LAMC Course Reviews

Los Angeles Mission College

ESL 003BCollege ESL III: Reading And Vocabulary00000
INTRDGN 108AResidential Space Planning00000
CHICANO 046Mexican-American Folklore00000
ECON 001Principles Of Economics I00000
CLNART 108Restaurant Supervision & Training00000
CHDEV 031Infant/Toddler Care and Education00000
GEOG 015Physical Geography Laboratory00000
BIOLOGY 006General Biology I00000
CIS 193Database Essentials in Amazon Web Services00000
CS 130Introduction to Computer Architecture and Organization00000
COSCI 408Visual Basic00000
CAOT 126Introduction To Medical Coding/Billing00000
ENGLISH 102College Reading And Composition II00000
ART 502Beginning Three-Dimensional Design00000
ESLNC 161CECollege ESL VI: Writing and Grammar00000
CHDEV 172Introduction To Careers In Child Development00000
HTHTEK 103Introduction To Basic Coding00000
ANTHRO 101Human Biological Evolution00000
KIN 185Directed Study - Kinesiology00000
BIOTECH 008Biological Research Internship00000
CLNART 060Culinary Arts Orientation & Techniques00000
ART 101Survey Of Art History I00000
COMM 102Oral Communication Ii00000
BSICSKL 201CECollege Readiness: Math Skills II00000
COUNSEL 040College Success Seminar00000
COSCI 439Programming In C00000
CAOT 002Computer Keyboarding II00000
DANCETQ 141Modern Dance Techniques I00000
ART 305Acrylic Painting II00000
ENGGEN 101Introduction To Science, Engineering And Technology00000
CHDEV 008Curriculum In Early Childhood Education00000
ENGLISH 206English Literature II00000
AFROAM 002The African American In Contemporary Urban Society00000
ESL 005CCollege ESL V: Listening And Speaking00000
CHDEV 046School Age Programs I00000
FAMCS 091Life Management00000
ARTHIST 120Survey Of Western Art History II00000
HISTORY 012Political and Social History of the United States from 186500000
CHICANO 002The Mexican-American In Contemporary Society00000
INTRDGN 102Introduction To Interior Design00000
ADMJUS 003Legal Aspects Of Evidence00000
INTRDGN 115Building Codes for Interiors00000
CINEMA 107Understanding Motion Pictures00000
KIN 316-2Karate II00000
ANTHRO 111Laboratory In Human Biological Evolution00000
CIS 215Network Security Fundamentals00000
BSICSKL 025CEBasic Skills In Computers00000
CLNART 104Dining Room & Beverage Management00000
ADMJUS 008Juvenile Procedures00000
CLNART 110Culinary Green Technology00000
BSICSKL 086CEGED/HiSET Preparation: Social Studies00000
COSCI 285Directed Study - Computer Science-Information Technology00000
ART 109The Arts Of Africa, Oceania, And Ancient America00000
COSCI 431Microcomputer Applications Software II00000
BSICSKL 205CECollege Readiness: Writing Skills II00000
COSCI 488Security+ Certification Preparation00000
COSCI 452Programming In Java00000
BUS 005Business Law I00000
CS 113Programming in Java00000
ART 205Life Drawing II00000
CS 216Object-Oriented Programming in C++00000
CAOT 064Computer Applications And Office Technologies Laboratory00000
DRAFT 016Blueprint Reading I00000
ADMJUS 160Police Organization And Administration00000
EDUC 385Directed Study - Education00000
CHDEV 002Early Childhood: Principles And Practices00000
ENGLISH 021English Fundamentals00000
ART 307Oil Painting I00000
ENGLISH 127Creative Writing00000
CHDEV 015Introduction to Curriculum for Dual Language Learners00000
ENGSUP 121Plane Surveying I00000
ACCTG 015Tax Accounting I00000
ESL 004BCollege ESL IV: Reading And Vocabulary00000
CHDEV 042Teaching In A Diverse Society00000
ESL 006ACollege ESL VI: Writing And Grammar00000
ART 700Introduction To Sculpture00000
FAMCS 006Challenges Of Aging00000
CHDEV 061Introduction To Family Child Care II00000
FRENCH 002Elementary French II00000
ALDHTH 100Job Application Skills for Healthcare00000
HEALTH 101Introduction to Public Health00000
CHEM 101General Chemistry I00000
HLTHOCC 064Cultural And Legal Topics For Health Care Professionals00000
ASTRON 001Elementary Astronomy00000
HUMAN 001Cultural Patterns Of Western Civilization00000
CHICANO 037Chicano Literature00000
INTRDGN 106Drafting For Interior Designers00000
ACADPR 240CETrigonometry Fundamentals00000
INTRDGN 113Internship00000
CHICANO 057Chicanas And Chicanos In Film00000
ITALIAN 001Elementary Italian I00000
BIOTECH 003Biotechnology II00000
CIS 148Introduction to Web Development HTML5 & CSS00000
ACADPR 112CEPre-Algebra00000
ACCTG 001Introductory Accounting I00000
ADMJUS 104Introduction To Forensic Science00000
ART 201Drawing I00000
BSICSKL 209CECollege Readiness: Reading Skills II00000
COSCI 483Principles Of Information Security00000