LAGCC Course Reviews

LaGuardia Community College (CUNY)

HUA 126Computer Art II00000
HUC 116Survey of Speech, Language & Hearing Disorders00000
ELZ 102Elementary Portuguese II00000
HSS 216Interviewing and Counseling00000
ENG 245Images of Women in Literature00000
ELM 210Sign Language Linguistics00000
HUA 220Intermediate Sculpture00000
EDF 101First Year Seminar for Education00000
ENG 205The Bible as Literature00000
ELC 102Elementary Modern Chinese II00000
FAF 101First Year Seminar for Fine Arts00000
ENG 272Literature and Film00000
ELK 101Elementary Korean I00000
HUA 104Introduction to Design00000
CFMAT 10College Focus Mathematics00000
HUA 196Latin American Art00000
ELS 105Spanish for Heritage Speakers I00000
HUA 295Industrial Design Capstone00000
BTP 202Wills, Trusts and Estates00000
HUM 101Introduction to Music00000
ELA 102Elementary Arabic II00000
ENG 212Feature Writing for Newspapers and Popular Magazines00000
BTP 208The Law of Business Enterprises for Paralegals00000
ENG 265The Drama00000
ELE 110Arts in Education00000
ESL 97English as a Second Language II00000
ENG 290British Literature I00000
ELJ 101Elem Japanese I00000
FSM 1New Student Seminar-All Majors00000
BTT 223Meeting and Event Management00000
HTR 102Professional Issues in Therapeutic Recreation00000
ELL 120Structure of English00000
HUA 114Introduction to Workshop00000
BTN 211Hospitality and Destination Marketing00000
HUA 155The View Camera, Large Format Photography00000
ELN 194The Puerto Rican Community Minority Group Experience00000
HUA 209Digital Prototyping00000
CSE 110Literacy and Propaganda00000
HUA 275Commercial Photography Workshop00000
ELS 250Latin American Fiction in Translation00000
HUC 109Argumentation and Debate00000
BTM 101Introduction to Business00000
HUC 130Introduction to Media Literacy00000
ENG 99Basic Writing00000
HUM 110Introduction to Jazz00000
BTP 205Civil Litigation00000
ENG 210Journalism: Its Scope and Use00000
ELA 201Modern Arabic Literature00000
ENG 225Afro-American Literature00000
BTM 104Principles of Marketing00000
ENG 250The Short Story00000
ELC 201Modern Chinese Literature00000
ENG 269Contemporary Black American Literature00000
BTP 212Immigration Law00000
ENG 280Children's Literature I00000
ELE 204Language and Literacy in Secondary Education00000
ENX 101Second Chance Express Workshop00000
ENG 293American Literature II00000
ELF 250Modern French Literature in Translation00000
ESR 97ESL for Select Readers00000
BTT 212Customer Service and Sales00000
FSG 2CD Emerging Leaders00000
ELJ 104Intermediate Japanese II00000
HSS 101Introduction to Human Services00000
BTM 251New Venture Creation00000
HSS 295Community Organizing & Development00000
ELK 250Modern Korean Literature in Translation00000
HUA 101Introduction to Art00000
BTT 231Hotel and Lodging Operations and Management00000
HUA 109Solidworks Essentials00000
ELM 102American Sign Language 200000
HUA 118Manufacturing Processes and Materials00000
BTI 201Business Internship00000
HUA 145Studio Lighting00000
ELN 121Foundations of Early Childhood Education00000
HUA 167Introduction to African Art00000
CSE 95Essentials of Reading I00000
HUA 202History of Photography00000
ELR 101Elementary Russian I00000
HUA 212History of Design00000
BTO 280U.S. Healthcare Administration and Delivery00000
HUA 234Color Photography00000
ELS 204Latin American Civilizations00000
HUA 289Art and Design Seminar00000
CSE 150The Evolution of the Reading Experience00000
HUC 104Voice and Diction00000
ELV 201Modern Bengali Literature00000
HUC 113Oral Interpretation00000
BTA 202Intermediate Accounting II00000
HUC 119Non-Verbal Communication00000
ENA 101Composition I Accelerated00000
HUC 141Public Relations00000
EIS 216International Schooling in Global Contexts00000
ENG 110English Grammar Syntax00000
BTA 111Principles of Accounting I00000
BTF 101First Year Seminar for Business00000
BTM 110Business Law I00000
BTT 202Global Tourism Destinations00000
ELF 102Elementary French II00000
ENN 191Art, Politics, and Protest00000