MCC Downtown Course Reviews

Monroe Community College, Downtown

TRS 094Pre Algebra (Non-Credit)*00000
CRJ 209(Hybrid) Crime Scene Management00000
HUM 210Disability Across the Lifespan for the Human Services Worker00000
PSY 101Introduction to Psychological Science00000
MTH 155Mathematics For Elementary Teachers I WR00000
HEG 211Black Women's Mental Health and Wellness00000
BIO 117Basic Consumer Nutrition00000
ELT 130System Electricity00000
MET 110Hydraulics and Pneumatics00000
ENG 105Introduction to Literature-WR00000
PLS 272Real Estate Law00000
OFT 268Medical Office Procedures00000
HED 101Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Care00000
SCI 131Integrated Science for Future Teachers I-The Physical World00000
EDU 150Performance and Presentation Skills for Educators00000
ACD 140Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency and the Human Services Worker00000
HSM 103Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Terrorism and Ho...00000
COS 133College Orientation and Success Strategies00000
CRJ 170Introduction to Corrections00000
ECE 251Family and Culture00000
ELT 234Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers00000
MTH 099Elementary Algebra Lab FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*00000
CRJ 207Criminal Evidence00000
OFT 112Advanced Word I00000
ENG 215Children's Literature-WR00000
PLS 267Litigation and the Federal and NYS Procedure Laws00000
PHL 250Professional Ethics-WR00000
GEG 101Physical Geography I-GR00000
PLS 276Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility00000
ECE 250Infant and Toddler Development00000
PSY 212Developmental Psychology Lifespan00000
HED 118(Hybrid) Introduction to Safety and Emergency Care00000
SOC 201Sociology of Race and Ethnicity-WR00000
CRJ 101Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
TRS 105Academic Writing (Non-Credit)*-Fast Track00000
HIS 104African-American History II: since 1865-WR00000
AFS 100Introduction to African-American Studies WR00000
EDU 208Guid Obser in Education-SV-WR00000
CDL 100Career Development and Life Planning00000
HUM 112Field Work in Human Services II-SV00000
CRJ 171Legal Aspects of Corrections00000
BIO 132Laboratory to Accompany Human Biology00000
ECE 150Exploring Early Care and Education00000
HUM 235Supporting and Communicating with People with Significant Di...00000
EDU 100Introduction to the Teaching Profession00000
CRJ 201Criminal Investigations00000
MTH 096Algebra for Statistics FLEXIBLE PACE (Non-Credit)*00000
ENG 101College Composition-WR00000
MTH 130Modern Business Mathematics00000
BUS 104Introduction to Business00000
MTH 160Statistics I00000
ENG 118Perpetrators, Victims and Bystanders: Literature of Genocide...00000
OFT 173Microsoft Multimedia Communications00000
CRJ 211Community Values and the Administration of Justice00000
PEC 253Stress Management00000
ESL 120English for Speakers of Other Languages Intermediate II: Int...00000
PLS 266Legal Research and Writing00000
PLS 260Introduction to Paralegal Studies00000
ESL 201English for Speakers of Other Languages-Advance II: Reading/...00000
PLS 269Domestic Relations and Family Law00000
ECE 151Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Young Children00000
PLS 274Estate Planning, Estates and Trust Administration00000
GEO 105Astronomy00000
POS 102American National Government-WR00000
COS 101College Orientation00000
PSY 202Developmental Psychology Adolescence00000
HED 115Death and Dying00000
REA 100Reading and Thinking in English00000
ECO 103Personal Money Management00000
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology-WR00000
HED 207Emotional Wellness00000
SPC 144Communication and Crisis-WR00000
BIO 116Introduction to Environmental Science-GR00000
TRS 099College Composition Support-with ENG10100000
HIS 102Introduction to African-American Studies-WR00000
URS 100Introduction to Urban Studies-WR00000
EDU 200Foundations of Education-WR00000
ACD 241Alcoh/Chem Depen Treat Modal00000
HIS 111United States History I to 1865 WR00000
ASL 101American Sign Language I00000
CRJ 103Constitutional Law and Rights of People-WR00000
BIO 133Human Biology00000
HUM 102Basic Helping Skills00000
CHE 110Chemistry in the Kitchen00000
EDU 230Introduction to Special Education00000
CRJ 104Criminal Law00000
HUM 201Models of Helping00000
CRJ 204Juvenile Justice00000
ACD 246Alcohol/Chemical Dependency Internship Seminar-SV00000
CRJ 217Community Based Corrections00000
HUM 220Working with Clients Post-Incarceration00000
ECE 200Developing Early Literacy00000
ELT 231System Control Electronics00000
HUM 236Contemporary Issues in the Field of Disability Support Servi...00000
ACD 144Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse Group Counsel...00000
ANT 102Cultural Anthropology-WR00000
CHE 100Preparatory Chemistry00000
ECE 130Field Work Child Care Practitioner I00000
ESL 140English for Speakers of Other Languages- Advanced I: Reading...00000
PLS 264Administrative Law00000