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Manhattan College Course Reviews

Manhattan College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDUG 815Curriculum, Assessment and Methods of Teaching English as a...00000
EDUG 901STEAM: Methods for Teaching, Sci, Tech, Engineering, Art & M...00000
EDUC 205Theory and Practice00000
EDUG 775Mathematics Instruction for At Risk, English Language Learne...00000
EDUC 418Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching in Elementary Scho...00000
ECEG 767Big Data, and Deep Learning00000
EDUG 851Data Analysis and Report Writing in Educational & Psychologi...00000
COMM 431Advanced Sports Media Production I00000
EDUC 360Language and Literacy00000
DAAS 211Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
EDUG 738Evaluating School Effectiveness00000
EDUC 456Sem: Observation & Practice Tchg. Adol/Sp.Ed.Grades 10-1200000
ECEG 736Power & Energy Systems00000
EDUG 802Foundations, Theory and Practice of Bilingual General and Sp...00000
COMM 315Media Planning and Buying00000
EDUG 826Improvement of Instruction for Teachers of At Risk, English...00000
ECON 305Money and Banking00000
EDUG 877Instructional Design, Technology and Information Processing00000
COMG 621Managing Civil Infrastructure System00000
EDUG 988Independent Study00000
COOP 404Assimilating the Internship Experience (ELTV)00000
EDUC 400Spl Tpc: Research in English Education00000
COMM 103Quadrangle 200000
EDUC 446Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching in Special Educati...00000
DAAS 412Leadership Lab 400 II00000
EDUG 727Organization and Administration of the Guidance Program00000
EDUG 708Physical and Psychopharmacological Aspects of Alcohol and Su...00000
ECEG 717Mobile Applications and Cybersecurity00000
EDUG 753Teaching Reading in Content Areas for At Risk, English Lang...00000
COMM 301Media Theory & Research00000
EDUG 785Life Science for At Risk, English Language Learner (ELL) and...00000
ECEG 749Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles00000
EDUG 808Integrated Learning II:Social Studies&Language Arts Ins for...00000
COMG 609Engineering Risk and Decision Analysis00000
EDUG 819Internship in MHC Counseling I00000
ECEG 796Spl Tpc:Design Green Buildings00000
EDUG 833Seminar & Internship in Secondary Special Education (5 Year...00000
COMM 371Intercultural Communication00000
EDUG 863Seminar/Internship in Teaching: General and Special Educatio...00000
ECON 433Econometrics00000
EDUG 891Foundations in Evaluation, Assessment, and Diagnosis00000
BIOL 116Principles of Biology II00000
EDUG 909Family Systems Therapy: Practicum in Techniques00000
EDUC 318Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Elementary Classroom00000
EECE 210Software Engineering I00000
COMG 630Research Methods in Construction00000
EDUC 377Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Social Studies Grades 7-1...00000
DAAS 111Heritage and Values II00000
EDUC 404Assessment & Remediation for the Secondary Student with Spec...00000
CMPT 214Teaching and Learning with Technology00000
EDUC 442Early Childhood Student Teachi00000
DAAS 311Leading People and Effective Communication II00000
EDUC 454Seminar, Observation and Student Teaching Grades 10-1200000
COMM 213Reporting and Newswriting00000
EDUG 706Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Evaluation, Treatment Planning...00000
DASH 421Virtual Reality, Social Justice and Storytelling00000
EDUG 725Practicum in Groups00000
EDUG 714Psychology of Career Counseling00000
ECEG 701Signals, Systems, and Transforms I00000
EDUG 733Approaches to Multicultural Education for the At Risk, (ELL)...00000
COMM 230Advertising and Communication Research00000
EDUG 747Supervision for the Improvement of Instruction00000
ECEG 727Computer Network Operations00000
EDUG 766Literacy Instruction for At Risk, English Language Learner (...00000
CMPT 468Tpc Computer Sci: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technologies00000
EDUG 780Psychopathology00000
ECEG 743Biomedical Imaging Systems00000
EDUG 789Methods of Teaching the At Risk, English Language Learner [E...00000
COMM 307Writing for Public Relations00000
EDUG 805Integrated Learning I:Social Studies & Language Arts Instruc...00000
ECEG 760Data and Applications Security00000
EDUG 812Integrated Curriculum II:Math,Sci & Tech for At Risk ELL and...00000
AHS 205US Health Care System00000
EDUG 818Internship: Bilingual Counseling00000
ECEG 770Intro to Space Systems00000
EDUG 821Internship in School Counseling I00000
COMM 330The Journalistic Tradition00000
EDUG 829Practicum in Teaching At Risk, (ELL) & the Disabled00000
ECON 204Macroeconomics00000
EDUG 848Using Technology in the Management and Assessment Process00000
COMG 615Project Controls00000
EDUG 856Supervised Fieldwork:General and Special Education00000
ECON 402Seminar in MacroEconomics and Financial Markets00000
EDUG 871Quantitative Process Control in Education + Field Experience00000
COMM 409Senior Seminar00000
EDUG 888Independent Study in Research00000
ECON 470Economics Tutorial/Independent Study00000
EDUG 894Internship MHC Counseling II00000
ACCT 401Auditing00000
EDUG 906Family Assessment00000
EDUC 300Fieldwork00000
EDUG 912MBK Seminar, Observation, and Mentored Internship in Special...00000
COMM 470Spl Tpc: Communication and the Future00000
EDUC 355Assessment of Learning and Behavior Grades 1-600000
ACCT 302Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT 608Accounting Theory and Research00000
CMPT 456Software Engineering00000
COMM 218Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications00000
ECEG 520Computer Architecture I00000
EDUG 722Techniques in Counseling the Individual00000