Manhattan College Course Reviews

Manhattan College

CHMG 749Natural Gas Processing I00000
CHML 464Fundamentals of Engineering for Chemical Engineers00000
BIOL 407Neurobiology Lab00000
CHIN 301Advanced Mandarin Chinese I00000
BUAN 327Advanced Business Statistics00000
BIOL 306Physiology of Exercise00000
CHML 316Computer Simulation and Design00000
BIOL 113General Biology I Laboratory00000
BIOL 441Cardiovascular Biology00000
BIOL 122General Biology II Honors00000
CHEM 437Computers, Structure and Bonding00000
CHEM 100Foundations of Chemistry00000
BIOL 223Ecology00000
CHMG 735Independent Project Or Thesis00000
ART 375Internship00000
CHMG 763Industrial Regulations&Quality00000
BIOL 320Animal Physiology00000
CHML 428Petroleum Refinery Processing I00000
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
CIS 431Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Information Systems00000
BIOL 117Principles of Biology Laboratory I00000
BUAN 205Introduction to Programming for Business Applications00000
ART 090Abroad: Spanish Art History, Rome00000
BUSN 304Professional Development00000
BIOL 126General Biology I Laboratory00000
CHEM 415Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 302Analytical Chemistry00000
BIOL 218Genetics Lab00000
CHEM 461Chemical Research00000
ART 321Medieval Art00000
CHMG 707Process Thermodynamics00000
BIOL 231Evolution00000
CHMG 741Seminar in Selected Chemical Engineering Topics00000
AHS 420Ethics in Health Care00000
CHMG 756Oxidative Conversion of Shale Gas Components00000
BIOL 311Research in Biology for Juniors00000
CHML 205Introductory Thermodynamics00000
ART 412Independent Study00000
CHML 403Chemical Engineering Laboratory I00000
BIOL 327Animal Behavior Lab00000
CHML 458Formulations I00000
ACCT 608Accounting Theory and Research00000
CIS 205Introduction to Programming for Business Applications00000
BIOL 413Research in Biology for Seniors00000
CIVG 505Wood Structures00000
ARAB 301Advanced Arabic I00000
BIOL 445Therapeutic, Prescriptions, Exercises, and Modalities00000
BIOL 120General Biology II Laboratory00000
BUAN 305Business Analytics Spreadsheet Modeling00000
ACCT 611Tax Research00000
BUAN 427Artificial lntelligence and Machine Learning00000
BIOL 124General Biology II Lab Honors00000
CEEN 305Energy & the Environment00000
ART 151Roots:Art -FYS00000
CHEM 103General Chemistry Laboratory I00000
BIOL 134Principles of Biology Lab II00000
CHEM 335Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 311Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
BIOL 210Anatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
CHEM 434Biochemistry of Cellular Processes00000
ART 260Monasticism and the Arts00000
CHEM 457Nucleic Acid Biochemistry00000
BIOL 221Introductory Nutrition00000
CHIN 201IntermediateMandarinChineseI00000
AHS 403Introduction to Addiction, Alcohol & Other Substances of Abu...00000
CHIN 321Mandarin Chinese Across the Curriculum00000
BIOL 225Microbiology00000
CHMG 713Chemical Reactor Design00000
ART 32319th Century Art: 1750-189000000
CHMG 737Emulsion and Polymer Technologies00000
BIOL 301Comparative Chordate Anatomy00000
CHMG 747Pollution Prevention00000
ACCT 409Federal Income Taxation I00000
CHMG 751Industrial Regulations and Quality 8838 CHMG 751 6100000
BIOL 309Anatomical Kinesiology00000
CHMG 759Formulations II00000
ART 390Digital Audio Recording and Editing00000
CHMG 772Bioreaction Engineering00000
BIOL 315Anatomical Kinesiology- Lab00000
CHML 209Chemical Thermodynamics00000
ARAB 101Arabic for Beginners I00000
CHML 339Separation Process Design II00000
BIOL 323Cellular Biochemistry/Physiology Laboratory00000
CHML 406Process and Plant Design II00000
BIOL 111General Biology I00000
CHML 437Petroleum Refinery Processing II00000
BIOL 404Biology Colloquium I00000
CHML 461Industrial Practice in Pharmaceutical Industry00000
ACCT 303Cost Accounting00000
CHML 472Bioreaction Engineering00000
BIOL 410Research in Biology for Seniors00000
CIS 317Principles Data Visualization00000
BIOL 115Principles of Biology I00000
BIOL 426Immunology00000
ACCT 202Principles of Accounting II00000
ACCT 375Assimilating the Internship Experience in Accounting00000
AHS 205US Health Care System00000
ART 214Introduction to Graphic Design00000
BIOL 208Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CHEM 323Organic Chemistry Laboratory I00000