Lehman Course Reviews

Lehman College (CUNY)

SPE 723The Nature, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Fluency Disorders12221
BBA 405Management Decision Making55521
ART 742Independent Research00000
ARH 451Seminar00000
BIO 173Human Biology of Systems00000
ART 717Advanced Ceramics 200000
ANT 489Independent Research in Anthropology00000
BBA 308Corporation Finance00000
ACC 439Cost Accounting I00000
ART 108Introduction to Photography00000
ACC 790Graduate Seminar in Accounting00000
ART 208Photography00000
ART 612Introduction to Digital Imaging00000
ANT 318Early Civilizations of Mexico and Central America00000
ART 730Advanced Printmaking I00000
AAS 481Honors Project00000
AST 601Astronomy of Solar Systems00000
ARH 167Tradition and Innovation in the Art of the West00000
BBA 370Internship in Business00000
AAS 338Race and Ethnicity in Society00000
BIO 311Parasitology00000
ACC 446Nonprofit and International Accounting00000
ART 203Printmaking Workshop00000
AAS 347Black Feminisms00000
ART 302Advanced Design00000
ANT 210Women in Latin America00000
ART 313The Artist's Multiple00000
ART 486Independent Study00000
ANT 302Primate Behavior And Ecology00000
ART 707Advanced Ceramics 100000
AAS 356Afrofuturism00000
ART 724Advanced Sculpture II00000
ANT 341Medical Anthropology00000
ART 736Advanced Printmaking IV00000
AAS 327History of Africa 1800 to the Present00000
ART 755Sem In Contempy Art00000
ARB 202Intermediate Arabic II00000
BBA 191Data Presentation00000
ACC 186Introduction to Cryptocurrency00000
BBA 337Business Law II00000
ARH 331Art of Medieval Europe00000
BBA 432International Business Management00000
AAS 248African History00000
BIO 230Microbiology00000
ART 101Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design00000
BIO 321Neural Development Laboratory00000
AAS 342African-Americans in the Political System00000
ART 200Drawing00000
ACC 719Advanced Auditing00000
ART 206Sculpture00000
AAS 269Introduction to African Philosophy00000
ART 221Applied Imaging and Applications to the World Wide Web I00000
ANT 120Human Evolutionary Biology00000
ART 305Advanced Painting00000
AAS 348Literatures of Africa and the African Diaspora00000
ART 322Computer Modeling and Design II00000
ANT 228Language and Culture00000
ART 327Ceramic Sculpture00000
ART 451Topics in Computer Imaging00000
ANT 251Peoples and Cultures of [geographic area to be determined]00000
ART 488Professional Practices in the Visual Arts00000
AAS 353Topics in Caribbean History, Politics, and Society00000
ART 617Fundamentals of Wheel Thrown Ceramics00000
ANT 309Human Genetics00000
ART 713Advanced Digital Media II (Interaction Design)00000
AAS 310Black Feminisms00000
ART 722Advanced Sculpture I00000
ANT 330Dynamics Of Culture Change In A Global Context00000
ART 727Ceramic Sculpture00000
AAS 390Research Methods00000
ART 733ADV DIGITAL MEDIA 4 (Information Design).00000
ANT 351The Anthropology of Media00000
ART 738Advanced Photography I00000
AAS 241Literature of the English & Francophone Caribbean00000
ART 748Master's Thesis I00000
ARB 111Elementary Arabic I00000
AST 101Introduction to Astronomy00000
ACC 171Principles of Accounting I00000
BBA 188Introduction to Social Media Marketing00000
ARH 137Introduction to the History of Non-Western Art00000
BBA 204Principles of Management00000
AAS 330The Civil Rights Movement00000
BBA 328Human Resource Management00000
ARH 326Contemporary Art00000
BBA 339Commercial Transactions00000
ACC 335Intermediate Accounting II00000
ARH 335Impressionism and Post-Impressionism00000
BBA 467Marketing Research00000
AAS 228African American Families00000
BIO 183Human Biology00000
ARH 783Independent Research00000
BIO 241Evolution, Species, and Biogeography00000
ACC 442Introduction to Federal Taxation00000
ART 335Digital Media Production: Advancing the Narrative00000
ART 105Introduction to Painting00000
AAS 213African American Art00000
AAS 238African American Theatre00000
AAS 306The Haitian-Dominican Border: Nation, State and Race00000
AAS 351Topics in African History, Politics, and Society00000
ANT 238Selected Studies in Societies and Culture: Latin American00000