LATTC Course Reviews

Los Angeles Trade Technical College

DIESLTK 112Heavy Duty Maintenance Shop Practices, Engine Fundamentals,...00000
ECONMT 117Elementary Circuit Practices00000
CHEMT 113Applied Chemistry Mathematics I00000
CRPNTRY 145Residential Interior Finish00000
CLNART 132Culinary Arts - Entremetier Saucier00000
CHDEV 007Introduction To Curriculum In Early Childhood Education00000
DIESLTK 941Cooperative Education - Diesel And Related Technology00000
BIOLOGY 003Introduction To Biology00000
CIS 146Multimedia Presentations for the Internet I00000
BSICSKL 042CESoftskill Basics Ib - The Successful Job Search00000
COUNSEL 040College Success Seminar00000
COINFO 739Programming In C++00000
CAOT 033Records Management and Electronic Filing00000
CSMTLGY 036Skin Therapy II00000
AUTORTK 130Advanced Automotive Diagnosis and Repair I00000
DIESLTK 301Introduction To Alternative Fuels & Hybrid and Electric Vehi...00000
CHDEV 046School Age Programs I00000
DIGLMD 199Digital Media Lab00000
ART 201Drawing I00000
ECONMT 167Electrical Construction Wiring Techniques00000
BLDGCTQ 102O.S.H.A. Based Safety Standards: Construction & Industry00000
CIS 215Network Security Fundamentals00000
ASL 003American Sign Language III00000
COINFO 040Beginning Level Programming/Computer Games00000
BSICSKL 073CEIndustry Overview And Career Opportunities00000
COUNSEL 002Interpersonal Relationships00000
COINFO 787Network Essentials00000
BUS 385Directed Study - Business00000
CRPNTRY 124Blueprint Reading And Estimating I00000
AUTOCOR 227Auto Body And Fender II00000
CS 112Programming in Javascript00000
CAOT 084Microcomputer Office Applications: Word Processing00000
CSMTLGY 122Junior Salon III00000
ARC 202Architectural Design II00000
DIESLTK 132BAir Brake Systems00000
CHDEV 034Observing And Recording Children's Behavior00000
DIESLTK 402BRail Electronic Principles00000
BAR 113Freshman Barbering I00000
DIGLMD 115Video Editing00000
CHEM 101General Chemistry I00000
ECONMT 006Security And Fire Alarm Technician Certification00000
ADMJUS 067Community Relations I00000
ECONMT 130Principles Of Industrial Electric Power00000
CHEMT 142Quantitative And Instrumental Analysis II00000
ECONMT 172Electrical Codes And Ordinances II00000
ART 501Beginning Two-Dimensional Design00000
CIS 193Database Essentials in Amazon Web Services00000
BSICSKL 002CEDeveloping English Composition Skills00000
CLNART 120Front Of House/Dining Services00000
ANTHRO 101Human Biological Evolution00000
CLNART 240Restaurant Supervision And Training00000
BSICSKL 055CESoftskill Basics Iiib - Image, Etiquette, And Interpersonal...00000
COINFO 709Visual Basic Programming00000
ASTRON 001Elementary Astronomy00000
COINFO 757Xhtml Programming And Applications00000
BSICSKL 077CEFundamental For Workplace Success - Teamwork00000
COMPLAN 015Introduction To The Community Development Industry & Careers00000
COMPLAN 002Introduction To Community Organizing00000
BUS 032Business Communications00000
COUNSEL 020Post-Secondary Education: The Scope Of Career Planning00000
AUTOCOR 148Paint Preparation And Application00000
CRPNTRY 114Hand And Power Tool Application00000
CAOT 002Computer Keyboarding and Document Applications II00000
CRPNTRY 133Advanced Residential Estimating00000
ARC 160Computers For Designers00000
CRPNTRY 240Building Construction Specialties00000
CAOT 044Medical Billing and Coding I00000
CS 143Mobile Application Development - Android00000
AUTORTK 114Steering,Suspension,Brakes,Principles And Practices00000
CSMTLGY 101Introduction To Cosmetology00000
CAOT 098Microcomputer Office Applications: Discovering Computers: Di...00000
CSMTLGY 142Senior Salon II00000
ADMJUS 005Criminal Investigation00000
DIESLTK 122BHeavy Duty Hydraulics00000
CHDEV 022Practicum In Child Development I00000
DIESLTK 142CHeavy Duty Emissions Systems00000
AUTORTK 142Advanced Automotive Diagnosis and Repair VI00000
DIESLTK 401ARail Systems Overview, Safety And Tools00000
CHDEV 039Administration II: Personnel and Leadership In Early Childho...00000
DIESLTK 403ARail Vehicle Pneumatic & Hydraulic Controls00000
ARC 385Directed Study - Architecture00000
DIGLMD 105Visual Design For Digital Media00000
CHDEV 065Adult Supervision/Early Childhood Mentoring00000
DIGLMD 150Introduction To Mobile Applications00000
BAR 133Barbering Jr. Salon III00000
DRAFT 063Cadd For Building00000
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry For Science Majors I00000
ECONMT 105Fundamentals Of Solar Electricity00000
ACCTG 015Tax Accounting I00000
ECONMT 128BIndustrial Control Systems Practices B00000
CHEMT 132Quantitative And Instrumental Analysis I00000
ECONMT 140Construction Wiring Principles And Practices00000
BIOTECH 010Introduction To Biomanufacturing I00000
CHICANO 008The Mexican-American In The History Of The United States II00000
ACCTG 002Introductory Accounting II00000
ADMJUS 001Introduction To Administration Of Justice00000
ARC 130History Of Architecture I00000
AUTOCOR 122Intermediate Collision Repair-Parts Replacement, Metal Repai...00000
BUS 001Introduction To Business00000
COMPLAN 007Contemporary Issues And Strategies In Popular Education And...00000