LACC Course Reviews

Los Angeles City College

ENGLISH 067Writing Laboratory00000
FAMCS 052Foodservice Management00000
COMM 106Forensics00000
DENTEK 105Removable Prosthodontics II00000
COSCI 142Advanced Java00000
CINEMA 002Beginning Motion Picture Workshop00000
ESL 003BCollege ESL III: Reading And Vocabulary00000
BUS 017Computer Graphics For Business00000
COSCI 103Introduction To Computer Systems For Mis00000
CHDEV 001Child Growth And Development00000
DANCETQ 121Jazz Dance Techniques I00000
COTECH 014A-Plus Certification Preparation00000
CHEM 221Biochemistry For Science Majors00000
DENTEK 285Directed Study - Dental Technology00000
ASTRON 001Elementary Astronomy00000
ENGLISH 212Poetry00000
CIS 194Compute Engines in Amazon Web Services00000
ESLCVCS 015CEEsl And Civics VI00000
ART 603Typography I00000
GEOG 001Physical Geography00000
CAOT 032Business Communications00000
COSCI 121Android Apps Inventor00000
ART 634Computer Graphics I: 3d Computer Graphics00000
COSCI 188Oracle Dba Part 1b: Backup And Recovery00000
CHDEV 030Infant/Toddler Development00000
DANCEST 301Choreography I00000
COUNSEL 040CCollege Success Seminar00000
CHEM 101General Chemistry I00000
DANCETQ 144Modern Dance Techniques IV00000
ARTHIST 120Survey Of Western Art History II00000
DENTEK 204Orthodontics00000
CHINESE 002Elementary Chinese II00000
ECON 002Principles of Economics II00000
ART 305Acrylic Painting II00000
ENGLISH 127Creative Writing00000
CIS 166Computer Forensics I00000
ENGLISH 285Directed Study - English00000
BSICSKL 007CEReview Of Basic Math00000
ESL 006BCollege ESL VI: Reading And Vocabulary00000
CIS 213A+ Certification Preparation-Software00000
ESLNC 048CEPronunciation I: Producing Sounds00000
ADMJUS 053Forensic Fingerprint Evidence00000
FINANCE 008Personal Finance And Investments00000
COOPED 196Work Experience - General II00000
GEOG 015Physical Geography Laboratory00000
ART 606Graphic Design III00000
COSCI 117Beginning Micro Assembly Language00000
CAOT 082Microcomputer Software Survey In The Office00000
COSCI 138Advanced Visual Basic Programming00000
ADMJUS 160Police Organization And Administration00000
COSCI 186Introduction To Oracle: Sql And Pl/Sql00000
CHDEV 011Child, Family And Community00000
COTECH 005Fundamentals of Electronics I00000
ART 646Intermediate Web Site Design00000
COTECH 025Cloud+ Certification Preparation00000
CHDEV 039Administration II: Personnel and Leadership In Early Childho...00000
CS 157Full-Stack Web Application Development00000
CS 102Programming Logic and Design00000
CHDEV 085-1Child Development Literacy Lab I00000
DANCETQ 111Ballet Techniques I00000
ART 709Ceramics I00000
DANCETQ 124Jazz Dance Techniques IV00000
CHEM 212Organic Chemistry For Science Majors II00000
DENTEK 101Elements of Dental Technology00000
ART 300Introduction To Painting00000
DENTEK 111Fixed Prosthetics II00000
CHICANO 044Mexican Civilization00000
DENTEK 208Fixed Prosthodontics IV00000
ASL 001American Sign Language I00000
DNCESPC 331Tap Dance Techniques I00000
CHINESE 004Intermediate Chinese Ii00000
ENGGEN 131Statics00000
ADMJUS 008Juvenile Procedures00000
ENGLISH 101College Reading And Composition I00000
CIS 148Introduction to Web Development HTML5 & CSS00000
ENGLISH 206English Literature II00000
BIOLOGY 006General Biology I00000
ENGLISH 219The Literature Of American Ethnic Groups00000
CIS 170Introduction to Ethical Hacking00000
ESL 002ACollege ESL II : Writing And Grammar00000
ART 385Directed Study - Art00000
ESL 004ACollege ESL IV: Writing And Grammar00000
CIS 211Security+ Certification Preparation00000
ESLCVCS 010CEEsl And Civics I00000
BSICSKL 035CEBasic Math Skills00000
ESLCVCS 032CEEnglish Literacy And Civics00000
CIS 219Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL00000
FAMCS 024Food Preparation00000
ACCTG 023Recordkeeping For Small Business00000
FAMCS 151Food Production Management Laboratory00000
COMM 121Interpersonal Communication00000
FRENCH 003Intermediate French I00000
CAOT 001Computer Keyboarding And Document Applications I00000
COOPED 395Work Experience - General I00000
ACCTG 016Tax Accounting II00000
ADMJUS 001Introduction To Administration Of Justice00000
ART 209Perspective Drawing I00000
ART 701Sculpture I00000
CHDEV 048Positive Guidance In Early Childhood Settings00000
CS 116Programming in C++00000