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MaSU Course Reviews

Mayville State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 352British Literature II00000
HPER 222Nutrition00000
EC 313Language & Literacy in ECE00000
EDUC 555Child and Adolescent Development00000
EDUC 105Principles of Education and Training00000
CHEM 360Elements Of Biochemistry00000
HIST 319Colonial and Revolutionary America00000
BUSN 205Principles of Marketing00000
EC 376Field Experience in ECE00000
BUSN 334Business Communication00000
EDUC 483Secondary Methods for Mathematics00000
EDUC 319Language Arts in the Elementary School00000
BUSN 497SInternship00000
ENGL 236Women's Literature00000
BIOL 312Vertebrate Zoology00000
GEOG 274Introduction to Geospatial Techniques00000
COMM 280Understanding Film & Television00000
HPER 111SCheer Team00000
ASTR 150LMeteorology Lab00000
HPER 332Comprehensive Health Education For K-1200000
BUSN 311Real Estate Appraisal00000
EC 495Service Learning in ECE00000
BIOL 111LConcepts Of Biology Lab00000
EDUC 301Strategies In The Elementary School00000
BUSN 351Human Resource Management00000
EDUC 426Reading In The Content Area00000
EDUC 380Teaching English Language Learners00000
BUSN 443Ethical Decision Making00000
EDUC 502Introduction to Blended Learning00000
BIOL 236LSurvey of Botany Lab00000
EDUC 2000Professional Development/Continuing Education00000
CHEM 330Quantitative Analysis I00000
ENGL 317Children's Literature and Media00000
ASC 91Algebra Preparation I00000
ENGL 460British Novel00000
CIS 175Information Literacy00000
HIST 101Western Civilization I00000
BIOL 341LCell and Molecular Biology Lab00000
HIST 470Topics in Non-Western History00000
COMM 414Media Law and Ethics00000
HPER 160Team Sports00000
ACCT 497SInternship00000
HPER 304Sport Promotion and Sales00000
EC 338Home, School, Community Relations00000
HPER 360Sport and Exercise Psychology00000
BADM 302Principles Of Management00000
EC 398ABA Internship00000
BUSN 325Management Theory & Research00000
ECON 202Principles Of Macroeconomics00000
AGEC 251Agribusiness Seminar00000
EDUC 276Praxis Core Academic Skills Test Prep00000
BUSN 340Project Management00000
EDUC 317Children's Literature00000
BIOL 150LGeneral Biology I Lab00000
EDUC 326Science Strategies for Elementary Teachers00000
BUSN 357Professional Selling00000
EDUC 401SPre-Student Teaching Seminars00000
EDUC 390Special Needs in an Inclusive Environment00000
BUSN 425Research and Reading in the Business Content Area00000
EDUC 480LGeneral Methods Field Experience00000
BIOL 221Anatomy & Physiology II00000
EDUC 495Service Learning00000
BUSN 455Business Policies00000
EDUC 505Field Study00000
ASC 86Preparatory English00000
EDUC 592Theories of Learning and Management00000
CHEM 121LGeneral Chemistry I Lab00000
ENGL 120College Composition II00000
BIOL 302LSurvey Of Microbiology Lab00000
ENGL 262American Literature II00000
CHEM 341LOrganic Chemistry I Lab00000
ENGL 346Global Literatures of the Ancient World00000
ACCT 401Business Income Taxation00000
ENGL 408Advanced Composition00000
CHEM 466LSurvey of Physical Chemistry Lab00000
GEOG 115LIntroductory Geology Lab00000
BIOL 315LGenetics Lab00000
GEOG 433Geography Of Europe00000
COMM 110Fundamentals Of Public Speaking00000
HIST 104U.S. Since 187700000
ASC 93Algebra Preparation III00000
HIST 417Modern Russian Political History00000
COMM 314Argumentation and Debate00000
HPER 102SVarsity Football00000
BIOL 476SComprehensive Review and Examination00000
HPER 131Fall Outdoor Pursuits00000
EC 210Introduction to ECE00000
HPER 209Rhythms and Tumbling00000
ACCT 306Cost Accounting II00000
HPER 265Water Safety Instructor00000
EC 333Pre-K Methods/Materials00000
HPER 315Movement Education in Early Childhood00000
BUSN 305Foundations of Entrepreneurship00000
EC 342Routines and Guidance in Infant & Toddler Programs00000
ACCT 300Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 321Managerial Accounting00000
AH 280Introduction to Allied Health Professions00000
BIOL 151LGeneral Biology II Lab00000
BUSN 402Advertising & Promotion Management00000
EDUC 400Student Teaching00000