LSC Kingwood Course Reviews

Lone Star College - Kingwood

FIRS 1401Firefighter Certification I00000
HITTC 2204600Medical Coding II Advanced00000
DHYG 2362Clinical - Dental Hygienist III00000
ESOL 0394ESOL Grammar IV00000
EDUC 2301Introduction - Special Populations00000
CSME 1501Orientation to Cosmetology00000
GEOL 1401Earth Sciences for Non-Science Majors I00000
BIOLH 1406Honors Biology I for Science Majors00000
DRAM 2120Theatre Practicum00000
CALLC 3022000Trips and Tours00000
ESOL 0361ESOL Reading I00000
ENGL 2311Technical & Business Writing00000
CRIJ 1310Fundamentals Of Criminal Law00000
ESOLC 3007301ESOL Writing III00000
ATCPC 7200009Tools for Teaching Module00000
FIRT 2380Co-op Education - Fire Protection00000
DFTGC 2101401AutoCAD, Introduction00000
HIST 1301United States History I00000
ARTS 1304Art History: Renaissance to Modern00000
HRPO 2303Employment Practices00000
CALLC 3013000Movies, Music and Theatre00000
ECONH 2301Honors Macro-Economics00000
ARTS 2347Ceramics II00000
ENGL 0219NCBO for Reading AND Writing00000
CHEM 1411General Chemistry I00000
ENGR 2332Mechanics of Materials00000
ENGL 2351Mexican-American Literature00000
COSC 2325Computer Organization00000
ESOL 0375ESOL Writing V00000
ATCPC 7000026Clinical Teaching00000
ESOLC 3003101Integrated Reading and Writing for ESOL00000
CSME 1310Introduction to Haircutting & Related Theory00000
ESOLC 3008401ESOL Advanced Listening and Speaking00000
ARTC 2347Design Communications II00000
FIRT 1171Firefighter Agility & Fitness Prep00000
CSME 2501The Principles of Hair Coloring & Related Theory00000
GAME 1343Game and Simulation Programming I00000
BIOL 1406Biology I for Science Majors00000
GOVT 2305Federal Government00000
DHYG 1239General and Oral Pathology00000
HIST 2381African American History I00000
ACNTC 2104201Accounting, Office II00000
HONRH 2043Honors International Capstone00000
DRAM 1121Theatre Practicum00000
HRPO 2306Benefits and Compensation00000
ARTS 2316Painting I00000
DRAM 2355Script Analysis00000
CALLC 3018000Safety00000
ECRDC 2101103Electrocardiography Monitor Technician00000
ANTH 2351Cultural Anthropology00000
EMSPC 2100103Emergency Medical Technician, Basic00000
CETT 1403DC Circuits00000
ENGL 0309Integrated Reading & Writing II00000
ARTSC 3234701Ceramics II00000
ENGL 2333Survey of World Literature- 17th Century through the Present00000
CNBTC 2105901Project Scheduling using MS Project00000
ENGR 2301Engineering Mechanics: Statics00000
ENGLC 6400013ABE ESOL Intermediate Level00000
COSC 1336Programming Fundamentals I00000
ENVRH 1402Honors Environmental Science II00000
ARTV 2341Advanced Digital Video00000
ESOL 0365ESOL Reading V00000
CRIJ 1301Intro To Criminal Justice00000
ESOL 0384ESOL Advanced Listening and Speaking00000
ARTC 2305Digital Imaging II00000
ESOLC 3000802ESOL Grammar II00000
CRIJH 1301Intro To Criminal Justice Honors00000
ESOLC 3006401ESOL Reading & Vocabulary IV00000
ATCPC 7000065TCP Internship I00000
ESOLC 3008101ESOL Oral Communication I00000
CSME 1421Principles of Facial and Skin Care Technology I00000
FIRS 1301Firefighter Certification I00000
ACNT 1371Financial Accounting Reporting Standards I00000
FIRS 1413Firefighter Certification III00000
CSME 2310Advanced Haircutting & Related Theory00000
FIRT 1445Hazardous Materials II00000
ATCPC 7200019TExES Review: Special Education00000
FLMC 2331Video Graphics & Visual Effects II00000
DEVSC 3900506GED Full Review00000
GAME 2332Project Development I00000
ARTCC 2105301Computer Illustration00000
GEOLH 1403Honors Physical Geology00000
DHYG 1207General and Dental Nutrition00000
GOVTH 2305Honors Federal Government00000
BIOL 2401Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
HIST 2311Western Civilization To 164800000
DHYG 1431Preclinical Dental Hygiene00000
HITT 1305Medical Terminology I00000
ACCTC 3200101Principles of Financial Accounting00000
HONRH 2023Honors Writing Seminar00000
DNTAC 2101502Dental Assisting II00000
HPRS 2321Med Law & Ethics Health Professions00000
BMGT 1341Business Ethics00000
DRAM 1330Stagecraft I00000
ACCT 2302Principles Of Managerial Accounting00000
ACNT 1329Payroll and Business Tax Accounting00000
ARTC 1317Design Communications I00000
ARTSH 1301Honors Art Appreciation00000
COMM 1307Intro To Mass Communications00000
ENGLH 2323Honors Survey of British Literature: Romantic through the Pr...00000