM 3R06 A/B SResearch Project00000
BIOCHEM 4M03Cellular and Integrated Metabolism00000