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Marshall Course Reviews

Marshall University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CFS 650Adv Cyber Defense00000
CLS 285Independent Study00000
ART 425History of Photography00000
CFS 305Open Source Intelligence00000
ART 485Independent Study00000
ART 319Wood Fundamentals: Furniture00000
CHM 401Research for Undergrad00000
ANT 371Linguistic Anthropology00000
ART 458Adv Problems In Painting00000
ANT 466Culture and Environment00000
CE 534Geometric Highway Design00000
ATE 600Aspects Of Train And Dev00000
ART 303Surface Design00000
CFS 467Mobile Device Forensics00000
AM 499Senior Capstone Project00000
CHM 254Basic Concepts Org Chem00000
ART 355Painting III00000
CISP 602Education Gifted Children00000
ACE 421Teach Special Students in CTE00000
CLS 485Independent Study00000
ANT 441Oceania00000
ART 476Adv Std Seq: Sculpture00000
ACE 524Safety in Career Technical Ed00000
ART 499Senior Capstone Exhibition BA00000
ANT 540African Cultures00000
CE 434Water/Wastewater Trtmt Dsgn00000
ATE 656Instr Plan For Adults00000
ART 215Foundations: Form/Space00000
CE 636Transportation Planning00000
ACE 681Thesis00000
CFS 448Multimedia Forensics00000
ART 312Typography00000
CFS 561Applied Cyber Warfare00000
ACE 304Safety in CTE00000
CHM 111Foundations of Chemistry00000
ART 335Art Ed 2D-3D00000
CHM 356Organic Chemistry II00000
ANT 324Archaeological Analysis00000
CHM 480SpTp: Biological Mass Spectrom00000
ART 406Figure Drawing00000
CLS 210Clinical Immunohematology00000
ACC 617Advanced Controllership00000
CLS 460Clinical Lab Mgt and Educ00000
ART 447Combined Ceramic Process00000
CMM 205The Rhetorical World (CT)00000
ACE 424Occup Update Instructor Dev00000
ART 465Lithography00000
ANT 460Crime and Custom00000
ART 481SpTp: Contemporary Art History00000
ACC 632Auditing AIS00000
ART 490Apprenticeship00000
ANT 480SpTp: The Wars Within00000
ATE 503Intro To Adult Lrn Theory00000
ACE 603Intro to Adult Ed & Learners00000
ATE 628Adult Inst Envir & Pers Aspect00000
ANT 566Culture and Environment00000
CE 425Foundation Engineering00000
CD 675LProf Considerations00000
ART 113Art Education: Elementary00000
CE 452Senior Seminar of Civil Engr00000
ACE 661Practicum ACE00000
CE 616Prestressed Concrete Design00000
ART 281Sptp: Design Internship00000
CE 650SpTp: Adv. Trans. Sys. Design00000
ACE 301Occupational Analysis00000
CFS 420Incident Response00000
ART 307Sculpture00000
CFS 460Applied Cyber Forensics00000
AM 299Sophomore Review00000
CFS 500Intro to Digital Forensics00000
ART 315Intro to Photography00000
CFS 581SpTp: Network Defense00000
ACC 490Internship00000
CFS 675Reserach in CFS00000
ART 332Carved Sculpture00000
CHM 211Principles of Chemistry I00000
ANT 301Social Statistics00000
CHM 328Intro Organic Chem Laboratory00000
ART 351Advanced Watercolor00000
CHM 361HIntro Honors Organic Chem Lab00000
ACE 307Computer Applications in CTE00000
CHM 432Chemistry Seminar00000
ART 390Professional Practice00000
CHM 490Internship00000
ANT 325World Prehistory00000
CL 477RTTP: Greece and Rome00000
ART 419Textile Construction00000
CLS 270Clin Practicum Hematology00000
ACC 198Accounting Professionalism00000
CLS 410Adv Clin Immunohematology00000
ART 443Mm/Assemblage Sculpture00000
CLS 472Adv CLS Clinical Practicum I00000
ANT 412Appalachian Field Exp I00000
ART 453Motion Design I00000
ACB 677Special Topics00000
ACC 480SpTp: Contemp ACC & Audit Issu00000
ACC 660Independent Study00000
ACE 631Survey Prac Computer Appl00000
ANT 685Independent Study00000
CE 351Environmental Engineering00000