KKC Course Reviews

Kennedy-King College

BUSINES 216Entrepreneurship00000
CRMJUS 250Introduction To Criminology00000
ABEGED 860GED Basic Skill Gen Adv Lvl00000
BR175 111Healthcare Bridge Transition Hi ASE Language Arts00000
AIRCON 120Introductory Laboratory00000
ABEGED 400ABE Rdng Intermediate Level00000
CIS 116Operating System I00000
432CMGT 602Methods of Building Construction00000
ABEGED 1641ABE Basic Skl Gen Int Level00000
ABEGED 117Low Ase Reading00000
AUTOTEC 223Auto Body Repainting III00000
ART 144-1Two Dimensional Design00000
ABEGED 202Low Intermediate Abe Math00000
BR175 160Early Childhood Ed INT ABE Math00000
332TECH 509-3Intro To Basic Arc Welding00000
CHLDDV 109Language & Literacy Development in Early Childhood00000
ABEGED 463ABE Basic Skl Gen Int Level00000
COMDSGN 250Graphic Design II00000
330FPS 782Cake Decorating Techniques00000
ENGLISH 102Composition00000
432CMGT 608Project Management00000
AFROAM 214Hip Hop: Culture and Politics00000
332TECH 432Basic Arc Welding00000
AIRCON 160Intro to Principles of Heating00000
ABEGED 136Beginning ABE Reading00000
AUTOTEC 209Steering & Suspension Systems00000
AUTOTEC 103Engine Concepts00000
ABEGED 169-2Low Intermediate Reading00000
BIOLOGY 121Biology I00000
332TECH 464Power Equipment Operation I00000
BR175 141Hospitality Bridge I High Intermediate Math00000
ABEGED 255Test Taking Strategies Intermediate00000
BR175 253-4Early Childhood Education Intermediate ABE Math00000
330FPS 712Baking Theory and Problems00000
CHEM 205-1Organic Chemistry I00000
ABEGED 424ABE Math Intermediate Level00000
CHLDDV 248Principles & Practice of Infant & Toddler Care00000
332TECH 581Concrete Framing00000
COMDSGN 101Introduction to Communication Design00000
ABEGED 512Career Foundations Intermediate ABE00000
CRMJUS 151Practice of Probation and Parole00000
330BKPS 778Contemporary Desserts00000
EDUC 225Bilingual and ESL Practicum00000
ABEGED 921GED Math Advanced Level00000
ENGLISH 241Creative Writing00000
332TECH 427-1Masonry Tools & Equipment00000
ADLTDAN 1106Let's Dance: Latin Rhythms00000
ABEGED 6ABE Reading Beginning Level00000
AIRCON 104Equipment and Systems Controls00000
330CUL 701Intro To Food Service I00000
AIRCON 155Refrigeration Laboratory00000
ABEGED 119Beginning ABE Language Arts 7CH00000
ART 103Art Appreciation00000
332TECH 438-1Intro To Fire Protection00000
ART 196-4Ceramics00000
ABEGED 140ABE Writing Literacy Level00000
AUTOTEC 204Electrical Systems II00000
AUTOTEC 108-2Work Based Learning I00000
ABEGED 163Basic Skls Gen Literacy00000
AUTOTEC 217Auto Body Reconstruction II00000
332TECH 458-1Overhead Techniques & Projects II00000
BIOLOGY 114General Education Biology00000
ABEGED 184-2Beginning Abe Math00000
BR175 107Healthcare Bridge High Intermediate Language Arts00000
330CUL 717Food Costing & Control00000
BR175 114Health Related Knowledge/Skills-Vocational00000
ABEGED 206-2High Intermediate ABE Math00000
BR175 144-1Hospitality Bridge II Low ASE Mathematics00000
332TECH 504Gas Utility Training II00000
BR175 164Healthcare Language Arts Intermediate I00000
ABEGED 265Low ASE Math 7CH00000
BUSINES 181Financial Accounting00000
330BKPS 774Hearth Breads and Rolls00000
BUSINES 271Human Resources Management00000
ABEGED 404Abe Rdng Intermediate Level00000
CHLDANCE 1610Our Youth Matter: Wrapped in Wellness Series Ages 14 - 1800000
332TECH 520-1Arc Welding00000
CHLDDV 142Methods & Materials for Infant Toddler Care00000
ABEGED 443ABE Wrtg Intermediate Level00000
CHLDTEST 2405Sat Prep00000
330FPS 762French Cakes and Pastries00000
CIS 144Java Object Oriented Programming I00000
ABEGED 497Suppl Bsc Skill Gen Int Lvl00000
COMDSGN 150Graphic Design I00000
332TECH 767Blueprint Reading I00000
COMPSFI 101Networking Essentials00000
ABEGED 840GED Writing Adv Level00000
CRMJUS 215Terrorism00000
330BKPS 767Baking Techniques00000
ECON 202Principles Of Economics II00000
ABEGED 897Supl Basic Skil Gen Adv Lev00000
ENGLISH 97Written Communication Skills00000
432CMGT 605Construction Cost Estimating00000
ABEGED 1140Basic Skills Gen Beg Level00000
330BKPS 765Introduction to Baking00000
330BKPS 770Basic and Classical Cakes00000
330CUL 708Chef's Training I-Section B00000
332TECH 448-1Vocational Physical Training I00000
ABEGED 147Test Taking Strategies00000
AUTOTEC 119Automotive Body Detailing00000