LSC NH Course Reviews

Lone Star College - North Harris

DRAM 1310Theatre Appreciation00000
ENGL 2311Technical & Business Writing00000
CNBT 2342Construction Management I00000
DEMR 2312Diesel Engine Testing and Repair II00000
COSC 1315Introduction to Computer Programming00000
CALLC 3005000Financial and Legal00000
EMSP 1356Patient Assessment and Airway Management00000
ATCPC 7000065TCP Internship I00000
COMGC 2100104Communication Skills for the ESOL Workforce Professional II00000
ATCPC 7200019TExES Review: Special Education00000
CVOPC 2101500Commercial Drivers License Exam Preparation00000
CSME 1254Artistry of Hair Design I00000
BMGXC 5000134PMP Certification Exam Preparation00000
DFTG 2307Electrical Drafting00000
ARTV 1303Basic Animation00000
ECRXC 7000002Electrocardiography Technician Proctor Fee00000
CHEM 1411General Chemistry I00000
EMSPC 2100103Emergency Medical Technician, Basic00000
ARTC 1302Digital Imaging I00000
ENGLC 6400014Abe Esl III00000
ATCPC 7000090A Guide for Teaching Online00000
COMGC 2100501Communication Skills for the ESOL Workforce Professional IV00000
ARTC 2335Portfolio Development00000
CRIJ 2313Correctional Systems & Practices00000
AUMT 2425Automotive Automatic Transmission and Transaxle00000
CVOPC 1104002Professional Truck Driver: Driving Skills00000
CSME 1501Orientation to Cosmetology00000
BIOL 2420Microbiology for Non-Science Majors00000
DEMR 1310Diesel Engine Test Repair I00000
ARTS 2356Photography I00000
DEVSC 3900506GED Full Review00000
BUSI 2305Business Statistics00000
DFTGC 1105000AutoCAD, Intermediate00000
ACNTC 2105402QuickBooks II00000
DSAEC 2104002Electrocardiography, Diagnostic00000
CALLC 3017000Reading and Writing00000
ELPTC 2100002Basic Electrical Wiring NCCER00000
ARTV 23453-D Modeling and Rendering II00000
EMSP 2306Emergency Pharmacology00000
CNBT 1311Construction Methods & Materials00000
ENGL 0302Integrated Reading and Writing I00000
ACNT 1303Introduction to Accounting I00000
ENGL 2341Forms of Literature00000
CNBTC 2200401Construction Methods & Materials II NCCER00000
ENGLC 6400019ESOL Career Transitions for ESOL Professionals00000
ARTC 1327Typography00000
COMGC 2100456Communication For Workplace III00000
ATCPC 7200014TExES Review: Generalist EC-600000
COMM 2311Reporting I00000
ACNT 1392Robotic Process Automation Foundations00000
CRIJ 1301Intro To Criminal Justice00000
AUMT 2313Automotive Drive Train & Axles00000
CRPTC 2104501Drywall I00000
ARTS 1301Art Appreciation00000
CSME 1420Orientation to Facial Specialist00000
AUMTC 2100501Automotive Technology, Introduction00000
CVOPC 1101301Professional Truck Driver I00000
CSME 2310Advanced Haircutting & Related Theory00000
BIOL 1409Biology II - Non-Science Majors00000
CVOPC 2100500Commercial Drivers License Written Skills00000
ARTS 2317Painting II00000
DANC 2303Dance Appreciation00000
BMGT 1309Information and Project Mgmt00000
DEMR 1321Power Train I00000
ACNTC 2101511Payroll Accounting I00000
DEMRC 2100502Basic Electrical Systems00000
BUSGC 2109124Wedding and Event Planner Certificate00000
DFTG 1309Basic Computer-aided Drafting00000
ARTSC 3234601Ceramics I00000
DFTG 2331Advanced Technologies In Architectural Design And Drafting00000
CALLC 3000027ALL Membership00000
DFTGC 2109120SolidWorks I00000
ACCT 2402Principles Of Managerial Accounting00000
DRAM 2121Theatre Practicum00000
CALLC 3012000Languages00000
ECONH 2301Honors Macro-Economics00000
ARTV 13453-D Modeling and Rendering I00000
EDUC 1300Learning Framework: 1st Year Experience00000
CBFMC 2102101Scaffolding NCCER00000
EMSP 1305Emergency Care Attendant00000
AFSC 2271Evolution-USAF Air/Space Power I00000
EMSP 2160Clinical - Paramedic III00000
CHEMH 1411Honors General Chemistry I00000
EMSP 2444Cardiology00000
ATCPC 7000027Components of Special Education00000
ENGL 0115Non-Semester Length Developmental Reading Option (Base Ncbo)00000
CNBT 2280Cooperative Education - Construction Engineering Technology/...00000
ENGL 0309Integrated Reading & Writing II00000
ABEAC 6400009ABE GED Language Arts II00000
ENGL 2328Survey of American Literature: Civil War through the Present00000
CNBTC 2100901Project Supervision NCCER00000
ENGLC 6400011ABE ESOL Beginning Level00000
ATCPC 7000086Generalist Teacher Preparation00000
CNSEC 1109103Heavy Equipment Operator-Backhoe00000
ABEAC 6400006ABE GED Math I00000
ABEAC 6400017ABE GED Math III00000
ACNT 2331Internal Control And Auditing00000
ARTS 1312Design II - 3-D00000
BIOL 1322Nutrition00000
CSME 2539Advanced Hair Design00000