MCC B&T Course Reviews

Metropolitan Community College, Business Technology

ETEC 295Capstone Project in Engineering00000
WELD 141Shielded Metal Arc Welding I (SMAW) Lab00000
WELD 230Layout & Fabrication Lecture00000
ETEC 118AC Circuit Analysis00000
CIMM 110Manual Lathe Operation00000
INTE 276Electrical and PLC Troubleshooting00000
INTE 260Industrial Pipefitting and Plumbing Fundamentals00000
ETEC 170Microstation00000
BSAD 210Logistics Management00000
ETEC 269Computer Aided Design II00000
CSMG 255Project Cost Estimating00000
CIMM 233Capstone - Chucking00000
INTE 150Fluid Power Fundamentals of Hydraulics and Pneumatics00000
ETEC 258Introduction to Machine Design00000
EHSS 111Introduction to Health and Safety for General Industry00000
INTE 115Electrical Print Reading00000
MATH 110Intermediate Algebra00000
LINE 251Installation and Troubleshooting Underground Distribution Sy...00000
CIMM 238Capstone - Drill Press00000
WELD 290Management Skills for the Trades00000
ETEC 240Design Project00000
CIMM 102Basic Lathe Operation00000
CSIS 115Computer Concepts and Applications00000
CIMM 151Mill Internship & Co-Op00000
ETEC 290Internship in Engineering Technology00000
CSIS 232Virtualization and Cloud Computing Concepts00000
COLL 100First-Year Seminar00000
INTE 107Industrial Electrical Safety00000
EHSS 200Safety and Health Regulations and Standards00000
CSMG 235Leed Ga00000
ETEC 210Introduction to Commercial Architecture00000
INTE 240Advanced Industrial Machine Repair00000
ETEC 270Inventor00000
CIMM 231Capstone - Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout00000
HVAC 230Sheet Metal Layout and Fabrication00000
LINE 241Conductor Installation and Metering00000
INTE 175Electric Motor Controls I00000
ENGL 215Technical Writing00000
INTE 281Industrial Robotics00000
WELD 130Print Reading & Weld Symbols00000
SPAN 100Beginning Occupational Spanish00000
CIMM 105Introduction to Blueprint Reading00000
WELD 241Shielded Metal Arc Welding II (SMAW) Lab00000
WELD 261Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II (GTAW) Lab00000
BLDM 124Wiring Methods: Residential and Light Commercial00000
CSIS 100Digital Literacy00000
BSAD 221Business Communications00000
ETEC 265Introduction to Civil Design00000
CIMM 104Metrology00000
CIMM 115Manual Mill00000
CIMM 140EDM-Sinker00000
ETEC 271Solidworks00000
CIMM 201Metallurgy00000
CSIS 161Networking Fundamentals00000
CIMM 237Capstone - CNC Turning00000
HVAC 109Electricity for HVAC/R Technicians00000
CSIS 213Connecting Networks CCNA 400000
CSIS 112Introduction to Networks CCNA 100000
HVAC 235Systems Installation00000
CSMG 140Beginning Print Reading00000
CSIS 290Field Competencies and Employment Strategies00000
EHSS 100Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety00000
INTE 124Employment Strategies for Technical Careers00000
EHSS 275Analytical Applications for EHS00000
CIMM 155Grinding Operations00000
ETEC 169Cadd I00000
INTE 224Energy Management, Efficiency, and Conservation00000
ETEC 213REVIT MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing)00000
CSMG 295Building Codes and Code Administration00000
ETEC 268Introduction to Structural Steel Design00000
INTE 271Programmable Logic Controller I00000
ETEC 272Advanced Inventor00000
CIMM 103Basic Mill Operation00000
HVAC 135Residential Heating A/C I00000
INTE 299BAdvanced Special Problems, Projects, and Capstones00000
INTE 102Communication for Industry00000
EHSS 205Principles of Industrial Hygiene00000
INTE 142National Electric Code (NEC)00000
MATH 31Pre-College Mathematics00000
INTE 225Industrial Electrical Print Reading00000
CIMM 235Capstone - Surface Grinding00000
INTE 273Variable Speed Motors and Drives00000
WELD 100Introduction to Welding/Cutting Processes00000
LINE 215Setting and Replacing Poles00000
ETEC 153Descriptive Geometry00000
MATH 104Technical Mathematics II00000
WELD 151Gas Metal Arc Welding I (GMAW) Lab00000
WELD 120Thermal Cutting Processes Lecture00000
BSAD 211Operations Management00000
WELD 161Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I (GTAW) Lab00000
WELD 250Gas Metal Arc Welding II (GMAW) Lecture00000
WELD 260Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II (GTAW) Lecture00000
ETEC 211Revit00000
BLDM 110Electrical Safety and Principles00000
BLDM 119Carpentry: Sheetrock, Siding and Finishes00000
CIMM 100Introduction to Machining and Manufacturing00000
CIMM 141EDM Technologies00000
CSIS 218Maintaining and Troubleshooting IP Networks: CCNP 300000
HVAC 136Residential Heating and Cooling II00000
CSIS 152Linux Operating System00000