Macalester Course Reviews

Macalester College

PHYS 226Principles Of Physics I45351
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry I00000
EDUC 220Educational Psychology00000
ENVI 140The Earth's Climate System00000
ECON 229World Economic History00000
BIOL 285Ecology00000
ENGL 230Nineteenth-Century British Literature00000
ART 171Art Of The East II: Japan00000
ART 294Art And Architecture Of Ancient Greece And Rome00000
CHIN 102First Year Chinese II00000
CLAS 111Elementary Latin I00000
COMP 365Computational Linear Algebra00000
ASIA 294Making Sacred: Religious Images And Spaces In Asia00000
ECON 405Industrial Organization00000
ANTH 363Anthropology Of Development00000
EDUC 460Education And Social Change00000
BIOL 361Invertebrate Animal Diversity00000
ENGL 294Beyond The Pale: Irish Caribbean Connections00000
AMST 384Langston Hughes: Global Writer00000
ENVI 258Geography Of Environmental Hazards00000
ART 235Sculpture I: Basic Sculpture With A Dose Of Hot Metal00000
CHIN 305Third Year Chinese I00000
ANTH 111Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 372Sculpture II: Metal Fabrication And Welding00000
CLAS 127Women, Gender And Sexuality In Ancient Greece And Rome00000
CLAS 223Introduction To Archaeology00000
COMP 221Algorithm Design And Analysis00000
ASIA 255China On Screen00000
COMP 484Introduction To Artificial Intelligence00000
ANTH 243Psychological Anthropology00000
ECON 353Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 117Women, Health And Reproduction00000
ECON 457Finance00000
AMST 330Mellon Seminar00000
EDUC 260Critical Issues In Urban Education00000
BIOL 354Chemical Biology00000
ENGL 137Novel: On Beauty00000
ART 130Drawing I00000
ENGL 280Crafts Of Writing: Poetry00000
BIOL 486Seminar In Neuropharmacology00000
ENGL 386From Literature To Film: Jane Austen And Adaptation00000
AMST 229Narrating Black Women's Resistance00000
ENVI 203Introduction To Urban Ecology00000
CHEM 351Biochemistry I00000
ENVI 280Environmental Classics00000
AMST 445Frontera: The U.S./Mexico Border00000
CHIN 204Second Year Chinese II00000
ART 252Gender, Sexualities, And Feminist Visual Culture00000
CHIN 408Fourth Year Chinese II00000
AMST 250Race, Place And Space00000
CLAS 113Elementary Arabic I00000
ART 370Drawing II: Mixed Media And Idea Development00000
CLAS 202Sanskrit And Religion In India00000
ANTH 206Endangered/Minority Languages00000
ART 394By Hand00000
CLAS 237Intermediate Hebrew I00000
CLAS 270Cultural Resource Management00000
COMP 112Introduction To Data Science00000
ASIA 171Art Of The East II: Japan00000
COMP 261Theory Of Computation00000
ANTH 240Human Osteology And Paleopathology00000
COMP 440Collective Intelligence00000
ASIA 274The Great Tradition In China Before 184000000
ECON 116Organizational Leadership00000
AMST 308Introduction To U.S. Latino/A Studies00000
ECON 256Intro To Investment Banking00000
ASIA 335Analyzing Japanese Language00000
ECON 371Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis00000
ANTH 253Comparative Muslim Cultures00000
ECON 431Public Finance And Public Policy00000
BIOL 260Genetics00000
ECON 622Internship00000
AMST 219In Motion: African Americans In The United States00000
EDUC 240Race, Culture, And Ethnicity In Education00000
BIOL 348Ornithology00000
EDUC 330Philosophy Of Education00000
ANTH 394Hope: Possible Futures In Impossible Times00000
ENGL 115Shakespeare00000
BIOL 357Immunology00000
ENGL 200Major Medieval And Renaissance British Writers00000
AMST 341City Life: Segregation, Integration, And Gentrification00000
ENGL 272Love And Madness In 19Th Century American Literature00000
BIOL 394Environment, Health And Society00000
ENGL 286Narrative Journalism00000
ART 160Art Of The West I00000
ENGL 367Postcolonial Theory00000
CHEM 111General Chemistry I: Structure And Equilibrium00000
ENGL 401Projects In Literary Research: Afrofuturism00000
AMST 194Gender/Race/Popular Us Culture00000
ENVI 160Dynamic Earth/Global Change00000
CHEM 311Thermodynamics And Kinetics00000
ENVI 232People, Agriculture And The Environment00000
ART 233Photography I00000
CLAS 338Intermediate Hebrew II00000
CHEM 394Research In Biochemistry00000
AMST 101Explorations Of Race And Racism00000
AMST 203Politics And Inequality: American Welfare State00000
AMST 270Black Public Intellectuals00000
ANTH 230Ethnographic Interviewing00000
ASIA 111Introduction To Asian Studies00000