MCC Penn Valley Course Reviews

Metropolitan Community College, Penn Valley

ESL 37Intermediate II: Reading and Vocabulary00000
HIM 110Pharmacology00000
CSMG 215Construction Planning & Scheduling00000
ESL 6Basic Reading00000
ECED 260Education of the Exceptional Child00000
CRJU 275Alcohol and Drug Addiction00000
ETEC 271Solidworks00000
BSAD 221Business Communications00000
ECED 113Child Growth and Development I00000
BUSN 211Operations Management00000
ENGL 267North American Indian Literature00000
EMS 150Emergency Medical Technician - Basic00000
CRJU 101Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ESL 22ESL Speaking & Listening II00000
BSAD 150Introduction to Business00000
ESL 57Advanced II: Reading and Vocabulary00000
CSIS 221Introduction to Computer Architecture00000
GDES 255Web Design II00000
ART 255Silk Screen Printing II00000
HIST 134Modern Western Civilization00000
BUSN 130Entrepreneurship00000
ECED 149Observation and Assessment00000
BIOL 110Human Anatomy00000
EDUC 270Educational Psychology00000
CHEM 107Preparatory General Chemistry00000
ENGL 215Technical Writing00000
EMS 214Paramedic Laboratory II00000
CODE 221Coding Professional Practicum00000
ENGR 223Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer00000
BSAD 101Accounting Principles I00000
ESL 13ESL Reading and Vocabulary I00000
CRJU 168Juvenile Deliquency00000
ESL 31ESL Grammar III00000
ART 230Sculpture I00000
ESL 46Advanced I: Speaking and Listening00000
CSIS 143Database Design and Management00000
ETEC 210Introduction to Commercial Architecture00000
BSAD 205Marketing00000
GDES 115Introduction to Graphic Arts00000
CSIS 265.NET Web Programming with C#00000
GEOL 101Physical Geology00000
ART 110Drawing I00000
HIM 218Ambulatory Care Coding - CPT00000
DENA 100Introduction to Dental Assisting00000
HLSC 100Introduction to Health Professions00000
BIOL 104General Botany00000
ECED 121Issues, Advocacy and Trends00000
BUSN 190Personal Finance00000
ECED 220Child Care Management00000
ART 112Drawing III00000
EDUC 200Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society00000
BUSN 261Management Internship II00000
EHSS 112Introduction to Health and Safety for Construction00000
BIOL 132Human Nutrition00000
EMS 192Pharmacology00000
CHEM 198ASpecial Topics00000
ENGL 101RComposition and Reading I-Review00000
EMS 230Special Patient Populations00000
CODE 107Medical Billing00000
ENGL 223American Literature 1860-Present00000
BLDM 119Carpentry: Sheetrock, Siding and Finishes00000
ENGR 180Engineering Design with Calculus I00000
COMM 102Fundamentals of Human Communication00000
ESL 2Novice I: Speaking and Listening00000
ART 171Ceramics II00000
ESL 9Novice 1: Composition00000
CRJU 162Correctional Psychology00000
ESL 18Novice II: Grammar00000
BSAD 109Principles of Supervision00000
ESL 27Intermediate I: Reading and Vocabulary00000
CRJU 203Criminal Investigation I00000
ESL 34English Pronunciation00000
ART 100Art Fundamentals I00000
ESL 40ESL Composition IV00000
CSIS 115Computer Concepts and Applications00000
ESL 48Advanced I: Grammar00000
BSAD 202Intermediate Accounting I00000
ETEC 152Engineering Graphics and CADD I00000
CSIS 212Scaling Networks CCNA 300000
ETEC 268Introduction to Structural Steel Design00000
ART 233Sculpture IV00000
FREN 101Elementary French I00000
CSIS 230Windows Server and Active Directory Fundamentals00000
GDES 220Graphic Design File Preparation00000
BSAD 212Transportation Operations and Management00000
GDES 290Graphic Design Internship00000
CSIS 281Cyber Analytics00000
HIM 100Medical Terminology00000
ACCT 155Accounting Using Spreadsheets00000
HIM 130Health Data Systems00000
CSMG 299Construction Project Management00000
HIST 120United States History to 186500000
BSAD 290Business Capstone00000
DENA 125Clinical Experience I00000
ACCT 103Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH 110Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 150History of Art I00000
BIOL 208Microbiology00000
CIMM 236Capstone - CNC Milling00000
EMS 284Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)00000