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Loyola Course Reviews

Loyola University Chicago

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 211Principles of Advertising00000
COMM 339Video Documentary00000
CIEP 479School-Based Consultation00000
CMAN 417Nursing and Health Care Administration Practicum00000
CIEP 546School Psychology Advanced Practicum00000
CIEP 329Materials, Resources, & Strategies for Rdng Tchr00000
COMM 290Branding and Positioning00000
CHEM 370Biochemistry I00000
CIEP 514Advanced Systems Consultation00000
CHEM 445Spec Topics in Inorganic Chem00000
CJC 605Master's Study00000
CJC 206Statistics00000
CHIN 261Intensive Advanced Chinese II00000
CMO 502Seminar00000
CHEM 223Organic Chemistry A Lect & Disc00000
COMM 263Introduction to Design and Editing00000
CIEP 447Tech Enhanced Instruction I00000
COMM 324Film Genre00000
BSAD 201Doing Business in China00000
COMM 367Rhetorical Criticism00000
CHEM 396Special Topics in Biochemistry00000
CIEP 526Assessment Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Populations00000
BSAD 399Special Topics00000
CIEP 610Doctoral Study00000
CHEM 479Research in Chemical Education00000
CJC 411Advanced Topics in Policing00000
CJC 360Substance Use and Crime00000
CHIN 118Intensive Intermediate Chinese II00000
CLST 273GClassical Tragedy - Women/Gender Focus00000
CHEM 171General Chemistry for Engineering Science Majors00000
CMAN 468Advanced Concepts in Health Systems Management00000
CIEP 104Mathematics for Teachers I00000
COMM 200Digital Communication and Society00000
BMSC 410Biochemistry and Molecular Biology00000
COMM 234Interviewing for Communication00000
CIEP 414Instruc Meth-Diverse Population00000
COMM 274Introduction to Cinema00000
CHEM 305Physical Biochemistry for the Biological Sciences00000
COMM 308Screen Directing00000
CIEP 470Principles of Instructional Design00000
COMM 331Social Media Advertising00000
BIOL 510Instructions in Teaching Biology00000
COMM 360Digital Media Ethics00000
CIEP 499Directed Research00000
COMM 371Special Topics Communication Studies00000
BSAD 343Business Analytics00000
CIEP 521Curriculum Theory and Research00000
CHEM 429Research in Organic Chemistry00000
CIEP 535System Consultation in School Discipline Reform00000
BMB 417Molecular Biology00000
CIEP 571School Discipline Workshop: Anti-racism00000
CHEM 461Biochemistry00000
CJC 202Criminal Courts00000
BSAD 443Business Analytics00000
CJC 338Community-Based Corrections00000
CHEM 595Thesis Supervision00000
CJC 402Theories of Criminal Behavior00000
CJC 372Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice00000
CHIN 111Regular Elementary Chinese I00000
CJC 415Mental Illness and Crime00000
CHEM 105Chemical Principles00000
CLST 271Classical Mythology00000
CHIN 251Adv Composition & Conversation00000
CMAN 403Health Care Delivery and Organization00000
BMB 600Dissertation Supervision00000
CMAN 439Outcomes Performance Mangement: Theory00000
CHIN 361Advanced Conversational Chinese II00000
CMAN 533Fiscal Management in Health Care Organizations00000
CHEM 214Quantitative Analysis Laboratory00000
COMM 101Public Speaking & Critical Thinking00000
CIEP 305Reading Teacher Practicum00000
COMM 206Hip Hop Culture, Communication, & Social Change00000
BIOL 500Scientific Logic00000
COMM 220Introduction to Rhetoric00000
CIEP 398Independent Study00000
COMM 256Broadcast Newswriting00000
CHEM 300Undergraduate Research00000
COMM 271Media Culture and Communication00000
CIEP 431Three Tier Prevention: Advanced Primary Supports00000
COMM 281Communication, Language & Gender00000
BMSC 416Methods Biomedical Science00000
COMM 301Discovering China Through Film00000
CIEP 462Ethics and Professional School Psychology00000
COMM 321Advertising Campaigns00000
CHEM 340Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
COMM 328Magazine Design and Production00000
CIEP 474Assessment of Bilingual Students00000
COMM 336Search & Display Advertising00000
BIOL 455Advanced Neuroscience00000
COMM 357Programming Film & Media: Festivals, TV & Digital00000
CIEP 484Bio Foundation: Behav Sch00000
COMM 363Research Methods in Advertising/Public Relations00000
CHEM 380Chemistry Seminar00000
CIEP 506English Language Learning Practicum00000
BIOL 316Limnology Lec/Lab00000
BIOL 485Prin Electron Microscopy Lec/Lab00000
BMB 501Molecular Bio Journal Club00000
CHEM 101General Chemistry A Lecture/Discussion00000
CHIN 101Chinese I00000
CJC 391Capstone Experience Research00000