LAVC Course Reviews

Los Angeles Valley College

DANCETQ 112Ballet Techniques II00000
ELECTRN 002Introduction To Electronics00000
CHDEV 044Early Intervention For Children With Special Needs00000
COSCI 840Object-Oriented Programming In C++00000
CINEMA 103Diversity In Cinema00000
CAOT 032Business Communications00000
DNCESPC 161Cultural Dance Rehearsals And Performances I00000
ART 626Art Production Methods I00000
CHEM 051Fundamentals Of Chemistry I00000
BRDCSTG 010Radio Programming And Production00000
COMM 185Directed Study- Communication Studies00000
CINEMA 921Cooperative Education - Cinema00000
BSICSKL 114CE21st Century Employability Skills: Self-Awareness00000
CS 136Introduction to Data Structures00000
ART 308Oil Painting II00000
DANCETQ 182Pilates II00000
CHDEV 001Child Growth And Development00000
ECON 008Survey Of Economics00000
ART 093Introduction To Modern And Contemporary Asian Art00000
ENGGEN 921Cooperative Education - Engineering, General00000
BIOLOGY 285Directed Study - Biology00000
CHICANO 002The Mexican-American In Contemporary Society00000
ART 112Current Art Events00000
CINEMA 111Developing Content For Movies00000
BRDCSTG 022-2Beginning Radio/Television Activities00000
COMM 104Argumentation And Debate00000
CIS 931Cooperative Education - Computer Science-Information Technol00000
BRDCSTG 921Cooperative Education - Broadcasting00000
COSCI 802Introduction To Computer Science00000
ART 300Introduction To Painting00000
COUNSEL 001Introduction To College00000
BUS 038Business Computations00000
DANCEST 802Modern Dance II00000
ANTHRO 104Human Language And Communication00000
DANCETQ 143Modern Dance Techniques III00000
CAOT 123Web Design Applications For The Office Professional00000
DEVCOM 022ECommunications Laboratory: Reading Fluency and Comprehension00000
ART 600Typography I00000
DNCESPC 441Latin Social And Salsa Dance I00000
CHDEV 029Infant Toddler Practicum00000
EGDTEK 101Engineering Graphics00000
ADMJUS 006Patrol Procedures00000
ELECTRN 054Computer Logic00000
CHDEV 172Introduction To Careers In Child Development00000
ENGLISH 067Writing Laboratory00000
ART 103Art Appreciation I00000
CHEM 101General Chemistry I00000
BRDCSTG 001Fundamentals Of Television And Radio Broadcasting00000
CHICANO 042Contemporary Mexican Literature00000
ADMJUS 075Introduction To Corrections00000
CINEMA 106The Art Of Animation And Effects00000
BRDCSTG 021Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions for Broadcasting00000
CINEMA 115Cinematography00000
ART 185Directed Study - Art00000
CIS 104Microcomputer Application Software00000
BRDCSTG 024Podcasting Production for Radio & the Internet00000
COMM 076English Speech As A Second Language00000
COMM 061-3Speech Laboratory 300000
BRDCSTG 081Field Work I - Broadcasting00000
COMM 122Intercultural Communication00000
ART 207Life Drawing IV00000
COOPED 295Work Experience - General I00000
BSICSKL 109CE21st Century Employability Skills: Analysis/Solution Mindset00000
COSCI 832Advanced Data Structures And Introduction To Databases00000
ANATOMY 001Introduction To Human Anatomy00000
COSCI 895Programming In C#00000
BUS 001Introduction To Business00000
CS 111Programming in Visual Basic00000
ART 304Acrylic Painting I00000
DANCEST 185Directed Study - Dance00000
CAOT 001Computer Keyboarding And Document Applications I00000
DANCEST 815Dance Production II00000
ACCTG 941Cooperative Education - Accounting00000
DANCETQ 123Jazz Dance Techniques III00000
CAOT 082Microcomputer Software Survey In The Office00000
DANCETQ 152Dance For Film And Stage II00000
ART 502Beginning Three-Dimensional Design00000
DANCETQ 224Yoga Skills Iv00000
CAOT 911Cooperative Education - Caot00000
DEVCOM 023Reading And Study Improvement00000
ARC 172Architectural Drawing I00000
DNCESPC 174Hip-Hop Dance Techniques IV00000
CHDEV 010Health, Safety And Nutrition00000
ECON 001Principles Of Economics I00000
ART 618Advertising Photo/Graphics I00000
EDUC 240Online Pedagogy And Teaching Modalities00000
CHDEV 035Fostering Literacy Development In Young Children00000
EGT 104Cost Analysis And Estimation00000
ACCTG 015Tax Accounting I00000
ELECTRN 022Electronic Circuits II00000
CHDEV 048Positive Guidance In Early Childhood Settings00000
ELECTRN 941Cooperative Education - Electronics00000
BIOLOGY 040The Science Of Biotechnology00000
CHDEV 911Cooperative Education - Child Development00000
ACCTG 002Introductory Accounting II00000
ACCTG 019Ethics For Accounting Professionals00000
AFROAM 002The African American In Contemporary Urban Society00000
ART 203Drawing III00000
BRDCSTG 031Advanced Voice-Over00000
COMM 062-1Speech Laboratory 400000