Lafayette Course Reviews

Lafayette College

CS 150Data Structures & Algorithms11311
ASIA 490Capstone00000
BIOL 360Plant Ecophysiology00000
CE 392Independent Study00000
BIOL 310Aging & Age-Related Disease00000
AS 252Bodies in Society00000
CE 311LLab00000
ART 393Independent Study-History00000
AS 201Culture and the Environment00000
BIOL 202Data: Good, Bad, Misleading00000
BIOL 225Microbiology00000
BIOL 275LLab00000
AS 236Sociology of Knowledge00000
BIOL 341Env Issues Aquatic Ecosystems00000
ART 250Art and the Environment00000
BIOL 496Thesis00000
AS 301Social Welfare Pol-Safety Net00000
CE 341Transportation Systems00000
ART 126History of Architecture00000
CE 462Slope Stability and Ground Imp00000
ART 498Thesis-Studio00000
BIOL 214Neuroanatomy00000
ART 209Drawing II00000
AS 216Class, Status and Power00000
BIOL 234LLab00000
BIOL 245Immunology00000
BIOL 272Conservation Biology00000
AS 229Sociology of Sex and Gender00000
BIOL 279Quantitative Biology00000
ART 234Modern Art00000
BIOL 328LLab00000
AS 245Mass Communications & Society00000
BIOL 351Topic:Precision Medicine00000
ART 105Sculpt Against Digital Horizon00000
BIOL 403Independent Research00000
AS 263Latin American Ethnography00000
CE 251Fluid Mechanics00000
ART 341Sem in Studio Theory & Method00000
CE 321LLab00000
AS 495Thesis00000
CE 361LLab00000
AFS 391Independent Study00000
CE 425Water Supply & Pollution Cntrl00000
BIOL 102LLab00000
CE 472Capstone Design I00000
ART 175Media Art I00000
BIOL 213Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
AS 103Introduction to Sociology00000
BIOL 224LLab00000
AFS 496Thesis00000
BIOL 233Envrnmtl Problem Solving Bio00000
AS 205African Modernities00000
BIOL 235Evolutionary Biology00000
ART 216Byzantine Art00000
AS 218Political Sociology00000
BIOL 255Molecular Genetics00000
BIOL 255LLab00000
BIOL 270Special Topic: Biolog Modeling00000
AS 224Self, Society and Culture00000
BIOL 274LLab00000
ART 226Age of Michelangelo00000
BIOL 278LLab00000
AS 231Anthropology of Education00000
BIOL 303SpTopic-Biodoversity&Ecosystem00000
ART 101Introduction to Art History I00000
BIOL 317Physiology Extreme Animals00000
AS 239Social and Cultural Change00000
BIOL 336Evolutionary Genetics00000
ART 241Hist, Art Cult of Russ, E Eur00000
BIOL 345Infectious Diseases00000
AS 249Topics: Climate Disaster00000
BIOL 357Collective Phenomena00000
AFS 330African Cowboys00000
BIOL 401Independent Research00000
AS 259Sociology of Disaster00000
BIOL 490Capstone00000
ART 272Documentary Photo00000
CE 202Data: Good, Bad, Misleading00000
AS 267Film, Media, Pop Culture Afric00000
CE 271LLab00000
ART 111Beginning Printmaking00000
CE 313Reinforced Concrete00000
AS 343Asian America00000
CE 331LLab00000
ART 390Independent Study-Studio00000
CE 351LLab00000
ASIA 270Intro Contemp Chinese Cinema00000
CE 391Independent Study00000
AFS 220Race and Technology00000
CE 411Adv Design:Steel Bridge00000
BIOL 101LLab00000
CE 451Open Channel Hydraulics00000
ART 496Thesis-History00000
BIOL 256LLab00000
BIOL 112LLab00000
AFS 102Intro to Africana Studies00000
AFS 271Topic: Long Civil Rights Mvmnt00000
AMS 255Sports in American Culture00000
ART 223Italian Renaissance Art00000
AS 222Medical Anthropology00000