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MCLA Course Reviews

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 360Number Theory00000
PHIL 120HHonors: Art and Philosophy00000
ENGL 392Queer Identity in Contemporary Literature00000
IDST 320City and Social Space00000
ENVI 350Sustainable Food Systems00000
ENGL 301Creative Writing: Poetry00000
MUSI 357Choir00000
EDUC 570Student Teaching Practicum 1-600000
ENVI 100Environmental Studies: Entering Student Seminar00000
EDUC 634The Undercommons: Beats, Rhymes, and Life in Black Study00000
HLTH 339LLab: Therapeutic Exercise00000
FPA 500Audition Repertory00000
ENGL 150College Writing II00000
MATH 220Calculus I00000
EDUC 341Field Placement II ECHE/ELEM00000
MBA 662Sustainability and Social Responsibility00000
ENGL 339Writing and Reporting News II00000
PHED 144Aikido00000
CSCI 362Operating Systems00000
PHYS 120Introduction to Engineering00000
EDUC 604Sheltered English Instruction ELEM/ECHE00000
ENVI 260Green Living Seminar00000
CSCI 462Senior Seminar00000
ERTH 152Introduction to Physical Geology00000
EDUC 652Student Teaching Practicum PK-K00000
HLTH 150HHonors: Introduction to Community and Public Health00000
HIST 220Reformers, Rebels, Revolutionaries in East Asia00000
EDUC 720Multicultural Education PrePracticum00000
HONR 301Honors: Philosophy of Music00000
ECON 350Global Business and Economic Issues00000
ITAL 102Elementary Italian II00000
ENGL 211Introduction to Mass Media00000
MATH 286Calling Bullshit00000
CSCI 332Systems Analysis and Design00000
MATH 486Cryptography00000
ENGL 314Advanced TV Production and Broadcasting00000
MUSI 251Introduction to Music00000
EDUC 420Classroom Management/Teaching Strategies (ECHE & ELEM)00000
MUSI 450Conducting00000
ENGL 372Arts of Medieval and Renaissance Britain00000
PHED 375Scientific Foundations of Coaching00000
CSCI 171Electrical Circuit Design00000
PHIL 322Business Ethics00000
ENGL 435Playing with Memoir00000
PHYS 131LLaboratory: General Physics I00000
CSCI 390Junior Qualifications Exam (W)00000
ENVI 152HHonors: Environmental Sustainability00000
EDUC 620Field Placement II PK-600000
ENVI 320Methods in Environmental Research00000
CSCI 211Networking Theory and Administration II00000
ENVI 360Wildlife Research00000
EDUC 644Curriculum and Instruction 5-1200000
ERTH 271Landforms00000
DANC 200Intermediate Dance00000
HIST 103Pre-Modern World Civilization00000
EDUC 680Student Teaching Practicum 5-800000
HIST 450Career and ePortfolio Workshop00000
HIST 290Historical Methods and Theory00000
EDUC 717Curriculum Theory and Democratic Practice00000
HLTH 321Lower Body Assessment00000
ECON 310International Economics00000
HLTH 590Health Internship00000
ENGE 700The Writing Workshop00000
IDST 251HHonors: Introduction to Urban Studies00000
CSCI 272Electric Circuit Design II00000
IDST 395Leadership Practicum00000
ENGL 205Introduction to Photography00000
MATH 100Math for Educators I00000
EDUC 302Assessment and Evaluation00000
MATH 250Discrete Mathematics00000
ENGL 239Writing and Reporting the News I00000
MATH 340Graph Theory00000
COMM 490Mediating Mental Health00000
MATH 390Numerical Analysis00000
ENGL 305Magazine Writing and Editing00000
MBA 640Financial Management & Policies00000
EDUC 405Sheltered English Instruction MDSC/SECE00000
MBA 695Non-Profit Management00000
ENGL 324Broadcast Journalism00000
MUSI 275Home Studio Recording00000
CSCI 347Machine Learning00000
MUSI 375Advanced Studio Recording/Live Sound00000
ENGL 365Reading the Graphic Novel00000
PHED 108Community First Aid and Safety00000
EDUC 530Student Teaching Practicum 5-1200000
PHED 160Strength and Conditioning00000
ENGL 375Civil War in Literature and Film00000
PHIL 100A First Course in Philosophy00000
COMM 321News Media Practicum00000
PHIL 242Modern Philosophy00000
ENGL 397MASS MoCA Immersion00000
PHIL 375HHonors: Ethics and Animals00000
EDUC 590Student Teaching Practicum 8-1200000
ENGL 490Senior Seminar00000
CHEM 302Physical Chemistry II00000
COMM 396Public Relations00000
CSCI 243Database Development00000
DANC 310Musical Theatre00000
EDUC 694Student Teaching Half-Practicum (SECE)00000
HIST 340Modern Middle East00000