Lesley Course Reviews

Lesley University

CLITR 3410Latinx Voices in the USA00000
CMGMT 3546Sports Marketing00000
CHIST 3450History of Int'l Humanit Orgs00000
CLANG 3300Intro. Span. Lit.00000
CHMSR 4701HS Internship & Sem II00000
CFINL 3305Retirement Svgs and Income Pl00000
CMGMT 1420Personal Finance00000
CEDUC 2352Elementary Education00000
CHLTH 3400Health in the Developing World00000
CEDUC 3410Teach Social Studies & Science00000
CLANG 1402German II00000
CHUMS 3201Why Nature?00000
CEXTH 3304Psychodrama & Sociometry00000
CLITR 2888ST: Sophomore Honors Lit00000
CDANC 2005Swing Dance00000
CMATH 1590Patterns & Functions00000
CHIST 1150FYS-Genocide & Int'l Comm-Hon00000
CMGMT 3442Arts Management00000
CBIOL 2602Applied Nutrition00000
CMGMT 6700Leading & Managing 21st Centu00000
CEDUC 2710Effective Classroom Climate00000
CHMSR 3553Practical Ethics in HS00000
CBIOL 4110Biology of Fishes00000
CHUMS 1180FYS-Thinking outside the Bubl00000
CEDUC 3721Field Exp in Lrng Environments00000
CLANG 1101Spanish I00000
CHUMS 3500Postcolonialism00000
CEDUC 4735Senior Practicum:Mid Pol Sci00000
CLANG 2201Italian III Third Semester00000
CCOUN 4601CN Internship & Sem II00000
CLITR 2115English Literature I00000
CEXTH 4089Practicum/Curr and Procedures00000
CLITR 3314Tragedy00000
CBIOL 2203Anat & Phys I w/Lab00000
CLITR 4999Independent Study00000
CGLST 2888ST:Comparative Political Econ00000
CMATH 3001Mathematics in Context00000
CECON 1420Personal Finance00000
CMGMT 2551Business Analytics II00000
CHIST 3250Black/Brown Power!00000
CMGMT 3468Management Information System00000
CARTH 3888ST: AT & Social Justice00000
CMGMT 4300Managing/Global Economy00000
CHIST 4349Senior Thesis in History00000
CMGMT 6760Measuring Success00000
CBIOL 3330Rsch Meth in Biology00000
CHMSR 1552Intro to Human Services00000
CEDUC 3374Tching Math for Ele Sch Tchers00000
CHMSR 3702HS Internship I pt. 100000
CARTH 4501At Internship & Sem II00000
CHMSR 4888Selected Topics in Human Serv00000
CEDUC 3429Early Intrvntn:Theory&Practice00000
CHUMS 2220Shaping of Western Culture00000
CCOMM 1500Intro to Communication00000
CHUMS 3331The Shock of the New00000
CEDUC 4188Sheltered Eng Instr Prek - 600000
CINTD 3100Intrdisc Internship & Seminar00000
CHUMS 3888St: Why Nature00000
CEDUC 4732Senior Practicum:Mid Gen Sci00000
CLANG 1202Italian II00000
CCOMM 3505Political Communications00000
CLANG 1701American Sign Language00000
CEDUC 4739Senior Practicum:High Pol Sci00000
CLANG 2888ST:American Sign Language III00000
CBIOL 2100Intro. to Marine Mammals00000
CLANG 3888ST: Migraci�n EnEl Mundo Hisp00000
CEXTH 3504Guitar for Therapy and Ed.00000
CLITR 2230World Lit:anc World-16th Cent00000
CDANC 2002Modern Dance II00000
CLITR 3240World Drama: Beg. Traditions00000
CFINL 3301Gen Princ of Fnc Planning00000
CLITR 3329Race,Ethnicity,Iden in US Lit00000
CARTH 3425Advocacy & Wellbeing w/Photog00000
CLITR 3900Junior Writing Seminar00000
CGLST 1200Global Issues and Challenges00000
CMATH 1012Liberation Math00000
CDRAM 2080Directing and Stage Mgmt.00000
CMATH 2150Number Theory00000
CGLST 4089Pract. in Curr & Procedures00000
CMATH 4200Abstract Algebra00000
CBIOL 2211Cell and Molecular Biology00000
CMGMT 2310Leadership Skills Workshops00000
CHIST 2121United States History to 186500000
CMGMT 3305Developing Leadership Capabil00000
CEDUC 1111First Year Seminar00000
CMGMT 3460Corporate Finance I00000
CHIST 3340Women's Movement:Hist Perspect00000
CMGMT 3510Advertising00000
CANTH 2502Film, Culture, and Society00000
CMGMT 3888ST: Business Sustainability00000
CHIST 3888ST: Africa in World History00000
CMGMT 6100Social Entrepreneurship00000
CEDUC 2401Literacy Learning00000
CHLTH 1112Lifetime Fitness00000
AINTD 4999Independent Study00000
CANTH 4089Practicum in Curr & Procedure00000
CBIOL 1101Biology with Lab00000
CCOMM 2402Communication Ethics00000
CEDUC 4721Senior Practicum & Seminar:ECE00000
CHUMS 4999Independent Study00000