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LAGCC Course Reviews

LaGuardia Community College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENG 265The Drama22.52.324
ENG 204Asian American Literature00000
HUA 200Art of the Twentieth Century00000
HUC 151Organizational Communication00000
HUA 110Beginning Painting00000
ELS 102Elementary Spanish II00000
HUC 101Introduction to Communication Studies00000
ELA 102Elementary Arabic II00000
ELE 205Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Education00000
ENG 248Latino/Latina Writing of the United States00000
ENG 276Fictional Writing Workshop00000
HSS 295Community Organizing & Development00000
ELM 103American Sign Language 300000
HUA 130Beginning Photography00000
CSE 111Literacy and Propaganda Accelerated00000
HUA 230Intermediate Photography00000
ELZ 101Elementary Portuguese I00000
HUC 117Communication and Technology00000
BTP 201Administrative Law00000
HUC 270American Film00000
ELC 201Modern Chinese Literature00000
ENG 266Shakespeare00000
BTP 206Paralegal Internship00000
ELI 102Elementary Italian II00000
ENG 292American Literature I00000
ENN 198Introduction to Creative Writing00000
HSS 101Introduction to Human Services00000
ELL 101Introduction to Language00000
HUA 101Introduction to Art00000
CSE 95Essentials of Reading I00000
HUA 120Beginning Sculpture00000
ELN 123Foundations of Bilingual Education00000
HUA 166Art History: Renaissance through Modern00000
BTO 125Medical Terminology00000
HUA 211Industrial Design Studio II00000
ELS 210Advanced Spanish Composition00000
HUA 280Commercial Photography Seminar00000
EDF 101First Year Seminar for Education00000
HUC 111Interpersonal Communication00000
ENF 101First Year Seminar for English00000
HUC 136Persuasion00000
BTM 102Principles of Finance00000
HUC 238Screenwriting00000
ENG 220Seminar in Writing Education and Peer Tutoring00000
HUD 102Theatrical Dance II00000
BTP 203Family Law00000
ENG 260The Novel00000
ELE 203Language and Literacy in Childhood Education00000
ENG 271Poetry Writing00000
BTM 105Financial Planning and Individual Investing00000
ENG 290British Literature I00000
ELF 201French Literature from a Global Perspective00000
ENG 295World Literatures Written in English00000
BTT 225Hospitality Human Resources Management00000
ELJ 103Intermediate Japanese I00000
ESC 99ESC - ESL Selected Readers00000
ESL 99English as a Second Language IV00000
FSM 1New Student Seminar-All Majors00000
ELK 103Intermediate Korean00000
HSS 216Interviewing and Counseling00000
CJF 101First Year Seminar for Criminal Justice00000
HTR 102Professional Issues in Therapeutic Recreation00000
ELL 220Introduction to Sociolinguistics00000
HUA 106Three Dimensional Design00000
BTM 251New Venture Creation00000
HUA 115Color Theory00000
ELM 210Sign Language Linguistics00000
HUA 129Computer Aided Industrial Design00000
CSE 105Vocabulary Enhancement00000
HUA 150Beginning Printmaking00000
ELP 201Modern Polish Literature00000
HUA 185Illustration00000
BTI 202Business Internship II00000
HUA 207Modelmaking00000
ELS 201Latin American Literature II00000
HUA 214History of Illustration00000
CSE 150The Evolution of the Reading Experience00000
HUA 238Alternative Photography: The Manipulated Image00000
ELV 201Modern Bengali Literature00000
HUA 291Experiential Learning in Photography00000
BTO 280U.S. Healthcare Administration and Delivery00000
HUC 106Public Speaking00000
ENA 101Composition I Accelerated00000
HUC 114Normal Language Development00000
EIS 215Language Issues in a Global World00000
HUC 120Mass Communication00000
ENG 103The Research Paper00000
HUC 142Public Relations Writing00000
BTC 100Computers Applications and Technologies00000
HUC 220Experiential Learning in Communication Studies00000
ENG 211Journalism: The Craft of Gathering and Reporting the News00000
HUC 241Video Production Workshop II00000
ELC 101Elementary Modern Chinese I00000
ESR 99ESL IV for Select Readers00000
ENG 238Screenwriting00000
BTA 112Principles of Accounting II00000
BTI 121People, Work and Organizations00000
BTM 116Introduction to E-Business00000
CFELA 10College Focus Reading and Writing00000
ELJ 250Japanese Literature in Translation00000