Leeward Course Reviews

Leeward Community College

ELI 20DPronunciation 200000
FR 101Elementary French I00000
CHEM 162LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
ED 312AEducational Psychology for CTE Teacher Candidates00000
CULN 276Human Resources Management and Supervision in the Hospitalit...00000
BUS 201Advanced Business Information Systems00000
ENG 209E-WI-Bus Writing00000
ART 176Survey of Global Art II00000
CULN 120Fundamentals of Cookery00000
ART 290The Arts of Africa, Native Americas, and the Pacific00000
ED 282Collaboration: Roles and Responsibilities as a Member of the...00000
DMED 200Electronic Portfolio00000
BIOL 200LCoral Reefs Lab00000
EE 160Programming for Engineers00000
ART 101Introduction to the Visual Arts00000
ELI 97RReading and Writing I00000
BUSN 269WI-Supervision00000
ESL 2ABeginning Reading for Speakers of Other Languages00000
AMT 46Manual Drive-Train & Transaxles00000
GG 101Introduction to Geology00000
ART 214Introduction to Life Drawing00000
CULN 240Garde Manager II00000
AMT 129Engine Repair00000
DMED 132Principles of Video Editing00000
ASTR 110Survey of Astronomy00000
ED 100Introduction to Education and Teaching00000
DMED 2433D Modeling and Animation00000
BIOL 130Anatomy and Physiology00000
ED 295Field Experience in Education00000
ANTH 151Emerging Humanity00000
ED 334Participating in a Professional Community00000
BLAW 200Legal Environment of Business00000
ELI 10BBeginning Reading and Writing00000
AMST 212Contemporary American Global Issues00000
ELI 40BAdvanced Reading and Writing00000
BUSN 166Professional Employment Preparation00000
ENG 98BFundamentals of Reading and Writing00000
ART 113DIntroduction to Digital Drawing00000
ENG 272E-WI-Intro to Lit: Cult & Lit00000
CHEM 151Elementary Survey of Chemistry00000
ESL 18Intermediate Reading for Speakers of Other Languages00000
AG 141S-Integrated Pest Management00000
GEO 101LS-Natural Environment Lab00000
CHN 102Elementary Chinese II00000
HAW 102Elementary Hawaiian II00000
AMT 55Suspension and Steering00000
CULN 160Dining Room Operations00000
ART 229Interface Design I00000
CULN 271Purchasing and Cost Control00000
AG 200Principles of Horticulture00000
DMED 120NetPrep Web Development00000
ASAN 107Introduction to Filipino Studies00000
DMED 141Introduction to 3D Animation00000
AMT 145Manual Drive Trains and Axles00000
DMED 240Animation & Special Effects00000
BIOC 141Fundamentals of Biochemistry00000
ECOM 100Introduction to E-Commerce00000
DNCE 108Hatha Yoga: Beginning00000
BIOL 101LBiology and Society Lab00000
ECON 131Principles of Macroeconomics00000
AMT 241Electrical/Electronic Systems II00000
ED 290E-WI-Foundations of Education00000
BIOL 171Introduction to Biology I00000
ED 298BRegistered Behavior Technician Training Credential00000
AG 293VPlant Biology & Tropical Agriculture Internship00000
ED 330SPED Law and IEP Development00000
BIOL 265Ecology and Evolutionary Biology00000
ED 393SPracticum II00000
ANTH 215Biological Anthropology00000
EE 296Sophomore Project00000
BOT 130S-Plants in Hawaiian Environ00000
ELI 20ALow Intermediate Speaking and Listening00000
AG 110LHawaii Horticulture and Nutrition Lab00000
ELI 30BHigh Intermediate Reading and Writing00000
BUSN 123Word Processing for Business00000
ELI 40DAmerican Culture 200000
ART 107DIntroduction to Digital Photography00000
ENG 22Introduction to Composition00000
BUSN 193VCooperative Education (1-4 credits)00000
ENG 200WI-E-S-Composition II00000
AMT 40DEngine Performance00000
ENG 270E-WI-Intro to Lit: Lit History00000
CE 271Applied Mechanics II00000
ERTH 101Introduction to Geology00000
ART 123Introduction to Painting00000
ESL 8BIntermediate Reading for Speakers of Other Languages00000
CHEM 161LGeneral Chemistry I Lab00000
FIL 101Elementary Filipino I00000
ACC 202Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
FSHN 100Concepts in Nutritional Science00000
CHEM 273Organic Chemistry II00000
GEOG 101S-The Natural Environment00000
ART 202Digital Imaging00000
CULN 111Introduction to the Culinary Industry00000
ACC 132Payroll and Hawaii General Excise Tax00000
AG 100S-Hawai‘i Agriculture Industry00000
AG 260Tropical Landscape00000
AMT 162Advanced Brake Systems00000
BIOL 100Human Biology00000
DNCE 131Modern Dance I00000