KU Course Reviews

University of Kansas

CLSX 168Ancient Epic Tales21111
ARU 522Perspectives in Art Education00000
CDE 271Graphics for Digital Media00000
CFT 323Ceramics Studio III00000
BUS 310Business Intelligence00000
ART 3513D Animation Studio I00000
CDE 387Senior Illustration Seminar: The Visual Essay00000
APD 3543D Modeling & Rendering Studio IV00000
ARC 261CDSurvey of Crafts00000
ARU 591Methods of Research00000
BIO 12Introduction to Biology: Human Biology00000
BIO 358Conservation Biology00000
ARH 380Seminar in ART History00000
CDE 122Introduction to Digital Design II00000
APD 250Advanced Animation Techniques I00000
CDE 364Poster Design00000
ARU 378Independent Study: Studio II00000
CDE 508The Advertising Design Experience00000
ANT 236Ethnographic Research Methods in Anthropology00000
CFT 361CTFine Metals Studio I00000
APD 376Independent Study: Applied Digital Arts00000
AST 205Planetary Surface Processes00000
ANT 262CTWIHate Across Cultures00000
ARH 124Art History A: Prehistory to 1200 CE00000
BIO 130Environmental Issues: Global Perspectives00000
BIO 230Taxonomy of Vascular Plants00000
BIO 336Medical Microbiology00000
ARH 337Ancient Egypt: Art, Exploration, and Afterlife00000
BIO 440Evolution00000
ANT 398Honors Supplementary Research00000
BUS 571Selected Topics00000
ART 62Introduction to Ceramics for Non-Art Majors00000
CDE 220Print Media Production00000
ANT 214Women and Religion00000
CDE 347Interactive Spaces00000
ARU 132CDArt in Alternative Settings00000
CDE 381Publication Design00000
APD 342Visual Storytelling Studio II00000
CDE 398Communication Design Professional Practices00000
ARU 430Studio Thinking00000
CFT 151VLWood Design I00000
ANT 30CDIntroduction to Archaeology00000
CFT 335Weaving Studio V00000
ARU 561Leadership in Arts Organizations00000
CFT 364Fine Metals Studio IV00000
ANT 245Language and Identity00000
AST 30QLMission To The Planets00000
ARC 15VLArt, Design, and Visual Culture00000
AST 350Practical Astronomy00000
ANT 105CDCTClassical Archaeology00000
BIO 108Introduction to Botany00000
ARH 24VLArt History A00000
BIO 218Vertebrate Biology00000
ANT 274WIHuman Origins00000
ARH 126CTWIArt History C: 1850 - Today00000
BIO 244Ecology00000
BIO 302Entomology00000
BIO 330Histology00000
ARH 324CDWIContemporary African-American Art00000
BIO 350Cell Biology00000
ANT 390Internship in Anthropology00000
BIO 390Internship in Biology00000
ARH 351Baroque Art in The Dutch Republic, Flanders, and England bet...00000
BUS 131Legal Environment of Business00000
ANT 201QLArchaeological Theory and Technique00000
BUS 390Internship in Business00000
ART 10VLExperiencing Art00000
BUS 580Independent Study in Business Administration00000
APD 171CPVLIntro to 3D Modeling and Rendering00000
CDE 147Visual Thinking00000
ART 171CPVLIntro to 3D Modeling and Rendering00000
CDE 241Advertising Design00000
ACC 520Management Accounting Control Systems00000
CDE 315Emerging Media Campaigns00000
ART 395Honors Independent Study/Thesis00000
CDE 356Creative Coding00000
APD 302Digital Futures00000
CDE 374Portfolio Seminar00000
ARU 310Learning in the Visual Arts: Adolescence00000
CDE 383Campaigns for Social Good00000
ANT 224CDCTThe Anthropology of Death and Dying00000
CDE 391Illustration for Design00000
ARU 395Honors Independent Study/Thesis00000
CDE 503Graduate Seminar: Unconventional Typography00000
APD 345Visual Storytelling Studio V00000
CDE 513Graduate Research Project III: Production/Presentation/Exhib...00000
ARU 477Art Education Internship II00000
CFT 321CTCeramics Studio00000
ACC 321Intermediate Accounting I00000
CFT 332Weaving Studio II00000
ARU 542Weaving and Textiles00000
CFT 344Textiles Studio IV00000
APD 363Animation Studio III00000
BIO 314Animal Behavior00000
ARU 565Developing the Leader in You00000
ACC 306Advanced Cost Accounting00000
ACC 330Auditing Practice and Standards00000
ANT 136Pennsylvania Archaeology00000
ANT 370Readings in Anthropology00000
ARH 309Art Since 195000000