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LCCC Course Reviews

Lorain County Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SOWK 251GSocial Welfare And Poverty53551
CULN 175Purchasing And Product Identification00000
NMUS 125CThe Rise of Folk Music in the 60s00000
RSGN 002Reassigned Time00000
NHIS 180CTudor Soap Opera Begins - Was It a Marriage Made in Heaven o...00000
CRMJ 135Community Relations In Criminal Justice00000
PSYH 275Psychology Of Gender00000
CMNW 145Network Installation/Diagnostics00000
CMPR 166Introduction To Computer Science00000
CYBR 110Fundamentals Of Internet Of Things (Iot)00000
NCIS 187CHow to Avoid Computer Scams00000
NFAB 093KSTEAM Blast Off!00000
COOR 007Coordinator00000
NHLH 152CMemory Skills for Everyday Life00000
CLSC 135Immunohematology Concepts & Procedures00000
PSSC 153Physical Science00000
CRMJ 232Police Supervision00000
QLTY 122Basic Quality Tools And Applications00000
ALHN 120Career Explorations In Occupational Therapy00000
SAFE 245Permit Required Confined Space00000
CMNW 230Data Communications00000
DANC 151Ballet I00000
CISS 165Cisco Ccna V7 Introduction To Networking00000
CNST 122Introduction To Carpentry00000
NCLL 180CEveryone Loves A Good Mystery Book00000
NCLL 197CGenetics, Epigenetics, Viruses, and Cancer00000
NDMS 118Fetal Heart Scanning00000
CNST 210Safety In Construction00000
NHIS 164CPost-it note trip through the Golden Age of Hollywood00000
CISS 288Work-Based Learning II - Ciss00000
NHIS 217CKing Arthur and the Round Table-Reality or Myth?00000
CRMJ 117Criminal Law00000
NMUS 118CWhy Elvis?00000
ALHN 107Career Explorations In Diagnostic Medical Sonography00000
PEWL 188T'Ai Chi00000
CRMJ 219Mental Health Issues In Corrections00000
PSYH 257Abnormal Psychology00000
CMMC 177GIntercultural Communication00000
PTHA 232Clinical Practicum II00000
CULN 154Introduction To Baking And Pastry00000
RDTC 213Radiologic Imaging Science00000
AETC 223Programmable Logic Controllers II00000
SAFE 140Osha Standards For General Industry00000
CULN 224From The Farm To The Fork00000
SAGR 107GWorldviews To Support Sustainable Agriculture00000
ALHN 194Introduction To Medical Records00000
CYBR 221Ethical Hacking00000
CMNW 247Computer Forensics And Data Recovery Capstone00000
DANC 152Ballet II00000
AETC 287Work-Based Learning I - Aetc00000
NCLL 177CStem Cells: The Hope and the Hype00000
CNST 120Introduction To (Hvac) Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditio...00000
NCLL 193CNEW: The Nature of Evil - Part I00000
CISS 236Virtualization And Cloud Computing00000
CNST 124Introduction To Plumbing00000
NCLL 243CTHE CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART: Its history and its most famous...00000
NCLL 257CAmericas Sweetheart: Shirley Temple (Black)00000
NCLL 315CSite and Insight: Themes in Asian Buddhist Architecture00000
CNST 205Construction Estimating00000
NEMS 410Paramedic Refresher00000
CISS 266Advanced Android Programming00000
NFIT 151CCLL Personal Fitness II Continuing Student00000
COOR 004Coordinator00000
NHIS 174CPeter the Great, A Ghostly Legend & His City: St. Petersburg...00000
ALET 221Wind Turbine Technology II00000
NHIS 193CThe Tale of King Arthurs Holiday Feast & the Green Knight an...00000
CRMJ 111Introduction To Corrections00000
NHLH 106Lifestyle Wellness Coaching00000
CLSC 131Introduction To Hematology00000
NMUS 114CFifth Dimension, Laura Nyro and Jimmy Webb00000
CRMJ 121Criminalistics00000
NMUS 122CSam Phillips: The Man Who Discovered Elvis00000
AETC 194Microcontroller Robotics00000
NMUS 132CThe First Wave of Rock and Roll00000
CRMJ 147Probation And Parole00000
PLSC 156American National Government00000
CMMC 152Communication Theory00000
PSYH 151Introduction To Psychology00000
CRMJ 226Juvenile Delinquency00000
PSYH 263Personality Theories00000
ALHN 112Introduction To Medical Terminology00000
PTHA 112Functional Anatomy And Kinesiology00000
CRMJ 286Criminal Justice Internship II00000
PTHA 242Clinical Practicum II00000
CMNW 111Introduction To Computer Hardware00000
RDTC 114Radiographic Procedures I00000
CULN 160Foodservice Operations And Career Management00000
RELG 182GIntroduction To The Study Of Religion00000
ACTG 267Federal Income Tax Procedures-Individual00000
SAFE 118General Safety Management II00000
CULN 205Restaurant And Menu Development00000
SAFE 220Osha Electrical Standards00000
CMNW 220Data Communications00000
NCLL 262CThe 39 Steps (1935)00000
CULN 255GWorld Cuisine00000
ACTG 252Intermediate Accounting II00000
AETC 121Programmable Logic Controllers00000
ALET 112Alternative Energy Mechanical Systems00000
CISS 251Cyber Defense Methods00000
CNST 126Introduction To Masonry00000