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Macalester Course Reviews

Macalester College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHYS 226Principles Of Physics I45351
ANTH 111Cultural Anthropology43211
INTL 368Sustainable Development And Global Future00000
ENVI 343Imperial Nature: The United States And The Global Environmen...00000
MCST 110Texts And Power: Foundations Of Media And Cultural Studies00000
HIST 274The Great Tradition In China Before 184000000
ECON 632Preceptorship00000
LING 206Endangered/Minority Languages00000
CHEM 222Analytical Chemistry00000
GEOG 111Human Geography Of Global Issues00000
CLAS 122The Roman World00000
GEOG 364Gis And Community Partnerships00000
HISP 437Spanish 2Nd Lang Acquisition00000
ECON 233Health Economics00000
INTD 421Human Rights And Humanitarianism Colloquium00000
BIOL 344Aquatic Ecology00000
LATI 171Susurros Del Pasado: Whispers Toward The 21St Century00000
ENVI 140The Earth's Climate System00000
MATH 279Discrete Mathematics00000
ART 230Color00000
MUSI 73African Music Ensemble00000
CHIN 203Second Year Chinese I00000
GEOG 249Regional Geography Of Latin America00000
ART 294Art And Architecture Of Ancient Greece And Rome00000
GEOL 101Dinosaurs00000
CLAS 260Introduction To Ancient/Medieval Art00000
GEOL 303Surface/Groundwater Hydrology00000
HISP 307Introduction To The Analysis Of Hispanic Texts00000
COMP 380Bodies/Minds: Ai Robotics00000
HIST 209Civil Rights In The United States00000
ASIA 294Making Sacred: Religious Images And Spaces In Asia00000
HIST 350Race, Gender, And Medicine00000
ECON 405Industrial Organization00000
INTL 285Ethnicity And Nationalism In Central And Eastern Europe00000
ANTH 363Anthropology Of Development00000
JAPA 102First Year Japanese II00000
ENGL 367Postcolonial Theory00000
LATI 415Cultural Resistance/Survival: Indigenous And African Peoples...00000
BIOL 365Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
LING 437Spanish 2Nd Lang Acquisition00000
ENVI 258Geography Of Environmental Hazards00000
MATH 432Mathematical Modeling00000
AMST 330Mellon Seminar00000
MCST 334Cultural Studies And The Media00000
FREN 203French III00000
MUSI 78Asian Music Ensemble00000
ART 235Sculpture I: Basic Sculpture With A Dose Of Hot Metal00000
GEOG 241Urban Geography00000
CHIN 407Fourth Year Chinese I00000
GEOG 262Metro Analysis00000
AMST 384Langston Hughes: Global Writer00000
GEOG 394Adv Geospatial Analysis: A Case Study Of Dengue Fever Risk O...00000
CLAS 212Elementary Latin II00000
GEOL 250Mineralogy00000
ART 373Printmaking II00000
GERM 102Elementary German II00000
CLAS 399Intermediate Arabic I00000
GERM 277Metaphysics In Secular Thought00000
HISP 203Intermediate Spanish I00000
COMP 261Theory Of Computation00000
HISP 388Junior Seminar00000
ASIA 258Gender And Sexuality In China00000
HIST 122The Roman World00000
COMP 484Introduction To Artificial Intelligence00000
HIST 229Narrating Black Women's Resistance00000
ANTH 243Psychological Anthropology00000
HIST 315U.S. Imperialism From The Philippines To Viet Nam00000
ECON 356Capital Markets00000
HIST 394Decolonization00000
BIOL 117Women, Health And Reproduction00000
INTL 202Global Media Industries00000
ECON 444Honors Seminar00000
INTL 320Global Political Economy00000
AMST 263African-American Theatre00000
INTL 477Comparative Environment And Development Studies00000
EDUC 230Community Youth Development In Multicultural America00000
JAPA 305Third Year Japanese I00000
BIOL 355Virology00000
LATI 294Revolutionary Women In Latin America00000
ENGL 394Race And The Victorians00000
LING 100Introduction To Linguistics00000
ART 130Drawing I00000
LING 311Philosophy Of Language00000
ENVI 215Environmental Politics/Policy00000
MATH 137Applied Multivariable Calculus II00000
BIOL 489Biology Seminar00000
MATH 365Computational Linear Algebra00000
ENVI 294Modeling Earth Systems00000
MATH 455Mathematical Statistics00000
AMST 203Politics And Inequality: American Welfare State00000
MCST 279Value: The Bad, The Ugly, And The Cheap00000
ENVI 478Cities Of The 21St Century: The Political Economy Of Urban S...00000
MCST 488Adv Seminar:Capstone New Media00000
CHEM 361Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
GERM 308German Cultural History I00000
FREN 370Art Of Translation: Style, Grammar, And Translation00000
AMST 101Explorations Of Race And Racism00000
AMST 226American Indian History Since 187100000
ANTH 206Endangered/Minority Languages00000
ASIA 170Art Of The East I: China00000