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MCC Brighton Course Reviews

Monroe Community College, Brighton

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COM 204(Hybrid) Audio Production00000
CSC 101Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming00000
CHE 100Preparatory Chemistry00000
CLT 251Clinical Rotation I Microbiology and Urinalysis00000
CIN 222Topics in Cinema and Screen Studies00000
BIO 209General Microbiology00000
CPT 212Wireless and Remote Sensor Technology00000
ART 231Art Seminar/Portfolio Development00000
CHI 101Elementary Chinese I00000
ATP 172General (A-TAP) Automotive Co-op II00000
CLT 202Serological Techniques00000
CIS 211Applied Database Concepts00000
BIO 144Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
COM 115Computer Generated Images00000
ART 115Introduction to Illustration-SV00000
COS 101College Orientation00000
BUS 201Business Law I00000
CRC 116Introduction to Microsoft Access00000
ACD 140Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency and the Human Services Worker00000
CSC 214Electronic Vision and Image Processing00000
ASL 201American Deaf Culture and Comm00000
CIN 120Introduction to Cinema00000
ANT 101General Anthropology-WR00000
CIS 124A+ Guide to Computer Software: Technical Support00000
BIO 118Practical Botany-GR00000
CLT 130Body Fluids and Urinalysis00000
CIT 123Construction II: Heavy, Highway and Site Construction00000
BIO 134Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CLT 210(Hybrid) Clinical Chemistry00000
ART 104Drawing I: Foundation00000
CLT 260Medical Laboratory Technology Seminar00000
BIO 155General Biology I-WR00000
COM 142Broadcast Performance00000
ACC 202Payroll Accounting00000
COM 264Video Production II00000
BUS 104Introduction to Business00000
CPT 115Introduction to Networks00000
ART 130Sculpture I00000
CPT 217LAN Switching00000
BUS 250International Management and Marketing-WR00000
CRC 171Microsoft Access 2013 Records Management00000
AAD 220Professional Practices00000
CSC 202Programming Embedded Microcontrollers in C and Assembly00000
CHE 151General College Chemistry I00000
CSC 215Introduction to Linux00000
AGS 110Introduction to Greenhouse Management00000
CHI 102Elementary Chinese II00000
ASL 204American Sign Language IV00000
CIN 122Cinema Drama00000
AAD 260Applied Imaging, Raster Graphics00000
CIS 110A+ PC Repair and Operating Systems00000
BIO 116Introduction to Environmental Science-GR00000
CIS 201Introduction to Web Site Programming and Design-SV-WR00000
ANT 105Forensic Anthropology00000
CIT 112CAD for Construction00000
BIO 123Nutrition for Sport & Exercise00000
CLT 100Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology00000
CIT 206(Hybrid) Soil and Concrete Testing00000
BIO 133Human Biology00000
CLT 145Serological Techniques00000
ARA 102Elementary Arabic II00000
CLT 204Clinical Microbiology I00000
BIO 135Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CLT 220Immunohematology00000
ACC 130Introductory Accounting and Financial Analysis00000
CLT 255Clinical Rotation III Chemistry, Immunology and Phlebotomy00000
BIO 145Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
COM 101Introduction to Mass Media00000
ART 109Two-Dimensional Design: Foundation00000
COM 130Media Writing-WR00000
BIO 156General Biology II-GR-WR00000
COM 202(Hybrid) Techniques of Television I00000
AAD 167Web Design: Graphics00000
COM 212Techniques of Television II00000
BIO 260General Ecology-GR00000
COM 270Media and Society00000
ART 119Perspectives of Art History II: Modern00000
CPT 101Introduction to Computing00000
BUS 135Supervision for the 21st Century00000
CPT 210Operating Systems and Peripherals00000
ACC 210Intermediate Accounting I00000
CPT 216Advanced Networking Concepts00000
BUS 208Organizational Behavior00000
CRC 101Practical Computer Literacy00000
ART 204Drawing II00000
CRC 125Microsoft Office00000
CDL 110Career and Life Planning for Undeclared Students00000
CRJ 103Constitutional Law and Rights of People00000
AAD 107A History of Graphic Design00000
CSC 103Introduction to Data Structures00000
CHE 124General, Organic, and Biochemistry00000
CSC 206Digital Computer Organization00000
ASL 102American Sign Language II00000
CHE 251Organic Chemistry I-WR-UR00000
AAD 104Introduction to Graphic Design, 2D00000
AAD 112Graphic Design I00000
ACC 102Accounting Principles II00000
ANT 202Anthropology of Religion-WR00000
BIO 132Laboratory to Accompany Human Biology00000
CIT 221Cost Estimating00000