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Leeward Course Reviews

Leeward Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 78BCollege Math Companion B00000
PHYS 152College Physics II00000
ELI 98RReading and Writing II00000
ICS 282Computer Forensics00000
GEOG 101LS-The Natural Environment Lab00000
ED 285WI-Classroom Management00000
MUS 122CPiano 200000
BUS 250Applied Mathematics in Business00000
ESL 4ABeginning English Grammar00000
CHEM 272LOrganic Chemistry I Lab00000
ICS 110MIntroduction to Programming00000
HIT 102Health Data, Records, and Documentation00000
DNCE 131Modern Dance I00000
IS 250HE-WI-Leadership Develop Honors00000
BIOL 101LBiology and Society Lab00000
ME 213Introduction to Engineering Design00000
EE 211Basic Circuit Analysis I00000
PBT 200LIntroduction to Plant Science Lab00000
AMT 245Engine Performance Systems00000
REL 151E-WI-Rel and Meaning of Exist00000
BUSN 277International Business Protocol00000
FIL 101Elementary Filipino I00000
ART 105CIntroduction to Ceramics (Wheel Throwing)00000
HIST 231WI-Modern European Civ I00000
CULN 150Fundamentals of Baking00000
HWST 160Hula Nei I00000
HIT 215Quality Management00000
DMED 236Advanced Digital Video for the Web00000
ICS 184Introduction to Networking00000
ASAN 107Introduction to Filipino Studies00000
IIT 221Programmable Logic Control00000
ED 277Introduction to Multicultural Education00000
JPNS 201Intermediate Japanese I00000
AMT 145Manual Drive Trains and Axles00000
MATH 140XAccelerated Precalculus00000
ED 313APracticum I: Alternative Certification for CTE Teacher Licen...00000
MUS 106Introduction to Music Literature00000
BIOL 265Ecology and Evolutionary Biology00000
MUS 299Independent Study00000
ELI 30BHigh Intermediate Reading and Writing00000
PHRM 203General Pharmacology00000
AG 293VPlant Biology & Tropical Agriculture Internship00000
POLS 299Independent Study00000
ENG 209E-WI-Bus Writing00000
REL 204WI-Understand Japanese Rel00000
ANTH 215Biological Anthropology00000
ESL 10BHigh Intermediate Grammar00000
CHEM 161General Chemistry I00000
FR 102Elementary French II00000
AMT 30Engines00000
HAW 102Elementary Hawaiian II00000
COM 210HIntercultural Communication: Honors Course00000
HIST 260WI-20th Century World History00000
ART 123Introduction to Painting00000
HIT 171Health Data, Information, Law, and Ethics00000
CULN 241Garde Manger II00000
HSER 294Seminar & Fieldwork I00000
HORT 110LHawaii Horticulture and Nutrition Lab00000
DMED 133Sound Design for Digital Media00000
HWST 281LHo'okele I: Hawaiian Astronomy and Weather Lab00000
ART 229Interface Design I00000
ICS 129Introduction to Databases00000
DMED 251Media Entrepreneurship00000
ICS 240Operating Systems00000
AMT 93DCooperative Education00000
IIT 121Electro Hydraulics and Pneumatics (Fluid Power Systems)00000
ECON 130Principles of Microeconomics00000
IS 103Introduction to College00000
ASTR 110Survey of Astronomy00000
JPN 201Intermediate Japanese I00000
ED 283Family-Professional Partnerships in Education00000
KOR 201Intermediate Korean I00000
AG 200Principles of Horticulture00000
MATH 103College Algebra00000
ED 296Introduction to Art, Music and Creative Movement in the Clas...00000
MATH 206Calculus II00000
BIOL 171Introduction to Biology I00000
MICR 130General Microbiology00000
ED 335Educational Technology for the Inclusive Classroom00000
MUS 121DGuitar 100000
AMT 154Suspension and Steering Systems00000
MUS 203DKeyboard Ensemble00000
ELI 10CBeginning Grammar00000
OCN 201LScience of the Sea Laboratory00000
BOT 101LGeneral Botany Lab00000
PHIL 100E-Introduction to Philosophy00000
ELI 40DAmerican Culture 200000
PHYS 100Survey of Physics00000
ACC 252Using QuickBooks® in Accounting00000
PHYS 272LGeneral Physics II Lab00000
ENG 100EComposition I00000
PSY 240Developmental Psychology00000
BUSN 188Business Calculations00000
ENG 272E-WI-Intro to Lit: Cult & Lit00000
ACC 125Principles of Accounting II00000
AG 112S-Intro to Organic Agriculture00000
AMT 46Manual Drive-Train & Transaxles00000
ART 198KIntroduction to Hawaiian Art00000
CULN 275Human Resources Management and Supervision in the Hospitalit...00000
HSER 160Effective Parenting00000