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Lander Course Reviews

Lander University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 406Shakespeare00000
GEOG 101Introduction to Geography00000
CRIM 210Corrections, Probation, Parole00000
EDUC 204Instructional Techn_Teachers00000
DES 301Typography II00000
CJ 390Current Policy Issues in Crim00000
ES 490Internship in Environmental Sc00000
CIS 120Fund of Inform Systms & Techn00000
CRIM 403Criminological Theory00000
CIS 243Fundamentals of Cybersecurity00000
ECED 427Social Studies for Earlychild.00000
DES 330History of Graphic Design00000
CJ 214American Criminal Justice Syst00000
EDUC 300Content Area Rdg and Writing00000
CHEM 408Research00000
ES 301Intro to Environmental Science00000
CMM 301Call Me MISTER Lrdsp Seminar 300000
FINA 352Financial Statement Analysis00000
CHEM 222Organic Chemistry00000
HCMT 111Medical Terminology00000
CIS 230Computer Programming Prin I00000
CSEM 101College Seminar00000
CHEM 311Intermediate Organic Chemistry00000
DES 305Web Design I00000
CIS 360Database Design00000
ECED 329Field Experience II00000
DES 499Senior Design Studio00000
CIS 499Project Implementation and Man00000
ECON 615Economic Analysis00000
CHEM 401Physical Chemistry00000
EDUC 210Communication in Diverse Clsrm00000
CJ 309Juvenile Delinquency00000
ENGL 373Writing and Research Methods00000
CHEM 197Scientific Communications I00000
ENGL 451Meth of Teach Secondary Engl00000
CMM 101Call Me MISTER-Intro Seminar 100000
ES 390Special Topics in ES00000
CHEM 490Internship in Chemistry00000
FINA 151Financial Wellness00000
COOP 281Cooperative Education00000
FR 101French for Global Citizens I00000
BIOL 498Senior Seminar in Genetics00000
GHS 242Health & Risk Assessment00000
CRIM 309Juvenile Delinquency00000
HCMT 280Principles of HCMT00000
CHEM 299Scientific Communications III00000
CRIM 490CJ and Criminology Internship00000
CIS 234Intr to C/C++ Programming00000
DES 201Typography I00000
CHEM 101Introduction to Criminalistics00000
DES 303Graphic&Interactive Design II00000
CIS 341Theory of Data Communication00000
DES 309Digital Illustration I00000
CHEM 331Chemical Instrumentation00000
DES 405Web Design II00000
CIS 407CIS Research00000
ECED 322Tchng Science E Childhd Grades00000
DSCI 230Intro Data Science Programming00000
CIS 490Internship in Cptr Infor Systm00000
ECED 415Integrated Creative Arts00000
CHEM 360Toxicology00000
ECON 101Economics in Society00000
CJ 209Juvenile Delinquency00000
EDUC 106Field Experience IA00000
CHEM 111General Chemistry00000
EDUC 206Field Experience IC00000
CJ 271Intro To Criminal Justice00000
EDUC 240Child Growth & Educ. Process00000
CHEM 406Chemistry Research00000
ENGL 353Writing Poetry00000
CJ 350Ethics in CJ & Criminology00000
ENGL 402Young Adult Literature00000
BIOL 470Plant Physiology00000
ENGL 417Poetry00000
CJ 490CJ and Criminology Internship00000
ENGL 499Senior Seminar00000
CHEM 410Research00000
ES 314Cultural Persp Glb Climat Chng00000
CMM 201Call Me MISTER Ldrsp Seminar 100000
ES 407Research in Environ Science00000
CHEM 199Scientific Communications III00000
FA 103Art Travel-Spain & Venice00000
CMM 401Call Me MISTER Ldrsp Seminar 500000
FINA 301Business Finance00000
CIS 101Computer Fundamentals00000
FINA 490Finance Internship00000
COOP 283Cooperative Education00000
FR 203French for Global Citizens III00000
BIOL 421General Microbiology00000
GEOL 405Hydrogeology00000
CRIM 250Community Relations & Policing00000
GHS 417Clin Pract Genet Couns Assista00000
CIS 140Networking Lab00000
CRIM 371Crime& Mental Health00000
BIOL 299Sophomore Seminar in Biology00000
BIOL 430Medical Technoloogy Internship00000
CHEM 105Inorg, Org and Biochemistry00000
CHEM 341Inorganic Chemistry00000
CIS 410Research in CIS00000
ECED 227Intro to Early Childhood Educ00000