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LCC Course Reviews

Lansing Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 099Integrated Reading Writing II00000
FASH 135Fashion Design Process00000
DANC 101Beginning Ballet00000
ELTE 131Machine Controls I00000
DMAC 141Ethics and Impact of the Media00000
COMM 120Dynamics of Communication00000
ENGL 290Shakespeare00000
CITS 225Networking for PC Technicians00000
DCTM 103Codes and Specifications00000
CIVL 131Traffic Technology00000
ELTE 102Industrial/Construction Safety00000
DTSC 200Principles of Data Science00000
CJUS 250Correctional Institutions00000
ELTE 255Power Instrumentation00000
CITP 240Advanced Software Testing00000
ENGL 240The Film as Art00000
CPAR 270Community Paramedic Clinical00000
ESOL 100Focus on Listening00000
CITF 120Operating Systems Concepts00000
FASH 275Directed Study in Fashion00000
CITW 175Web Site Management00000
DMAC 121Digital Audio Production II00000
CITN 220Introduction to Networks00000
DMAC 245Workshop: Audio00000
CJUS 102Crime Causes and Conditions00000
ELTA 120AC Fundamentals Electrician00000
EDUC 204Educational Psychology00000
CJUS 205Policing into the 21st Century00000
ELTE 111Intro to Industrial Automation00000
CITP 150Intro to VB.NET Programming00000
ELTE 154Utility Prints and Diagrams00000
CJUS 273Local Corrections Academy II00000
EMTA 103Basic EMT III00000
CITA 219Advanced Microsoft Word00000
ENGL 200Introduction to Literature00000
COMM 270Mass Communication00000
ENGL 266British Lit to 180000000
CITS 125Computer Support: A+ Cert Prep00000
ESOL 070Reading and Speaking Level 200000
CPSC 231Computing and Data Structures00000
FASH 100Fashion Sketching00000
CHSE 144Phlebotomy Externship00000
FASH 200Fashion Illustration00000
DANC 202Intermediate Modern00000
FIRE 105Fire/Hydraulics/Water Supply00000
CITF 260Systems Analysis and Design00000
DCTM 220BIM for Construction00000
CIVL 110Density Certification00000
DMAC 131Digital Cinematography I00000
CHSE 150Sterile Proc-Dir-Study-Extern00000
DMAC 234Studio Production Techniques00000
CIVL 143Site Dsgn & Layout/Civil Techn00000
DMAC 260World Cinema00000
CITN 230Linux/UNIX Operating System00000
ECON 202Principles of Economics-Macro00000
CJUS 106Intro to Juvenile Justice00000
ELTA 105Elect. Industry Orientation00000
EDUC 226Reading in Elementary School00000
CJUS 201Criminal Justice Org/Admin00000
ELTA 160PLC Overview for Electricians00000
CITP 110Intro to Programming Python00000
ELTE 108Practical Electricity I00000
CJUS 242Unarmed Defense00000
ELTE 122Industrial Control Electronics00000
CITA 126Microsoft Excel00000
ELTE 142National Electrical Code II00000
CJUS 270Police Academy I00000
ELTE 232Machine Controls II00000
CITP 220Game Design & Development00000
EMTA 100Emergency Medical Responder00000
CJUS 287Juvenile Internship II00000
EMTA 222EMS Instructor-Coordinator00000
CHSE 131Electronic Hlth Records Intro00000
ENGL 122Composition II00000
COMM 200Small Group Communication00000
ENGL 211World Literature I00000
CITP 290Adv JAVA Programming for Busn00000
ENGL 256American Lit 1865 to Present00000
CPAR 251Chronic Care in the Community00000
ENGL 271Creative Writing II00000
CITD 250Database Concepts00000
ENVR 131Industrial Process Safety00000
CPSC 131Numerical Methods and MATLAB00000
ESOL 095Grammar and Writing Level 300000
CITS 170Basic Electronic for PC Repair00000
ESOL 110Bridge To Academic Reading00000
CPSC 260Computer Science Structures00000
FASH 105Fashion Computer-Aided Design00000
CHSE 114Pathophysiology-Allied Health00000
FASH 160Fashion Skills Tech I00000
DANC 104Beginning Tap00000
FASH 232Fash Hist-20th Century Onward00000
CITW 150Internet Literacy00000
DCTM 100Intro to the Built Environment00000
CHEM 125Basic Chemistry00000
CHSE 125Comp-Med Ins Billing/Coding00000
CITA 110Intro to Microsoft Office00000
CITN 245Connecting Networks00000
CJUS 133Juvenile Residential Services00000
EDUC 230Intro to Special Education00000