LSC University Park Course Reviews

Lone Star College - University Park

PHYS 1401College Physics I42341
COSC 1309Logic Design00000
ESOL 0372ESOL Writing II00000
HISTH 1301Honors United States History I00000
ENGLC 6400010ABE ESOL Literacy00000
CETT 1409DC-AC Circuits00000
FITTC 2103702Personal Training00000
BMGTC 1101004Frontline Supervision00000
BMGTC 1102405Concepts of Total Quality Control for Mechatronics00000
DANCC 3200300Dance Appreciation00000
DFTGC 1109103Solid Works III00000
ENGL 0302Integrated Reading and Writing I00000
CALLC 3009000Health, Fitness and Nutrition00000
ENGR 2302Engineering Mechanics:Dynamics00000
BIOL 2401Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ESOLC 3000803ESOL Grammar III00000
CNSEC 1109103Heavy Equipment Operator-Backhoe00000
GOVT 2304Introduction to Political Science00000
ARAB 1411Beginning Arabic I00000
HONRH 2053Honors College National Model United Nations00000
BMGTC 1101900Communication Skills For Managers00000
DEVSC 3930005Ged® Online Prep00000
ARTS 1317Drawing II00000
BMGTC 2102701Management, Principles00000
DRAM 1322Stage Movement00000
DRAMC 3102201Stage Movement00000
ELPTC 1100306Programmable Logical Controllers00000
CALLC 3000000Global ALL Membership Fee00000
ENGL 2323Survey of British Literature: Romantic through the Present00000
BCIS 1305Business Computer Applications00000
ENGLH 1302Honors Composition & Rhetoric II00000
CALLC 3018000Safety00000
ENVR 1401Environmental Science I00000
ACNTC 2109112Payroll Accounting II00000
ESOL 0392ESOL Grammar II00000
CJLE 1249Intermediate Arrest, Search, and Seizure00000
ESOLC 3007101ESOL Writing I00000
BMGT 1301Supervision00000
GEOG 1303World Regional Geography00000
COMGC 2100073Communication For Workplace I00000
GRPHC 2109108Photoshop II for Web00000
ACNT 1371Financial Accounting Reporting Standards I00000
HONRH 1031Honors Research Methods00000
COSC 2336Programming Fundamentals III00000
HRPO 2301Human Resources Management00000
ARTS 1303Art History: Prehistory to Gothic00000
DATN 2376Analytical Tools and Methods00000
BMGTC 1102106Project Management Certification Training00000
DFTG 2319Intermediate Computer-Aided Dftg00000
ACNT 2304Intermediate Accounting II00000
DFTGC 2109120SolidWorks I00000
BMGTC 1109502Legal Issues For Supervisors00000
DRAM 1352Acting II00000
ARTSC 31311012-D Design00000
BUSG 1341Small Business Financing00000
DRAMC 3135201Acting II00000
ECON 2301Macro-economics00000
EECTC 1204302Troubleshooting Skills/Technical00000
BUSI 2372Business Analysis00000
ENERC 1103001Mechanical Skills, Basic00000
ARTSH 1303Honors Art History:Prehistory to Gothic00000
ENGL 1302Composition & Rhetoric II00000
CALLC 3006000Fun, Hobbies and Recreation00000
ENGL 2341Forms of Literature00000
ACNTC 2101511Payroll Accounting I00000
ENGLC 6400014ABE ESL IV High Intermediate00000
CALLC 3013000Movies, Music and Theatre00000
ENGR 1304Engineering Graphics I00000
BIOL 1407Biology II for Science Majors00000
ENGR 2333Elementary Chemical Engineering00000
CALLC 3021000Travel and Culture00000
ESOL 0361ESOL Reading & Vocabulary I00000
ACNT 1329Payroll and Business Tax Accounting00000
ESOL 0381ESOL Oral Communication I00000
CHEM 1411General Chemistry I00000
ESOL 0395ESOL Grammar for Writing V00000
BIOL 2421Microbiology for Science Majors00000
ESOLC 3006101ESOL Reading & Vocabulary I00000
CJLE 1333Traffic Law and Investigation00000
ESOLC 3008101ESOL Oral Communication I00000
ANTH 2302Introduction to Archeology00000
FREN 2311Intermediate French I00000
COMGC 1100200Introductory Presentation Techniques00000
GEOL 1405Environmental Geology00000
BMGT 1341Business Ethics00000
GOVT 2389Political Science Internship00000
COMM 1307Intro To Mass Communications00000
HIST 2321World Civilizations I00000
ABEAC 6400018AEL ABE Pre-Algebra00000
HITT 1305Medical Terminology I00000
COSC 1436Programming Fundamentals I00000
HONRH 2034Special Topics in Honors00000
BMGTC 1101007Leadership Skills for Experienced Supervisors00000
ECONH 2302Honors Micro-economics00000
CRIJ 1310Fundamentals Of Criminal Law00000
ABEAC 6400002ABE Math and Reading for Business Careers00000
ACCT 2401Principles Of Financial Accounting00000
ACNT 2331Internal Control and Auditing00000
ARTSC 3231701Painting II00000
BUSI 1301Business Principles00000