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LU Course Reviews

Lamar University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 2311Precalculus I55451
CHEM 1112General Chemistry II Lab22331
CMGT 5330Construction cost Management00000
CHEN 6391Dissertation II00000
CNDV 5334Measurement & Assessment00000
CMGT 4350Legal Practice in Construction00000
CHEN 6357Process Simulation00000
CNDV 5310Counseling Skills00000
CHEN 5371Materials Science and Egr00000
CMGT 1310Intro Construction Management00000
CHEN 5379Appl Bioprocess & Fermentation00000
CMGT 2350Construction Surveying00000
CMGT 4310Construction Plan and Schedule00000
CHEN 6343Kinetics and Reactor Design00000
CMGT 4470Capstone Construction Project00000
CHEN 5301ST:Digital Twin Real Time Opti00000
CMGT 5380Sustain Built Environ &Society;00000
CHEN 6373Numerical Mtds for Engineers00000
CNDV 5322Professionalism Ethics & Law00000
CHEN 4320Mass Transfer00000
CNDV 5353Research & Program Evaluation00000
CHEN 5373Numerical Mtds for Engineers00000
CMGT 2310Heavy Construct Mats & Mthds00000
CHEN 4332Process Control II00000
CMGT 3231Structural Behavior II00000
CHEN 5391Thesis00000
CMGT 3340Ind. & Mech. Constr.00000
CMGT 4260Construct Cost Management00000
CHEN 6301ST: Advanced Data Analytics00000
CMGT 4325Construction Project Managemnt00000
CHEN 4410Reaction Kinetics00000
CMGT 4399ST: Construction Cost Est.00000
CHEN 6347Advanced Thermodynamics00000
CMGT 5315Advanced Construction Planning00000
CHEN 4150Process Control Laboratory00000
CMGT 5355Conflict and Negotiation Mgmt00000
CHEN 6371Materials Science & Engr00000
CNDV 5301Human Growth & Development00000
CHEN 5352Advanced Process Control00000
CNDV 5312Group Counseling Theories/Tech00000
CHEN 6380Research00000
CNDV 5324Substance Abuse Counseling00000
CHEN 3311Momentum Transfer00000
CNDV 5351Consultation00000
CHEN 6690Ph. D. Dissertation00000
CNDV 5380Seminar Counseling & Developmt00000
CHEN 4331Process Control I00000
CMGT 1320Light Construction Mats & Mtds00000
CHEN 5374Bio-Process Engineering00000
CMGT 2330Fundamental Statics00000
CHEN 3320Heat Transfer00000
CMGT 2420Constr. Graphics Comm00000
CHEN 5390Thesis00000
CMGT 3330Structural Behavior I00000
CHEN 4340Plant Design II00000
CMGT 3350Electrical Systems00000
CHEN 5392Intermolecular Forces w/Appl00000
CMGT 3360Structural Behavior II00000
CMGT 4199Special Topics in Const. Mgnt00000
CHEN 6110Professional Seminar00000
CMGT 4270Strategic Analysis and Eval00000
CHEN 4360Plant Design I00000
CMGT 4320Cost Estimating And Analysis00000
CHEN 6302Transport Phenomena00000
CMGT 4340Construct Soils & Earthwork00000
CHEN 3340Process Analysis00000
CMGT 4370Construction Safety Management00000
CHEN 6345Fundamentals of Sustainability00000
CMGT 4420Construct Cost EstimatAnalysis00000
CHEN 4420Mass Transfer00000
CMGT 5310Construction Plan & Schedule00000
CHEN 6348Adv Chem Engineering Math00000
CMGT 5320Construct Cost EstimatAnalysis00000
CHEN 2374Thermodynamics I00000
CMGT 5350Legal Practices in Construct00000
CHEN 6368Art Neural Networks/FZ Logic00000
CMGT 5370Construction Safety Management00000
CHEN 5302Transport Phenomena00000
CMGT 5385Sustainable Practices in CM00000
CHEN 6372Chemical Process Safety00000
CNDV 5302Found/Clinic Men Hth Counsel00000
CHEN 4310Unit Operations Laboratory I00000
CNDV 5311Indiv Counseling Theory/Techni00000
CHEN 6374Bio-Process Engineering00000
CNDV 5320Multicultural Counseling00000
CHEN 5358Advanced Process Simulation00000
CNDV 5323Career Development00000
CHEN 6390Dissertation00000
CNDV 5327Psychopath/Basic Psychopharmoc00000
CHEN 2100Computer Aided Modeling00000
CNDV 5350Abnormal Human Behavior00000
CHEN 6680Reserach00000
CNDV 5352Crisis Prevention Intervention00000
CHEN 5372Chemical Process Safety00000
CMGT 3450Electrical & Mechanical System00000
CHEN 6691Ph. D. Dissertation II00000
CHEN 1101Intro to Chemical Engineering00000
CHEN 2140Professional Seminar00000
CHEN 3330Thermodynamics II00000
CHEN 4350Advanced Analysis00000